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What is Google Analytics used for?

Google Analytics is an online analytics service provided by Google Inc. which has been used in the digital marketing industry. It provides information about a website's visitors, traffic sources, and demographics. It also reveals how much time people spend on the site and offers insights into how people found the site through search engines, social media, or other channels.


The goal of Google Analytics is to provide data that will help you make informed decisions. The purpose of Google Analytics is to provide data that will help you make informed decisions. It uses cookies to track how people use the website so that you’ll know if your site is making money, which pages are getting clicks, and what kind of page visitors are finding the most useful.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that helps you measure your website's traffic and how people are using the site. Google Analytics also tells you about the number of visitors to your site, which pages they visited, how long they stayed on each page, where they came from (search engines, links from other sites), and what browsers they use.

There are a handful of Google Analytics properties that can be tracked. Google Analytics is a free web analytics service provided by Google. It offers a wide range of tools to track, analyze and report website traffic or usage statistics. Over the years it has evolved its services and now offers a variety of features, such as real-time analytics, video tracking for YouTube, app data collection, conversion tracking etc. In this section I will talk about what can be tracked with Google Analytics - Website Traffic: With Google Analytics you can see how many visitors you have on your site at any given time period and how they got there (blog post link). You can also see which pages they visited on your site and how long they stayed there. User Behavior: By analyzing user behavior.

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