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Industrial Automation with SCADA in English course removes all ambiguities in learning. Food production, oil and mining, wastewater systems, mass transit systems, and several time-relevant complex processes employ SCADA to offer human control alternatives. Hence, this skill has become quite essential for high-paying jobs of supervisors, process control experts, automation engineers, etc.

LearnVern’s Industrial Automation with PLC and SCADA in English course is designed by industry experts. The tutorial provided covers modules like HMI, PLC, Data Science, Machine Learning, etc., allowing you to design predictive process models that save cost and reduce wastages.

What Are the Major Job Roles Related to the Learnvern Industrial Automation With Scada in English Course and Salary Data?

LearnVern’s Industrial Automation PLC SCADA, online certification course, is designed for process automation and designing professionals. The course prepares you for the roles of technicians, control system operators, automation engineers, etc. Average annual salary packages for the important job roles suitable for this course are listed below:

  • Control System Engineer: up to 36 lakhs 
  • Automation Engineer: up to 6 lakhs
  • SCADA Design Engineer: up to 11 lakhs
  • SCADA Technician: up to 4.6 lakhs
  • SCADA Operator: up to 12 lakh
  • DCS Operator (Distributed Control System): up to 28 lakhs

Detail of the Free Industrial Automation With SCADA in English Course

Learn PLC SCADA in detail as a part of the Industrial Automation with SCADA course in English. This course includes a tutorial that covers the working of SCADA in a practical manner. You can learn how to apply logic, and other modules that cover:

  • Display Designing, 
  • Script Writing in SCADA,
  • Procedure to Communicate with MS Excel Data
  • Design and Apply Animation 
  • Data Fetching from PLC and other sensors
  • Ways to Design system for real-time examples

The course aims to make you industry-ready and so all modules cover practical demonstration of features that help achieve the above processes.

Who Should Be Taking the Free Industrial Automation With Scada in English Course?

The LearnVern Industrial Automation with PLC SCADA training is suitable for professionals who want to take a big leap in their automation careers. The course offers a clear understanding of using automation procedures and designing automated processes complementing real-life situations at work. It can help the following profiles:

  • Engineering Aspirants
  • Working Engineers
  • Industrialists
  • People having basic PLC Architecture knowledge
  • Programmers 
  • PLC Specialists

Why is this Industrial Automation with SCADA in English Course at LearnVern is more Industry-Relevant?

Industries need experts who have practical knowledge of SCADA. The companies aim to have industrial automation done in processes and reduce human intervention. It is required for companies involved in the bulk manufacturing sector, oil, and mining, machine automation, production engineering, etc. LearnVern’s PLC SCADA tutorial encompasses all practical demos to help users become well-acquainted with the features and the implementation processes involved in applying SCADA. 

The growing use of PLC, data analytics, and cloud-based SCADA is now a trend. All the modules of Industrial Automation training with SCADA are designed to offer practical training to aspirants. This training helps the learners prepare for interviews and add more to the engineering degree. If you strive to be a coach or trainer, you can also use various modules of this course to provide practical training to the new learners of SCADA in Industrial Automation.

Next Steps to Learning Industrial Automation with SCADA in English

After completing Industrial Automation PLC SCADA training online, you can move to advanced levels of learning process automation. A few recommended courses that you can do along with instrumentation automation and SCADA are:

  • Advanced PLC Designing and Implementation
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Industrial Networking
  • Advanced Instrumentation and Control 
  • PLC and Wonderware

If you want to achieve a smooth transition to better career opportunities and have more working skills on your resume, enrich your electronics and instrumentation engineering degree course with this well-designed tutorial on Industrial Automation with PLC SCADA in English

Why LearnVern for Industrial Automation SCADA training

LearnVern has included all essential features in their PLC SCADA training program course. This course offers end-to-end learning solutions to the students designed by the best trainers. 

Students who are comfortable with English as a medium of instruction can benefit from various study materials created in this language. More than 2 hours of video tutorials, hundreds of articles, and numerous downloadable resources offer students everything they need to master Industrial Automation with PLC SCADA.

A discussion board is provided to the students where they can post their queries and get solutions from peers. Also, the assignment and quiz at the end of the tutorial allow students to self-assess their progress. 

LearnVern has tied up with the National Skill Development Corporation to recognise qualified professionals. An NSDC certificate is provided to students at the end of the program that helps a lot in taking big leaps in a career as an automation engineer.

Why settle for the ordinary when you are made for extraordinary things? Enroll in LearnVern’s Industrial Automation with PLC SCADA training and gain the qualification and confidence required for the best-paying jobs in companies.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Industrial Automation
  • Operation Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Scada Technician
  • PLC Programmer
  • Site Manager
  • Scada Operator

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Programming skills, aptitude in process engineering and Industrial Automation, or basic work experience in Industrial Automation jobs can help the students benefit maximum from this course. They also need access to iOS or Android devices with a stable internet connection to access Industrial Automation with PLC SCADA course in English from LearnVern.

LearnVern dispenses the need to join classroom coaching that comes with high fee requirements. Hence, this e-learning platform helps overcome financial barriers to acquiring new skills. Also, LearnVern helps by:

  • Providing self-paced courses
  • Courses in the language of choice
  • Device-friendly courses accessible from anywhere, anytime

More than 50,000 students have benefitted from the LearnVern e-learning platform. So be the next one and join LearnVern today!


LearnVern has designed a course oriented to learning as well as progress in a career in Industrial Automation comprising a detailed tutorial on SCADA. SCADA is the software and is an acronym that stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is the software that helps automate various industrial processes. By providing working knowledge of this software through video tutorials, LearnVern helps understand the difference between PLC and SCADA.

Electronics and instrumentation engineering students, those having basic knowledge of PLC, programming experts, and engineering works professionals can find this course suitable for progressing on their career paths.

You need not join any classroom session for understanding, ‘what is PLC SCADA automation?’ LearnVern is an e-learning platform that reaches learners through mobile and web applications. Students can access this course on their Android and iOS devices from anywhere.

There are no specific hours which you need to assign to the course. It is a completely self-paced course. The learners can access the tutorial as many times as required anytime and from anywhere. They can revisit the tutorial till they attain perfection. Also, the students can join this course as per their schedule. If already in the job, students can manage this course according to their daily schedule.

Experts at LearnVern have designed the Industrial Automation with PLC SCADA course to provide practical training. They have included all processes required for implementing this software in the Industrial setting. By detailed walk-through to each and every step and process included in SCADA, the learners can become more skilful than before. They can use this course to prepare interview questions and get good jobs in big companies.

Process automation, Instrumentation engineering diploma, PLC designing and implementation, and Industrial networking are some of the courses one can do on completing Industrial Automation with the SCADA course from LearnVern.

You need an iOS or Android mobile device to access Industrial Automation with the SCADA course. LearnVern also provides you with complete assistance and solves all queries related to accessing the video tutorial. You need to have a stable internet connection to access this video tutorial uninterruptedly.

A unique feature of Industrial Automation with the PLC SCADA course from LearnVern is that it is entirely free of cost. The course is in English for learners studying in English Medium. This course is a part of the Skill India Initiative that aims to make skill-development opportunities available to all Indian students from various financial backgrounds. The course is also provided in Hindi as per the students’ needs.

Industrial Automation Course with Scada in English

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