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Software Testing Tutorial in Bangla

Software Testing forms an integral part of software development due to the need for delivering a defect-free software product. This 100% Free Video Tutorial offers a complete Software Testing course focused on the fundamentals of testing, types of testing, testing techniques, methods, SDLC, development models and defect management. Register for the best Software Testing Tutorial with us to learn both theoretical and practical aspects of Manual Software Testing and build a successful career in the field of QA and Testing.

The software testing tutorial will cover Manual Testing with definitions, types of testing, software testing concepts and tools. Each topic is explained using easy to understand Language - Bangla with Real Live Project Examples. Once you are through with all the important Software Testing concepts, you can take a look at the project which gives you a complete overview of how to write test cases and prepare bug reports for any application being tested. After successful completion of the course, you will be able to unleash your potential in testing various web applications.

Why Learn Software Testing?

Software Testing is an indispensable activity involved in the software development process. The requirement of qualified software testers has always been on the rise as quality plays a crucial role in software development. You can go that extra mile by taking the software testing course with LearnVern.

Who can take this course

Who Can Enrol for Our Software Testing Tutorial in Bangla

Students who would like to make their career in QA or people who want to do testing of their own to build applications can register for this software testing tutorial in Bangla.


Requirements for Taking the Software Testing Tutorial in Bangla

To take this software testing training in Bangla, basic computer knowledge, strong logical and analytical skills are required.

Course Curriculum
How Can LearnVern Help?

What Does Our Free Software Testing in Bangla Offer?

Our aim at LearnVern is to provide top-class educational material to our learners, which not only builds a solid foundation for their knowledge but also develops them into industry-ready professionals. But a lot of people face challenges in their pursuit to up-skill because either the course fees are too high or the classes are taken in a language that they find difficult to understand. If you have been delaying taking up a course for this reason, you can take the software testing course online for free. Also, this tutorial is in Bangla, so native speakers can understand better. Studies have shown that maximum memory retention occurs when a person learns anything in a language that he is most comfortable in.

LearnVern is a unique platform that offers free courses in Hindi and several other vernacular languages such as Bangla. Through our Bangla automation testing courses, you can easily learn the fundamentals of Software Testing and progress into more advanced concepts. The course material is prepared in collaboration with the subject matter and industry experts to ensure the curriculum covers everything that a learner needs to develop into an industry-ready, skilled professional. Furthermore, our course material for manual testing courses is enriched with images, graphics, animations and practical examples to ensure that our learners make the most of our tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions About Software Testing Course in Bangla Programming


Why Should I Enrol for the Software Testing Tutorial with LearnVern?

If you’ve been shying away from taking an online software testing course because of the medium of instruction, LearnVern’s Software Testing tutorial is free of cost and available in a wide range of vernacular languages. If you are a Bengali and have wished for tutorials in Bangla, LearnVern’s Software Testing tutorial in Bangla is the programme you need. From lectures to narrations and practical examples, your tutor will take you through each concept in Bangla to help you understand better. Besides, you will be provided with a thorough understanding of the theoretical and practical aspect of the subject. Also, you will be handed down quizzes, tests and projects to help check your technical understanding and identify areas that need more work.

What Can I Expect From the Software Testing Tutorial?

This Selenium tutorial is free of cost and in Bangla. So if you are a Bengali or speak Bangla well, then this tutorial will make your life much easier. Not only do you get to listen to tutorials in Bangla, but your tutor will explain practical examples in Bangla to help you understand each topic in-depth. LearnVern’s Software Testing tutorial in Bangla offers a carefully compiled course module that is designed to make learners thorough, industry-ready professionals.

What are the Topics That Will Be Covered in This Tutorial?

In the Software Testing tutorial in Bangla, your tutor will take you step-by-step into the fundamentals of software testing. You will get the opportunity to learn subjects such as STLC, development models, levels of testing, testing methods, defect management, etc. On completion of the software testing course, you will have a clear understanding of what software testing is, including concepts such as specialized testing, test management, software lifecycle and testing roles, etc. You will also have a thorough understanding of test automation and tools.

If you plan to take up an advanced course in software testing, this course will lay a strong foundation in the subject for you!

Will I Get a Certificate on Completion of the Course?

Yes. The Software Testing course offered by LearnVern is free of cost and available in Bangla, Hindi and other vernacular languages. You can obtain a SkillIndia certificate by upgrading it for a nominal cost of Rs 499. It is recognised across India and can help you acquire a lucrative internship and land your dream job. You can check out a sample certificate here.

Can I Access the Course Material When Offline?

Yes. You can install our app from the Play Store and download the course material of our software testing tutorial in Bangla for offline reference. This way, you can rest assured that your lessons will not get discontinued when you are travelling or out of network coverage. You can also share the course material with your friends and colleagues through our Ambassador program.

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Software engineers are looking for this stuffs. accept this course amigos.
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This course helpful me
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video quality is very good and good explanation very easy to understand
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good, helpful and many discussed
Best course to learn
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