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LearnVern Android for Beginners offers complete knowledge of how to set up an Android studio environment. This course available in Hindi can equip you with skills needed for making Android apps. Best tutorial that you can access on your device anytime. No fee charged. Basic programming knowledge can help you excel in this course and fetches you big packages to improve earnings. Almost every service reaches consumers in the form of an app. That is why, Android application making course is in high demand. Businesses need Android application developers who can make user-friendly apps and help increase their reach. Application development skills can fetch fat packages and allow you to start your own venture too. Enroll for this online free course at LearnVern that offers a great platform to develop Android app development skills through tutorials, assignments and quizzes. Available in Hindi and other vernacular languages.





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Course Curriculum

Assignment : Android Application Components

1m 15s

Quiz : Android Application Components



LearnVern Android For Beginner Course in Hindi End-to-End

LearnVern Android for Beginners Course encompasses modules that teach environment setup, how to create and import projects, essential Android components and much more. This detailed tutorial is fit for beginners who want to get selected as Android developers or mobile app developers in well-known companies.

Android for beginners course is available in Hindi, it is a unique feature offered by LearnVern. Developed in a self-paced manner, this course is fit for the people already on the job, students, and entrepreneurs, etc. You can have all skills required by recruiters and earn a govt. approved certificate from National Skills Development Corporation when you join this course at LearnVern.

Major job roles suited for Android for Beginners Course and average annual salary data

Learning Android as a Beginner can be your ticket to a prolific career as an app developer. This course adds to your qualification and makes you eligible for thousands of jobs posted yearly in the app development field. You can also bag projects as an individual contributor or freelancer by gaining functional skills related to Android Studio.

It earns you qualification for various jobs that offer handsome salary packages, such as:

  • Android Developer: 3-5 lakhs per annum
  • Mean stack developer: 6-.5 lakhs per annum
  • Mobile app developer: 4.5 – 5 lakhs per annum

What to expect in LearnVern Android for Beginners Tutorial

Android for Beginners course traverses you to all basic functionalities of Android Studio. You can learn about Android Studio, Android architecture, how to create and import projects, Basic knowledge of Java, Android Life Cycle and a lot more. There is complete guidance provided on Android intent, UI tables layout, UI control and components and a lot more in this online free course in Hindi.

This course provides complete know-how right from conversion of ideas to enriching apps with functionalities. Major modules covered are:

  • Introduction to Android
  • JAVA programming basics
  • Android Application Components
  • Android UI and Widgets
  • Android UI Control and Components
  • Event Handling and styles and themes

From developing the look and feel of the mobile app to designing functionalities of the mobile application, one can gain complete knowledge of Android app making by joining this course. No charges and availability in Hindi make it easier for everyone to join this course. 

Who can benefit from LearnVern Android Course for Beginners in Hindi?

LearnVern Android Course for Beginners serves the learning needs of

  • Computer and IT graduates who want to enhance app development skills
  • Solopreneurs who want to convert a business idea into an application
  • Freelance workers who want to provide app development services
  • Anyone interested in Android app learning

Android Course for Beginners introduces learners to basics of Android app development. They can learn how to set up and use Android Studio for app development. Also, they can learn about adding interfaces, functionalities, and personalities to android apps based on consumer perception and expectations.

Why LearnVern Android for Beginners Course is industry-relevant

LearnVern Android for Beginners Course fetches you suitable positions in app development companies, web development services and digital transformation consulting agencies. Several jobs are announced every year in the field of Android development. Recruiters look for the qualified professionals who have functional expertise in Android app development. This app helps cut the competition by preparing for interview questions or to come up with MVP to demonstrate app development skills.

App development has become a necessary skill in the present scenario. Industries offer handsome pay packages. The job does involve constant evaluation of features and timely updation of innovative features to make the app a perfect solution. Thus, you can ask for better salaries and even start a business of your own when you complete the Android for Beginners course at LearnVern.

Next steps to Android For Beginners Course at LearnVern

LearnVern Android for Beginners course provides end-to-end knowledge of app development. You can learn how to design look and functionalities to publish and upgrade Android applications. This course opens avenues to join similar courses, such as:

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Java Programming
  • Mean Stack Development
  • Logic Programming
  • UI/UX designing, etc.

This free Android for Beginners Course serves the needs of both the learners and professionals. Experts provide end-to-end coverage of all important components of Android app development. The course can help you take up teaching jobs where you can train aspirants on how to make Android apps. Also, you can win eligibility for jobs such as mobile app developer, android developer, etc. 

How LearnVern proves beneficial for learning Android for Beginners

Android for Beginners course at LearnVern comes with loads of benefits. First of all, it is quite an extensive program but explained in easy language. The learners get end-to-end learning support comprising basics and moving further to application interface developments, publishing, upgrading, etc. 

Secondly, the LearnVern course on Android for Beginners takes into account every hassle a common youth faces. It addresses language and financial barriers by offering courses in Hindi for free. Also, there is no need to leave the current occupation as students can do it in addition. 

The course is available for lifetime access and can be availed through application. Thus, the students need not waste time travelling; in fact, the device-friendly LearnVern e-learning solution allows converting travelling time into learning hours. This course outlines all topics essential for full learning and allows a flourishing career as an Android developer.

Basic programming language can help you master Android for Beginners course skills. A little computer literacy and designing skills also work in favor of learning Android development at beginner level.

LearnVern offers a video tutorial where complete know-how of developing Android app is provided. The tutorial is fairly detailed and covers every small aspect of Android app making. LearnVern allows learning in a self-paced manner; thus, you have additional skill in hand. On completing the course, you get a National Skills Development Corporation Certificate, which is recognized by various recruiters. It is designed in Hindi language to overcome language barriers and most importantly, it is absolutely free!


LearnVern offers an extensively detailed course covering all points to teach Android for beginners. This online Android course for beginners is made user-friendly in all aspects by LearnVern. Students can take this course on their devices. The course provides functional knowledge of how to build and maintain Android apps. Also, the course provides a National Skills Development Certificate that eases the job hunt. 

People with basic programming language skills can refine their development skills by joining Android for Beginners course. This course helps gain both structural and functional knowledge of Android applications. The learners can employ Android development skills to work in app development services as an expert or intern. They can also get freelance assignments for app development when they build a portfolio based on app development skills attained at LearnVern

Android for Beginners course covers information about Android Studio set up, various app development basics, UI and widgets, Activity and Intent, and several other concepts. This course offers functional expertise through assignments and quizzes. Students can also access discussion boards to solve their queries.

Android for Beginners course propels your career as full-time and part-time mobile app developer. Mobile app developer or object-oriented programmer, Java developer and UI/UX developer are some of the jobs that you can prepare for with Android for Beginners course.

Android for Beginners course is suitable for people with interest in basic programming. Such people can do other similar courses that utilizes learnings from Android for Beginners course. For example, Java development, Object-oriented programming, Android app development and Mean Stack development are several other courses one can do after LearnVern Android for Beginners course.

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