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Software Testing Course in Tamil

Software testing professionals’ demand is expected to grow by 22 percent in the coming decade. Even in present times, thousands of jobs in the software testing field are rolled out in all industrial sectors and IT companies. The skilled professionals can get more than 50% hike in salaries and may be placed at higher posts in companies like IBM, TCS, Nielson, etc.

LearnVern’s software testing certification course is a complete warehouse of industry-relevant skills. By offering a tutorial that explains topics in Tamil, LearnVern breaks the language barriers for Tamil students. The course covers topics such as Code Review, Integration Testing, Boundary Value Analysis, Non Functional Testing, Defect Management, How to Write Test cases, etc. explained using real-life examples.

Learn testing online in Tamil and be ready to take up jobs in the best companies that offer handsome pay packages and perks.

Major job roles related to Software Testing Course and salary data?

Testing is a responsible job and the companies have started taking it more seriously than ever. The job aspirants need to have spent considerable years in coding jobs to get ample exposure to become eligible for the higher posts. By learning testing software online, students can become eligible for best-paying jobs. Some of the job roles and their annual salary data for software testers are mentioned below:

  • Software Test Engineer: up to 6.5 lakhs
  • Software Tester: up to 9.2 lakhs
  • Software developer in Testing: up to 32 lakhs
  • Implementation Engineer: up to 7.4 lakhs

Detail of the free Software Testing Course in Tamil

The course walks the candidates through all must-knows of the process. Through a video tutorial having real-life examples, the course teaches how to employ this skill at work. You will be acquainted with the following topics in detail in easy-to-understand language to gain confidence:

  • Code Review
  • Integration Testing
  • Boundary Value Analysis
  • Non Functional Testing
  • Load testing
  • Defect Management
  • How to Write Test Cases, etc.

By explaining all topics through practical demonstrations, this course fulfills the training needs of students trying to get a breakthrough in QA and testing.

Who should be taking the Software Testing Course?

The LearnVern Software Testing Course is suitable for students who are well-conversant with programming basics. It is designed for:

  • IT professionals doing programming jobs
  • Students doing programming courses
  • Entrepreneurs interested in providing consultancy on testing

The course can also train you to start a testing and software consultancy of yours by learning skills as needed in the profession.

Why is the Software Testing Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

By including topics like code review, implementation testing, debugging tools, defect management, etc. LearnVern’s course teaches this skill to be job-ready.

The concepts are explained through practical demonstrations and real-life examples to complement the professional requirements.

Since all topics included are designed keeping a normal day at work and its requirements in mind, the software testing tutorial for beginners provides the best support for learning this skill for professional use.

Next steps to learning Software Testing

The LearnVern course prepares students to transition smoothly into professional life. This course can help you grab the jobs roles of implementation engineer, software testing engineer, etc. by offering you complete study material to prepare for interviews. You can also take up jobs of academic professionals involved in providing training to software development experts who want to get promoted to testers’ profiles.

LearnVern offers another skill-development oriented course that teaches how to use tools employed in software testing. This course, Selenium Automation Testing, may help you become conversant with automated tools useful for testing software functionalities and performance.

Why LearnVern for Software Testing Course in Tamil

LearnVern offers complete support for acquiring the skill of testing software. It is designed in a learner-friendly manner. The experts here have years of experience and practical knowledge of the concepts as they are used in industries.

More than 4+ hours of tutorial walks the candidates through all concepts of software testing elaborately. By explaining the concept through real-life applications and practical demonstrations, the course makes candidates job-ready.

The Software Testing Full Course from LearnVern is explained in Tamil to help learners get a course they can easily understand. There are assignments and projects also provided at the end of the course that help assess the proficiency level. The tutorial is available for revisiting till perfection. A discussion board is available to discuss doubts.

A lot of study material with lifetime access is provided to students to brush up on their skills and be ready for interviews and practical tests. This e-learning platform is an initiative of the Government of India’s Skill India Campaign that aims at making educated professionals career-ready and skilled in industry-relevant manner.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Manual Tester
  • Software Tester
  • Quality Assurance
  • Application Tester
  • Software Test Engineer

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The LearnVern Software Testing Course becomes easier to grasp if you have basic knowledge of computers and coding. The course is provided through a device-friendly application or website that needs you to have access to an iOS or Android device with a stable internet connection.

LearnVern has benefitted more than 85,000 students to up skill and get better chances at job opportunities. The students get benefits such as:

  • Courses taught in industry-relevant manner
  • Course provided in Tamil and other vernacular languages
  • Self-paced pattern of courses helps do the course along with the jobs or degree programs
  • The course earns you the National Skill Development Certificate that is helpful in job search and starting independent ventures.

LearnVern provides a full course on software testing that teaches the basics like ‘what is software testing. This self-paced tutorial is available for repeat access and trains students completely on basic and advanced concepts. Such a detailed structure of tutorial helps understand principles and applications of software testing thoroughly.

The LearnVern tutorial talks about various types of software testing. Implementation testing, performance testing, code review or testing, load testing, etc. are some of the types of software testing which are explained through practical demonstrations in Tamil Language at LearnVern’s course.

Software testing is being taken seriously by companies who suffer heavy losses if the software doesn’t work as intended. It may hamper the brand image if the clients suffer from downtime and bugs. That is why, this skill has risen in demand due to its increasing relevance. LearnVern enables you to learn this skill to full and be ready for a promising career.

Software tester, testing engineer, QA engineer, are some of the jobs that you can take up on completing the software testing course. These jobs can pay you anywhere between 5 lakhs to 30 lakhs per year depending upon your skill and experience level.

Software testing can become easy to learn if it is taught through practical examples, real-life applications examples and instructions in easy to understand language. All these features of LearnVern’s course make this course the best fit for learning testing processes with ease.

LearnVern offers the software testing full course comprising tutorial, assignment, project, real-life applications and discussion board through device-friendly website and mobile application. By enrolling in this course, you can learn software testing on your mobile phone.

LearnVern is the e-learning platform that offers the Software Testing Course in Tamil. This tutorial in Tamil is easy to understand and provides practical demonstrations to learn various testing procedures, which makes students job-ready.

LearnVern offers the Software Testing Course free of cost for all. Also, you can do the course as per your learning pace by revisiting the tutorial as many times till you are confident of using this skill professionally.

Software Testing Course In Tamil

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