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Online Facebook Marketing Course In English For Free

Facebook is not just a social media network but a global phenomenon. Almost every business requires managing a FB page to give updates on the business activities to online audiences. Facebook Marketing skill has become a priority among digital marketers because of its growing demand.

LearnVern provides the Facebook Digital Marketing Course for free to all learners. This course is explained through a video tutorial which you can complete in a self-paced manner. The course is designed by industry experts who explain all concepts in detail and as they are used in the companies.

Join the course at LearnVern online and be ready for the best-paying jobs in the digital marketing department of the top companies.

Major job opportunities after Facebook Marketing Course and salary data

LearnVern’s free Facebook marketing course prepares you to be career-ready in the digital marketing space. This course can be your ticket to the best digital marketing job roles in companies where you can earn a salary in five to six figures. Top job roles and their annual salary data is as under:

  • Social Media Marketer: up to 18 lakhs
  • Social Media Marketing Associate: up to 5.6 lakhs
  • Paid Marketing Specialist: up to 45 lakhs depending upon experience
  • Social Media Marketing Coordinator: up to 3.5 lakhs

You can also work as an independent social media marketer by adding this skill to your profile and creating huge earning opportunities for yourself.

Detail of the Facebook Digital Marketing Course in English

LearnVern’s course can help you learn all the basic and advanced concepts. This course explained in English provides a crisp insight into how to use Facebook for digital marketing and business promotion purposes. The top modules included in the complete Facebook Marketing Course are:

  • Working of Facebook Business Model
  • Important Elements of Facebook Business Page
  • linking your Business with GST and Creator Studio
  • Business Suite in Facebook Business Manager
  • Campaign Objectives in Facebook Business Manager

The expert Social Media specialist has explained this topic in a job-oriented manner. This course is suitable for both the learning and jobs’ purposes.

Who should be taking the course?

The course complements the training needs of digital marketers and social media marketing aspirants. This course does not require any technical qualification and can be easily done by:

  • HSC Pass out,
  • Business Professionals
  • Digital Creators
  • Vloggers

Why is the Facebook Marketing Course in English at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

The best marketing on Facebook course from LearnVern helps to meet the learning and job objectives. The modules tough to understand are explained lucidly to ensure complete learning. The modules that are suitable for learning purposes solely are:

  • Metaverse- Facebook
  • Social Media Calendar for Facebook
  • Role of Facebook Ads
  • Increase post engagement to accelerate the brand
  • Optimize their Facebook page for reach

While these topics help learn Facebook Marketing concept for gaining knowledge, the course also includes topics that help professionals at work; such as:

  • Facebook’s marketing strategy.
  • Creative content writing for Ads on FB.
  • Each tool of FB Ads manager for promoting Ads explained

With such a learning and career-oriented design of the Facebook Digital Marketing Tutorial, LearnVern offers a must-do course that proves relevant for meeting industrial demand too.

Next steps to Facebook Social Media Marketing Course at LearnVern

Facebook is one of the social media networks. There are other networks like Twitter, Instagram, etc. that offer tailored solutions for businesses. It takes a skilled marketer to utilize the potential of these platforms in expanding the business’s reach. Hence, you must think of doing other courses similar to this course, which include:

  • Instagram marketing
  • SEO 2021
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Ads and Google My Business
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing

Why LearnVern for Facebook Marketing Course?

LearnVern covers both the basic and advanced topics that focus on how to use Facebook for business. It offers the free Facebook Marketing Tutorial that is followed by assignments, interview questions to help prepare for jobs.

The course is designed by the best trainers who are well-versed with Facebook digital marketing tactics. Through a well-designed tutorial, they provide a step-by-step demonstration of how various features can be used for business promotion activities and e-selling as well.

There is a discussion board provided to the learners where they can post queries and clear doubts, if any, with the peers. On completion, the students are awarded the National Skill Development Certificate that helps a lot in the job search and business.

Join LearnVern, a unique initiative that works towards making learners more skilled and job-ready. It is free of cost and offers courses that are device-friendly. Flexible learning environment and complete coverage of topics make this e-learning platform the best choice for doing career-oriented courses. Most importantly, you may find the courses here in Hindi and other vernacular languages too.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Social Media Marketer
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Paid Ads Marketing

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There is no knowledge of technical nature required for the Facebook Social Media Marketing Course from LearnVern. You may do better if you have the knowledge of SEO and computers. Also, the users must have access to the mobile devices or computer to learn the concepts through a video tutorial.

LearnVern has made the skill enhancement a cakewalk for the students as well as working professionals. More than 1 lakh students have registered in various courses of LearnVern where they can enjoy:

  • Courses relevant to learners’ field of interest
  • Courses designed in a career-oriented manner and focused on imparting practical training
  • Self-paced tutorial explained in simple English, Hindi and other vernacular languages
  • All courses recognized by the National Skill Development Corporation that establishes candidates as qualified and trained professionals and helps them have better working opportunities.

LearnVern offers a video tutorial in English that walks you through all steps of setting a business page on Facebook and other related actions. The tutorial is available on devices and comes with features like discussion board, assignments and quizzes, etc. Since the tutorial is possible to do in a self-paced manner, the self-learners benefit a lot from this course.

Yes, LearnVern’s training program walks the students through all steps involved in setting up a business page on Facebook. The step-by-step tutorial is available to access repeatedly to perfection too. Thus, the students can get the requisite training on using the social platform for business activities.

LearnVern’s course offers the best way to learn Facebook Marketing through a video tutorial. This course contains modules such as creative posts writing, setting up the business page, conversion tracking, Facebook page optimization, etc. All these modules help candidates become job-ready.

LearnVern offers end-to-end learning support to the students who want to learn Facebook Marketing. Its tutorial is elaborate and designed in simple-to-understand language. All practical learning is provided through video tutorials which can be repeatedly assessed for complete learning. The modules are designed keeping the jobs’ requirements in mind. The National Skill Development Certificate is provided at the end of the course that helps you boost your profile as a Facebook Marketing professional.

LearnVern’s Facebook Marketing Course is designed for one and all. If as a business owner, you want to learn how to social media marketing on Facebook, you can find complete learning support here. All concepts explained through elaborate video tutorials allow business owners to self-learn social media marketing and manage their business accounts on Facebook with ease.

LearnVern’s Facebook marketing tutorial is available to access on mobile devices and through LearnVern website. There is no fixed time required to do this course. The device-friendly course can be accessed from anywhere too. Thus, you can easily do this course as per your schedule even if you are doing a job in any city.

You need not have any prior knowledge of Social Media marketing to do the LearnVern course. Access to an internet-enabled computer or mobile device with iOS or Android functionality and comfort with English language can help you derive the best benefits of this course.

You can work as a social media marketer, social media consultant, and digital marketing specialist after doing the course along with other relevant courses and degree programs. This course also enables you to start your own venture as a social media consultant.

Facebook Marketing in English

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