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What is image SEO? Are images good for SEO?

What is Image SEO?

In today's video our Topic is 'Image SEO'. Why do we need to do Image SEO and what actually Image SEO is will be covered in this video tutorial.

Like websites, there are also SEO for Images and hence, they have also certain criteria for ranking in Google Images section. So to rank on Google Images, what should be the Image SEO & steps to focus on, we will answer this pointwise :
- Shoot our own unique images, copy and edited images are no longer good source for ranking on Google Images
- Buy Premium stock of Images on Shutterstock, Pixaby & etc...
- Edit Image with different editing tools to make it unique & different amongst all other

Following five things should be compulsory in any Image for Google to understand it completely :
- Image file name
- Alt Tag
- Captions
- Descriptions
- Contextual Information


Images are an integral part of SEO. Images can be used to convey meaning and give context to textual content, which makes them an important component of search engine optimization. Images can be used to illustrate a point, reinforce a message, or provide the missing piece of the information puzzle for search engines. Many times keywords in images can affect rankings for particular keywords in Google's SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). Images with fitting text will help your blog post rank better with things like Google Image Search. Thus, you should include relevant keywords in your image tags so that it may also appear higher up on SERPS when people search for those words associated with it.

SEO images, also known as images for search engine optimization is a technique of optimizing the content of a web page by adding a few images to it. SEO images are used primarily to improve the rankings in search engines and to increase online traffic. In order to optimize the web page with SEO images, one has to follow certain image guidelines. The image should be high quality and should have a size between 100KB-300KB.It should not have any text on it or any shadows that might cause problems for screen reading software or people with disabilities.

Images are a key part of any website. They can be the defining factor that either gets you a higher ranking on Google or puts you lower. Webmasters and SEOs use images for three different purposes: 1) To reduce the number of words on the page to make it easier for machines to read and index it. This also helps with accessibility and readability concerns. 2) To add decorative elements to pages in order to attract attention and increase aesthetic appeal. This creates a better user experience. 3) For keyword-rich images that rank well in Google image search results pages, which in turn gives their websites more exposure and traffic.

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