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LearnVern’s Free Online Pronunciation in Spoken English Course

Pronunciation in Spoken English is an add-on skill that can help you express yourself impressively. Lakhs of jobs are rolled out every year, but people fail to make a mark due to poor communication skills. This course aims to improve your English Pronunciation and offers great support to refine your speaking skills.

Your communication abilities set you apart from the competition. The chances of getting selected for various high paying jobs increase manifold when you have perfect command of spoken English. Several jobs require communicating with English-speaking clients. You can go for these jobs with confidence on completing the Pronunciation in Spoken English course online. Jobs at BPOS and call centres demand fluency in spoken English. This course prepares you for such jobs.

What Will You Learn in the Pronunciation in Spoken English Course?

A well-developed pronunciation skill is a sum total of knowledge of speech sounds, diphthong sounds, how to do sentence stress, etc. In our Pronunciation in Spoken English course, you are taught various modules comprising:

  • Understanding Phonetics (Vowels)
  • Understanding Phonetics (Diphthongs)
  • Understanding Phonetics (Consonants)
  • Problem Sounds in English
  • Pronouncing Silent Letters
  • Types of Sentence Stress, etc.

You also get an assignment and quiz to solve at the end of the tutorial to check your proficiency in Pronunciation of English words.

Who Should Be Taking the Online English Pronunciation Course?

The Pronunciation in Spoken English course is open for all. A significant population of students don’t speak English or have studied in Hindi or other vernacular mediums. They may find difficulty conversing in English and mostly lose confidence during interviews and group discussions. This course is ideal for such students. It forms a stronger base for the learners who want to understand the science behind spoken English. 

This course is the best resource to develop communication and English Pronunciation skills for:

  • Students
  • Trainers
  • Counselors
  • Influencers
  • Entrepreneurs 

Join this English Pronunciation course online if you want to be the next big thing as an orator, counsellor or speaker. As an entrepreneur, too, you can increase your customer base by reaching out to English-speaking consumers.

How Does the Pronunciation in Spoken English Course Offer Complete Knowledge?

LearnVern has employed a dedicated communications specialist to provide guidance on building skills for Pronunciation in Spoken English. In this course, all important concepts of pronunciations are explained elaborately. The video explains full details and presents pronunciation skills in a very interesting manner. 

There are step-by-step explanations and ample examples provided to make students fully conversant with Pronunciation in Spoken English.

Next Steps to Learning Pronunciation in Spoken English

Learning English Pronunciation may not directly impact your career opportunities, but it does help in personality development. Personality development skills are soft skills that one needs to stay effective at leadership roles. After doing this course, you can take up other courses, such as:

  • Spoken English with Grammar Course
  • Business English Course
  • Vocabulary for Spoken English Course
  • Public speech Course
  • Soft Skills Course

All these courses are available at LearnVern absolutely free of cost! So you can take these courses to stay in demand and for a smooth career transition.

Why Choose LearnVern for the Pronunciation In Spoken English course?

LearnVern is a complete resource for developing your skills in English Pronunciation. This e-learning platform offers the best training guidance tutorials for proper understanding and skill development. 

You can find about 3 hours of videos, a whole lot of downloadable resources and other informative content to gain proficiency in English Pronunciation. In addition, a discussion board is provided to connect with other students and engage in community learning. The support through forums and social media communities also adds to the convenience.

So, why stay behind in competition when you can beat it easily? All it takes is a little effort and time from your side to emerge a winner among others. Be a part of the winning community by enrolling for LearnVern’s online Pronunciation in Spoken English Course and learn the English Pronunciation rules today.

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  • Soft skills Lecturer
  • Editor
  • Sub editor
  • English Teacher

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You require an Android or iOS phone, tablet, or computer to enroll for the Pronunciation in Spoken English course. Basic knowledge of the English language is an added advantage.

The USP of LearnVern is that it offers courses in the Hindi language for your benefit and ease of understanding. Thus, you can overcome language barriers to acquire skills needed for jobs and business.

Secondly, it allows you to take courses in a self-paced manner. Thus, you can take this course, revisit videos and tutorials as many times as required, and emerge truly skilled.

The LearnVern courses come quite easy on the pocket. Since the courses are free of cost and offer great information and resources, it becomes possible for people from all sectors to join these courses and benefit from the opportunity to upskill their career.


You need to have access to an internet connection and a smartphone to join the Pronunciation in Spoken English course from LearnVern. It does not cost you any fee, or to go to physical classroom sessions. Hence, you can continue to work and complete the course simultaneously.

LearnVern’s Pronunciation in Spoken English Course comes with a lot of benefits. It makes you eligible for the National Skill Development Corporation Certificate which is quite helpful in getting good jobs. 

LearnVern offers device-friendly and self-paced courses. You can refer to tutorials from anywhere, anytime. It helps you do the job and learn new skills simultaneously. Thus, you can take a good leap in your career with new skills acquired.

The USP of the course is that the instructions are provided in Hindi. You can easily grasp the concept and learn it completely due to ease of understanding.

LearnVern’s Pronunciation in Spoken English comes to you absolutely free of cost. There is no fee applicable for joining any course. It is a part of Skill India initiative that aims at making Indian Youth skilled and ready for diverse jobs. Also, the students can revisit videos till they gain better understanding of the concept.

You may not be completely conversant in English, but the basic knowledge of this language can definitely help you in understanding the concepts. Nevertheless, anyone can join this course and benefit from the guidance offered.

LearnVern’s Pronunciation in Spoken English course is open to all. The course benefits students, counselors, influencers, teachers and entrepreneurs alike. Anyone interested in public speaking can join this course to improve their pronunciation of English words.

No, LearnVern does not demand you to attend a classroom coaching session. It promotes a contactless way of acquiring skills. You can take up LearnVern courses in a self-paced manner. Since it can be accessed on all mobile phones, iOS and Android environments, you can take up this course from anywhere, anytime.

LearnVern’s Pronunciation in Spoken English course is not a qualifying criteria for any job. But, it can still help in your career by grooming you to become a confident speaker. For higher posts in organizations, and also for profiles such as teacher, counselor, etc. you need to have a good command in English pronunciation. By mastering pronunciation of English words, you improve your personality and perform well in group discussions and interviews.

No, one-to-one tutoring is not the pattern of LearnVern courses. However, you are given a discussion board where you can post your questions and get queries solved. Since the aim is to provide courses in a self-paced manner, the students can refer to tutorials as and when needed. Also, they can solve assignments to check their proficiency.

English Pronunciation Course

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