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How do I get Facebook Ads Manager in Digital marketing

How to use Facebook Ads Manager in Digital Marketing

Now in this video we are going to see that what are 'Facebook Ads' and how Facebook advertisements helps us in Business purpose. Facebook is the biggest Social platform that we have learnt, but now we will see that how Facebook Ads is also very crucial for Digital Marketing.

Why Facebook Ads ?
- 2.8 Billion FB users (Almost 33% of the world's population)
- Instagram is also part of FB ads
- 80% internet users use FB
- FB has most information about its users
- Cheapest ads
- Track ROI
- Create Audience and Retarget

Below mentioned points are some of the comparisons between 'Facebook Advertisements' and 'Google Advertisements' :
- Google ads help users to find you and fb ads help you find new customers
- Google get 3.5 billion search a day
- Google has 2 option of ads Search add Google display network ads which is 98% of web
- Google has 2 option of ads Search add Google display network ads
- Google ads Run on Search intent & FB ad runs on Audience interest
- For Google ads keywords is important & for FB Audience is Important

The following points will help understand Facebook Advertisements in better way :
- Save audience is most basic type of audience
- For first ads start ad with basic demographics & psychographics
- This is limited of options
- Custom Audience
- Look a like Audience
- Facebook Pixel

Now we will start with one of the basic ie. Facebook Business Manager. It helps to manage all the resources like different Ad accounts. For that we will go to Google and search for 'Facebook Business Manager'. There we will be asked to create a new business manager account by answering some of the basic information & then submit it.

After that we'll click on Create Audience option & see that there are 3 different types of Audiences available ie. Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience, & Special Ad Audience. We will not go with Special Ad Audience as they are especially used for Credit, Employment and Housing Ads.

Now we will create a Saved Audience by going to it's provided option. There we will have to address that which type of Audience do we want and from which Location. We have four different Location's option available, they are :
- People living in or recently in this location (people whose home or most recent location is within the selected area)
- People living in this location (people whose home is within the selected area)
- People recently in this location (people whose most recent location is within the selected area)
- People traveling in this location (people whose most recent location is within the selected area but whose home is more than 125 miles/200 km away.

So after selecting our desired type of Audience, we will select the Gender as per our requirement and select the particular location which we want to target. After doing all this we will select Age as per our requirement, ie. that users of which particular age should be involved in the audience we created.

In the next option we will select all the languages which we want to target such as English, Hindi, Bengali, or Marathi and any others.

In the next Detailed Targeting option we will see that we have three sections ie. Demographics, Interests, or Behaviours. For example, we will add Physical Fitness as our Interest.

We'll see that people with our selected languages & selected interests consists of very wider audience ie. 98,000,000 people. If we want to go with this audience we'll click on 'Create Saved Audience' button & proceed further otherwise we can still also Narrow down our Audience based on other demographics, interests, & behaviours.


To get to Facebook Ads Manager, you need to log in to your Facebook account. On the left-hand side of the screen, click on 'Creative Tools.' Then you will see a list of tools. Click on 'Ads Manager' and then you will be redirected to the dashboard. This section will show you how to get to Facebook Ads Manager from your Facebook account. 1) Log in to your Facebook account 2) Click on the arrow icon next to your name at the top right corner of the screen 3) Select "Ads Manager" from the list

The Facebook ads manager is a great tool when it comes to managing and setting up your Facebook ad campaign. It helps you set up the campaign, optimise it, and also monitor it. You can find the ads manager by going to your Facebook page and clicking on the “ads manager” tab that appears on the right side of the screen.

It is important to know how to activate ads manager on Facebook. The best way to do this is by following the below steps: 1. Log into your account on Facebook 2. Click on the Ads Manager button at the top right corner of your profile page 3. Click "Create Ads" 4. Select "Create an Ad" and then click "Yes, I'm a business."

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