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Python Programming Course in Telugu

LearnVern’s Python online course is designed to complement the training needs of aspiring programming professionals. This course is provided in the Telugu language to help candidates of Telugu medium learn Python from scratch. The course is available for studying in a self-paced manner so that the candidates can gain complete knowledge.

LearnVern hires the best trainers for the online learners of Python programming. They have explained topics like file handling, exception handling, TKinter and regular expression, etc. in a simplified yet detailed manner. Thus, the students can train themselves in a job-ready manner and crack Python programming interview questions by studying this course online for free.

What are the major job roles related to Online Python Course and salary data?

Your expertise in Python Programming opens the world of career opportunities for you. The best companies like IBM, TCS, Nielson, Microsoft, etc. hire experts who know Python completely. By training with the Python tutorial for beginners from LearnVern, you can become eligible for the following jobs and take home the annual salary packages as mentioned below:

  • Python Developer: up to 8.3 lakhs
  • Web Developer: up to 8.7 lakhs
  • Full-Stack Developer: up to 16.9 lakhs
  • Project Manager: up to 15 lakhs
  • Data Journalist: up to 3.1 lakhs (at entry level)
  • Python Tester: up to 10 lakhs

Entrepreneurs or freelance programmers can also take up this course and build skills needed for clients’ projects.

Detail of the free Python Programming Course in Telugu

LearnVern offers the Python Programming Tutorial in Telugu. The learners here can learn the basics to advanced concepts to start with that help build Python skills step by step. Learners may find in the tutorial all the topics needed for a normal day at work. Some of the tough topics that trainers have explained in simple language in the Python Programming Telugu Course are:

  • File handling
  • Exception handling
  • Regular expression
  • TKInter

Who should be taking the Python Programming in Telugu Course?

Any student can enroll for the Python programming course. The students who are studying at 12th class, graduate or post-graduate level can master all aspects of the Python language explained in Telugu. The other candidates who can fulfil their learning requirements to become a Python professional are:

  • Beginners who want to learn Python from scratch
  • Working professionals who need to learn advanced topics.
  • Aspiring software developers who want to learn web development with Python

Why is Python Programming at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

Python tutorial for beginners at LearnVern comprises basics to advanced topics. These topics are best-suited for developing professional skills. The course is designed to build professional competence in aspiring programmers. Since all the concepts like file handling, exception handling, etc. are needed to apply Python skills practically, LearnVern’s free of cost course effectively bridges all learning gaps.

TKInter GUI programming module included in the Online Python Course from LearnVern enables beginners to enhance their programming skills. It can help them become a promising Python developer and tester.

Next steps to learning Python Programming

Python Programming is an in-demand skill that can help aspiring software developers get the best jobs. On completing this course and putting Python skills to practice, you can apply for the jobs where finance data analysis, task automation and website and software development skills are required. Apart from moving to the better career opportunities, you can enroll for other courses such as:

  • GitHub Repository
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Data Structures
  • Web development frameworks
  • Secure Coding

Why LearnVern for Python Programming

Joining LearnVern for Python Online Course with Certification comes with several advantages. You get the learning platform backed by the Government of India. The best trainers design and explain the video tutorials here. They explain even the toughest topics in a simplified manner.

Students get access to 3+ hours of video, articles and lots of downloadable resources for free. They can revisit tutorials till they become completely confident of applying Python programming at work. There is a quiz provided at the end of the tutorial to test the knowledge.

Python Programming Tutorial for beginners is available in the Telugu language at LearnVern. It is a unique concept and makes learning easier for Telugu medium students too. Also, the course can be learned in a self-paced manner and on iOS and Android devices.

LearnVern is a part of Skill India Initiative under which the students are trained on Python Programming and other industry-relevant skills for free. The initiative is approved by the Government of India and prepares students to become career-ready. Idea is to make students ready for jobs and have additional skills apart from educational qualifications required by recruiters.

Students can avail the National Skill Development Certificate at the end of the course which proves beneficial to their career.

So, wait no further! Join LearnVern for the Python Programming Tutorial in Telugu for free and give a solid start to your Programming career.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Python Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Flask Developer
  • Programmer
  • Software Engineer

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Python tutorial for beginners in Telugu from LearnVern becomes easier to learn if you have basic programming knowledge. This tutorial requires an Android or iOS device with an internet connection to ensure uninterrupted access.

  • Freedom to access tutorials on mobile devices, computers and TV screens
  • Industry-relevant topics that help use skills professionally
  • Courses in vernacular languages for accommodating learning requirements of wider audiences

LearnVern’s course provides complete learning of Python by covering the basic to advanced topics. The tutorial walks the candidates through the history of Python, its implementation etc. and helps develop complete understanding of it..

Python Programming Course with Certification from LearnVern throws light on all basics to advanced topics of this coding language. The course complements the learning requirements of beginners as the experts explain all concepts lucidly. Through practical examples included in the tutorial, LearnVern helps beginners build a strong foundation for developing Python skills.

Students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, and all beginners who want to excel in Python programming can take up this course at LearnVern. Right from ‘how to install Python’ to advanced concepts like TKinter, the beginners and professionals can find all topics in this course.

Python Programming for beginners course is available free of cost at LearnVern. It is a Government of India initiative that aims to train Indian Youth for better jobs and become career-ready. To help them miss no work opportunity, they encourage students to enrich their skill-set with new courses by offering free of cost courses.

LearnVern offers a Python Online Course with Certification in the Telugu Language. This is the only e-learning platform that caters to learners in their native languages like Telugu and others. Thus, break the language barriers and learn this object-oriented programming language to shape up your career in software development.

LearnVern offers a Python Programming Course in a job-relevant manner. The trainers have designed the tutorial in Telugu to simplify the learning process for Telugu students. The course is available for free. It is taught to build basic to advanced concepts as they are used at work. At the end of the course, the students get the National Skill Development Certificate and become eligible for several job opportunities and setting up businesses.

Yes, if you have a mobile device with iOS or Android functionality, you can access the Python Online Course on it. This facility allows you to take up the course from any place, anytime and provides convenience of learning at a chosen pace and schedule.

The LearnVern Python Complete Course in Telugu learners can qualify for the jobs such as data scientist, data journalist, machine learning experts, software developers, etc.

Python Programming Course in Telugu

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