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What is image SEO? Are images good for SEO?

What is Image SEO?

In today's video our Topic is 'Image SEO'. Why do we need to do Image SEO and what actually Image SEO is will be covered in this video tutorial.

Like websites, there are also SEO for Images and hence, they have also certain criteria for ranking in Google Images section. So to rank on Google Images, what should be the Image SEO & steps to focus on, we will answer this pointwise :
- Shoot our own unique images, copy and edited images are no longer good source for ranking on Google Images
- Buy Premium stock of Images on Shutterstock, Pixaby & etc...
- Edit Image with different editing tools to make it unique & different amongst all other

Following five things should be compulsory in any Image for Google to understand it completely :
- Image file name
- Alt Tag
- Captions
- Descriptions
- Contextual Information


Images are key for making your content more accessible, appealing, and engaging for consumers, but they're also important for SEO. For starters, they provide crucial contextual information to search engines.

While there are several image formats to pick from, the most popular for the web are PNG and JPEG. PNG: Produces higher-quality images, but the file size is bigger. JPEG: Image quality may suffer, but the quality level can be adjusted to achieve a suitable balance.

The optimization of visuals on a website to make it more appealing to search engine crawlers is referred to as image SEO. Image SEO gives search engines more information about a visual, which helps them interpret the content and can improve search rankings and visibility.

Every time, an image with meta descriptions and a keyword-rich filename will win out, allowing your site to rank considerably higher in search engine results. To put it another way, the image name does have an impact on SEO.

Image SEO tags can help you rank higher in Google's picture search results. This, in turn, will increase visitors, which is especially important if you offer things online. A pleasant user experience. Images that are SEO-friendly are believed to improve the overall user experience.

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