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What is Quora & how can it help in Digital Marketing?

Now in this video we are going to see that how Qura platform can help us in Digital Marketing and how we can make use of Quora for our businesses.

Quora is basically made to answer questions asked by many people on different topics in a certain manner. Many people come up with different types of question on this platform like what is SEO, youtube marketing, or weight loss tips, kitchen hacks, etc...

Some of the interesting features of Quora platform are as followed -
- Quora is an Q&A site
- Good way to build referral traffic
- Monthly 300 million+ users
- 400,000 topics on quora
- Quora ranks for 50 Million+ keywords
- It builds organic reputation and branding
- Build thought leadership

The following are some pillars of Quora marketing -
- Great Profile
- How to find questions to answers
- How to go Viral

First of all we will see that how we can register and build our profile on '' website. We can login with our Google account on Facebook account also.

Firstly we will be asked that what are our topic of Interests, and whichever are we need to select it. Now as we move further we will see that according to our interest the feed of our account will be created in such manner.

We will be able to see that different people from different parts of the world have asked question on different topic of interests, and many people have answered them.

Now we will see that how we can create basic profile in a certain manner. We need to add a bio to our profile which can define about our self in a short paragraph. After that we need to have one good attractive tag line, which can show the user that what are you upto. We can even change that tagline if we want.

After that below we can add our complete detailed description which can be very helpful to the user who visit your profile section.

So therefore now, we can see that how Quora platform is very helpful for everyone who is in the field of Digital Marketing. From creating basic profile to creating different spaces, Quora is helpful !

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