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Learn new skills by joining LearnVern Python Programming tutorial. This course covers all beginner to advanced modules. It can fetch you bigger pay packages, or help kick start your journey. This online tutorial covers all basic and advanced concepts of Programming based on Python to help you excel. This program is provided in English and other languages of your choice. It is a full-length course designed to make you an expert. You can study it in a self-paced manner. All videos are available for revisiting as many times as required to ensure gaining expertise. Enroll for this course today absolutely for free, no hidden costs involved! Learn from proven experts at your pace.





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Course Curriculum

Assignment of Introduction to python

2m 39s

Quiz : Introduction to python


Assignment of Control Statements and Conditions in Python

4m 25s

Quiz : Control Statements and Conditions


Assignment of Collection in Python

4m 25s

Quiz : Collections


Assignment of Python Functions

3m 8s

Quiz : Functions


Assignment of File Handling In Python

2m 10s

Quiz : File Handling


Assignment of Exception Handling

2m 43s

Quiz : Exception Handling


Assignment of Object Oriented Programming

1m 56s

Quiz : Object Oriented Programming


Assignment of Regular Expression

2m 8s

Quiz : Regular Expression


Assignment of Python Database Communications

2m 17s

Quiz : Database Communications


Assignment of Python GUI Programming



LearnVern Python Programming In Your Preferred Language

Python Programming is a course in high demand. Around 74k jobs reportedly were introduced in the US market alone. India is a favorite off-shore developer destination for US and UK businesses. That is why this course brightens your chances of getting selected in MNCs and software companies of high repute.

The Python course in English trains you in basics like functions, collections, control statements and conditions, GUI Programming, database communications, etc. and prepares you for both academic and corporate jobs in this field. 

Job roles matched for those who complete Python Programming tutorial and average annual salary are:

  • Python Developer: 3 lakhs to 12 lakhs
  • Web Developer: 4 lakhs to 15 lakhs 
  • Full-Stack Developer: 3.75 lacs to 5.5 lakhs
  • Project Manager: 14.2 lakhs and above
  • Data Journalist: 3.25 lakhs approx. at entry level
  • Python Tester: 7.5 lakhs to 21 lakhs depending upon experience

Python Programming specialists can also work as freelancers and individual contributors. They are hired at an hourly rate of 640 Rs or as per the contract terms.

What you will learn in free python course in English at LearnVern

Python online course certification at LearnVern covers all crucial topics extensively. You start with basics, then move on to different concepts. Important modules are:

  • Introduction to Python
  • Control statements and conditions
  • Collection in Python
  • Functions
  • File handling
  • Exceptions handling
  • Object-oriented Programing
  • Regular expressions
  • Database communications
  • GUI Programing

Who should be taking the Python Programming online Tutorial?

12th pass and graduates can go for the online python Programming course. It is ideal for beginners who want to gain knowledge of the basics. Software developers, web developers and testers can enrich their knowledge with this Python Programming online tutorial.

Why Python Online Course at LearnVern is industry-relevant

Python programmers and testers are in high demand, but very few experts are available in this field. The course teaches basics and also provides practical knowledge. It opens a gateway of opportunities for candidates interested in coding and testing. The modules like GUI Programming are employed in gaming, graphics, and several user-oriented software. 

Next steps to learning Online Python Programming Tutorial

Online Python Programming has a lot of scope for both learners and job seekers. After completing the basics, the candidates can go for its advanced course. They can also employ their learning in mastering:

  • Data Structures

  • Machine learning 

  • Full-stack development

  • Data Science

  • Secure coding, etc.

If interested in making a career in academics, you can teach Python to beginners and make money.

Python Programming course with a certificate from LearnVern can be the stepping stone to career transition. You can move on to becoming a quality analyst, tester, software adoption specialist, and trainer too. The course prepares you for high paying jobs like project manager, Sr. developer, and others. You can use this Programming course to build your portfolio of solutions and look for freelance assignments too.

Why LearnVern for Python Programing Tutorial in English

LearnVern has eased the way people can learn Python Programming. It has done so by offering tutorials in easier to understand languages. Best tutors and Programming experts are employed here to conduct this online tutorial.

Learners at LearnVern get access to tutorials spread over 9+ hours of videos, 43 downloadable content (updated regularly), 34 articles, etc. There are exercises and projects, and self-assessment support provided too. 

Support through forums and social media communities allows learners to stay updated on the latest trends. They can exchange ideas to solve issues and learn newer ways of developing expertise.

Students get lifetime access to the study material. They can do this course in a self-paced manner. The course is accessible from all devices and is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. You can even cast videos on TV for better viewability.

If you are planning to make a career in game development, data science, finance or machine learning, join this python Programming online certification course right away. It is your ticket to a promising career.

There is no qualifying criterion for joining this online program. However, a little bit of computer knowledge, how to install python, and being conversant with any programming language eases the learning. The Candidates can be coming from any background. They can be professionals or just beginners in Programming to benefit from this course.

LearnVern offers the best support for mastering Python. It offers courses in English, Hindi and other vernacular languages; hence, you can break language barriers. Also, the program is available in a self-paced manner allowing you to do the course with the main vocation. The certification is Govt. approved, which makes it easier to get recognized as a certified Python programmer. Most importantly, it is free of cost!


LearnVern basic tutorial online for python Programming covers fundamentals of this coding language. This free course introduces basic concepts in vernacular languages including Hindi. It teaches about functions, expressions, database communications, collections, etc. that provide complete know-how of employing Python for various web development purposes. You can get a complete knowledge base for learning all its basic and advanced concepts by joining this course.

Python is a general-purpose programming language. It is used for AI and machine learning, gaming, operating systems, mobile applications and also, web development. The online tutorial at LearnVern is utility-centric and helps learn how to use this coding language for practical purposes.

LearnVern Python tutorial covers exception handling, file handling, object-oriented Programing, GUI Programing etc. that offer training on how to employ Python for practical purposes. General information like how to install Python allows you to start from the very basics. This course comprises projects and assignments, too, which help learners become adept in its application.

LearnVern Python Programming is a beginner course. Hence, all its modules are suitable for learning purposes. The role of an instructor, teacher or a coach becomes easier to adopt with this online tutorial. 

When planning to get into a developer or project manager role, you should complete the GUI Programming module along with the basics. It is advisable to keep practicing Python and learn about various updates in the course to stay relevant for the jobs.

Inclusion of modules like Python collections, Database communications, and GUI Programming in LearnVern online tutorial strengthens the knowledge base of learners. They can cut the competition by mastering these modules available in a language they can easily understand. Since the course gives basic information, a Programming beginner can develop a deeper understanding. It helps form a stronger base to learn advanced topics and become the most sought-after Python programmer.

Several specialized courses require candidates to be well-versed in Python. So, this beginner course for free at LearnVern prepares you for courses in

  • Advance Python

  • Data Science

  • Automation,

  • Machine Learning and AI, 

  • Web development

  • Gaming development

  • Object-oriented coding, etc.

The basic course familiarizes you with concepts like, how to reverse a string in Python, managing Python collections, etc. Thus, you can become a reliable developer or have a prolific career as a teacher by completing this online tutorial in Hindi at LearnVern.

LearnVern tutorial on Python Programming is made available on devices and offers lifetime access to videos and study content. Hence, you can take this course in a self-paced manner without leaving the present vocation. If you are doing Engineering or have just started as a coding professional, you can do this course as per your schedule to upskill your talent in coding.

LearnVern is a govt. initiative recognized by the National Skills Development Corporation. This Programming certification course is designed keeping job seekers’ needs in mind. Its modules serve both learning and skill-enrichment needs. The program is self-paced and provides content access for a lifetime. Its USP is that the program is available in vernacular languages, and does not cost anything!

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