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Social Media Marketing Course in English

Social Media Marketing is an exciting skill to acquire. It is an in-demand skill that can place students in the best job roles in reputed companies. The aspirants for marketing jobs can grow in their careers by learning how to leverage social media to meet promotion objectives.

With changing times, social media has become an additional touchpoint for sales through eCommerce too. Hence, having a presence on social networks is essential for businesses to add more to their sales figures. By using the well-designed tutorial in English, you can learn the required skills to tap the potential for social media and boost your business reputation.

LearnVern offers students the convenience of easy and flexible learning with the help of self-paced tutorials. All topics included in the tutorial are job-oriented, such as Introduction to social media, social media ecosystem, basics, analytics, ads, strategy and creative writing, etc.

What are the major job roles related to Social Media Marketing Course and salary data?

Social media strategy and analytics learning can help you foray into the business promotion field and be eligible for exciting jobs. You can also work as a freelance social media consultant by using skills learned from the course. A few of the best job opportunities available to the learners on completing the Social Media Digital Marketing Course and the annual salary data is as mentioned below:

  • Social Media Executive: Up to 4 lakhs
  • Social Media strategist: up to 12 lakhs
  • Content Analyst: up to 5 lakhs
  • Social Media Analyst: up to 6.5 lakhs
  • Performance Marketing Specialist (Facebook Ads): up to 6.95 lakhs
  • Content Writer: Up to 5 lakhs
  • Copywriter: up to 10 lakhs
  • Social Media Manager: up to 3.5 lakhs

Detail of the free Social Media Marketing Course in English

LearnVern offers the most updated social media marketing course to aspirants. This course covers all topics needed to design social media strategy professionally. The students can learn in this course social media marketing tips and other job-relevant skills such as:

  • Social media ecosystem
  • Strategies
  • Ads campaign creation
  • Creative writing skills
  • Analytics, etc.

Who should be taking the Social Media Marketing Course?

The Social Media Marketing Online Course in English at LearnVern is open to all. This course does not require any coding or technical knowledge. The best candidates to subscribe to this course are:

  • Students
  • Aspiring Social Media Managers
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use social media for promotion
  • Digital marketing professionals working for agencies or brands
  • Organisations who want to enhance their social media skills

Learn Social Media Marketing to grab the best job opportunities in business advertising and promotion.

Why is Learnvern’s Social Media Marketing Course in English more industry-relevant?

LearnVern’s tutorial teaches social media marketing tips and techniques to help you solve real-world problems and become job-ready. This course teaches you how to create interesting content and run ads on social media. By learning all skills taught in the course, you can easily crack social media marketing interview questions and move to higher positions with better salary packages. 

Next steps to learning Social Media Marketing

Today, there are several social media networks that require different strategies to promote businesses. Learns can get comprehensive understanding of selling products/ services/ brand promotion on the social networks by taking up the following courses:

Why LearnVern for Social Media Marketing Course

LearnVern has hired the best trainers to teach social media marketing for business promotion. The trainers here have working experience of how to do social media marketing for business promotion. They can teach techniques and tips and how to analyze and design content to leverage the strengths of social media.

The course is updated to meet the expectations of the recruiters. It enables students to be fluent in applying social media promotion strategies to gain marketing objectives. The users can access the course at their chosen pace and time and add more to their skill-set without leaving their current occupation.

LearnVern is a device-friendly ed-tech application. The users can access the courses on all devices with iOS or Android functionalities. They can learn the course in their free time and can cast the tutorial on TV screens too.

LearnVern offers free of cost social media marketing online courses. So, students are not spending anything on learning and still can get the best learning resources for their lifetime. There is a discussion board provided with the video tutorial to help students discuss their problems or to expand their knowledge on the topics taught.

Join LearnVern to learn social media marketing tips and strategies and be eligible for the best job opportunities in this sector. It opens the gateway to opportunities to work as a freelance social media consultant too.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Social Media Marketer
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Paid Ads Marketing

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Interest in business promotion activities and social media are the main requirements to learn social media marketing from LearnVern. Your knowledge of SEO, and marketing may help you understand it faster, but these skills are not compulsory.

  • Flexibility to learn courses in a self-paced manner
  • Device-friendly courses accessible on mobile devices, computers and TV screens
  • In-demand courses to make learners career-ready and prepared for job interviews

LearnVern’ course includes topics like introduction to social media, strategies, analytics, basic concepts, creative writing, SMM tips, etc. All these topics collectively help develop complete understanding of ‘what is social media marketing.

Right from how to start a FB business page or Instagram page, to analyzing the content and target audience’s dynamics, every SMM function is covered in LearnVern’s social media digital marketing course. The trainers explain types of social media marketing, benefits of social media marketing and other basics to build conceptual knowledge. Gradually, the course takes to the advanced topics like analytics, strategies, etc.

Yes, you can. LearnVern is an ed-tech app accessible on mobile devices and computers with Android or iOS functionality. So, you can log on to the courses while at home using your computer or mobile phone. The course can be cast on a compatible TV screen as well.

Students, entrepreneurs, organisations that want to enhance their social media understanding, aspiring social media consultants, etc., are some of the best candidates for this course. Since this course does not require any technical knowledge, people from all fields including the homemakers and seniors can join the course and learn an in-demand skill. It can help them start SMM consultancy of their own. If you are comfortable learning a new skill through a tutorial in English, this is the course for you.

LearnVern’s Social Media Digital Marketing Course comes with several unique features. It is free of cost for all; no fee is required to learn any course here. The courses are provided in English and other native languages of India as well. You can revisit the tutorial as many times as needed; no extra charges or limitations of use. Hence, learning is free. Students get the National Skill Development Certificate as this e-learning platform is a Skill India Initiative and is backed by the Government of India. Thus, it is recognised everywhere in India and can help you in your career growth.

On completing the social media digital marketing course, the students can take up jobs such as social media manager/ consultant, digital marketing associate, etc. They can also use the learning from the course to start independent consultancy for promoting businesses on social media.

You can attain proficiency in social media planning and forecasting, ad campaign strategies, how to do social media marketing – tips, analytics, content creation and analysis, creative writing, and other similar skills on completing the course. All these skills are taught in a job-oriented manner at LearnVern.

No, LearnVern’s courses reach you on your mobile devices and computers. You can pick the schedule so that your study time never clashes with job hours. Also, the tutorial is available for learning in a self-paced manner. So, you can learn the course without giving up the current occupation.

Social Media Marketing Course in English

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