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How can I market on Linkedin for free?

How to Market on LinkedIn for free

In this tutorial we are going to see that How can we Market on LinkedIn and other important points.

We should always not concentrate on our TG, and sometimes we need to go beyond our TG for increasing our Network. This can help look out profile more enriched & hence the credibility of our profile will be high.

Following are the people whom we can add in our TG :
- Supporters
- Network/Circle
- Competition
- Family/Friends
- Collaborators
- Potential customers

The LinkedIn users can be classified into three different types :
- Active users : They only see that who are publishing and what is the content that they are publishing and just go away without any interaction. No commenting, no reaction, nothing. There are actually 40% of the Active users on LinkedIn.
- Consuming users : This types of users will read our content, sometimes even comment on it & share with others.
- Contributing users : This type of users comes on LinkedIn platform with an Agenda & they know very well that what do they want from LinkedIn platform.

The below mentioned points are some of the LinkedIn profile sections which we should keep in mind while optimising our profile :
- Name
- Profile photo
- Cover Photo
- Custom Profile URL
- Headline
- About Section
- Featured Section
- Experience
- Education
- Licenses & Certifications
- Skills & Endorsements
- Recommendations
- Accomplishments
- Interests
- Connections (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
- Write your first post
- Write your first article
- Join relevant groups
- Check your profile score

Following are the words which we should avoid using on LinkedIn platform, because here everyone is professional and we cannot use those words as it is called 'Bragging about yourself' :
- Specialist
- Experienced
- Skilled
- Expert
- Motivated
- Focused
- Leadership
- Passionate
- Stratergic
- Creative

LinkedIn Marketing works on three pillars, ie :
- Connections
- Content
- Engagement

The first thing which we see in anyone's LinkedIn profile is their Name and their Bio. And whenever we are putting a profile picture, we should always remember that it should be a headshot photo not a selfie, or a group photo. That kind of photos are not accurate to have in LinkedIn profile.

Other things which we should keep in mind is that our cover image should always be related to our profession. For example, if you are a LinkedIn marketing coach then you should have such kind of photo or something related to it. Random cover photo won't attract the users and will give bad impression about your profile.

After that, when we scroll down we will see one About Us section in which we can write something about ourselves in 200 to 300 words. In About Us section we should write our personal skills, and how professionally we have grown in our own career and such kind of experiences. At last we can also provide our Email or other contact media for people who want to reach us.

Below that we have Feature section where we can add multiple things like posts, articles, links, media etc... If we have come up with something new which is related & we want to share on our profile, then LinkedIn Feature section is the right place.

After that if we scroll down, we will see our dashboard which shows some of our insights like post views, profile views, search appearances and other things.

After that we will have Experience section in which we need to add something about our previous experiences or achievements. One should never leave the Experience section empty in the LinkedIn profile because it is one of the important section where other users usually look. We can add other projects which we have done and if we have established anything (company, blog, website), then we should definitely add here.

Below that we have for Education section where we can add our Educatory profile that from which college we have graduated or mastered & etc...

Below that we have Licences and Certifications section in which we can add every kind of certificate which we have achieved till date. Also after that we have Volunteer experience, where we need to add something about the event which we have volunteered & build the trust of the profile viewer that you not only work for money but some time also for social cause.

After that we have Skills and Endorsements section where we can add our all known skills which will reflect in a better way in our profile. And if we have some time given LinkedIn exam, then we will have 'LinkedIn Skill Assessment Batch' in our Skills and Endorsements section.

And after that we have Recommendations section where we have two columns Received (when other people have recommended something to us) & Given (when we have recommended something to others).

Below that we have Accomplishments section. Here we can add Projects which we have completed till now and also other things if completed. We can even add Languages known here. We can add any Accomplishment by clicking on the plus sign shown in that particular section.

So this is how a proper managed LinkedIn profile is very important to connect with other & to grow on this platform.

LinkedIn Connection Degrees :
• 1st degree - People who have directly connected to us ie. when we accept their invitation or if they have accepted our invitation.
• 2nd degree - People who are the connections of our 1st degree connector are now our 2nd degree connections.
• 3rd degree - People who are the connections of our 2nd degree connector are now our 3rd degree connections.

Below are some mentioned LinkedIn Connection strategies :
- Define your TG
- Find your TG using LinkedIn search
- Send Connections request with personalised note
- On acceptance send thank you message, & introduce yourself
- Repeat the process
- Start with 25/30 connection request/day & increase up to 80/90 requests per day


There are many ways to use LinkedIn for marketing, but here are some of the best:

  • Find potential customers by searching for their email address or company name.
  • Share posts from your blog or website with specific LinkedIn groups or people who have similar interests.
  • Use LinkedIn ads to target people who are looking for a solution like yours.

LinkedIn marketing advice to help you build your business:

  • LinkedIn's Publishing Platform can help you stand out.
  • Use LinkedIn Stories to give a behind-the-scenes look at your company.
  • Participate in LinkedIn Groups with Influencers.
  • To expand your client base, use hashtags on LinkedIn.
  • Make the most of your current network.
  • Send out LinkedIn newsletters.

  • Make a LinkedIn company page and optimise it.
  • Create content that is both useful and engaging.
  • Using LinkedIn Search to Generate Leads is a great way to start.
  • Join and participate in groups that are relevant to you.
  • Your Winning Posts Can Be Sponsored.
  • Invest in LinkedIn advertisements.
  • Use LinkedIn Analytics to your advantage.

The first way to promote your personal brand on Linkedin is by posting status updates. This is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas on LinkedIn. The other way is by commenting on other people's posts. This will help you connect with others and get to know them better. The last way is by uploading a photo of yourself at the top of your profile page. This will show people who you are, what you look like, and give them an idea of what your personality is like.

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