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CodeIgniter Tutorial in Hindi

CodeIgniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework, for use in building dynamic websites with PHP. CodeIgniter Tutorial course at LearnVern will walk you through important concepts like MVC, Database Access, Classes, and Sessions. The course comprises clear and competent content which will help develop websites using PHP.

Do take the quiz included in our CodeIgniter tutorial as it would help you track the knowledge learned. We would also recommend that you do try out the examples on your own as it would help in a better understanding of every topic being explained.

Why Learn CodeIgniter Course?

CodeIgniter runs on PHP. It is lightweight and fast compared to other frameworks. It uses the MVC Framework. Rich set of libraries for common tasks, simple interface, and logical structure to access libraries makes it very easy to use. It minimizes the amount of code needed for a given task and lets you focus on your project.

Who can take this course

Who Should Enroll in Our PHP CodeIgniter Tutorial?

If you want to learn CodeIgniter to become a professional website developer in PHP, then you would definitely find this course beneficial.


Requirements for Enrolling in the CodeIgniter Tutorial

  • Knowledge of Core PHP
  • Understanding of Advance PHP and HTML
How Can LearnVern Help?

What Does Our Free CodeIgniter Course Offer?

At LearnVern, we strive to develop industry-ready professionals who can take up a task and execute it seamlessly. We develop the content for our course in collaboration with academic and industry experts who understand the theoretical and practical aspects of CodeIgniter thoroughly. This gives our candidates the opportunity to learn CodeIgniter concepts and pick up practical nuances that are relevant to the industry today and make them employment ready.

Our CodeIgniter training material encompasses lectures, practical examples, graphics and animation to understand each concept in depth. Our PHP CodeIgniter tutorial is a free tutor-led, self-paced course module that learners can take up at their convenience. Furthermore, the CodeIgniter tutorial in Hindi is also available. Not only this, you can learn CodeIgniter with us in other vernacular languages too. This is to offer freedom to our learners to study in the language they are most comfortable in.

Frequently Asked Questions About CodeIgniter Course Programming

What Can I Expect from LearnVern’s PHP CodeIgniter Tutorial?

You can expect an easy-to-understand, tutor-led course that offers a well-balanced amalgam of theoretical and practical knowledge on CodeIgniter. Through our online CodeIgniter for beginners tutorial, you will learn about Codeigniter basics and about using the framework for building Web applications, understanding of MVC and how to use it with CodeIgniter, integrating a Bootstrap template into CodeIgniter and finally creating a website using CodeIgniter. This course will take you into the details of the concept through elaborate lectures, graphics, animations and practical examples to help you understand the language in its totality. You will also be given assignments and tests to help you assess your understanding and identify areas that need more work.

How Will I Master Practicals on the Online Course?

It is but natural to wonder how you will ace the practical application of CodeIgniter without getting an opportunity to work on something hands-on. Do not worry! The CodeIgniter online training at LearnVern has been carefully put together to give you opportunities that allow you to put the knowledge you have gained through the tutorial to practical use. You will have tests and assignments handed down during the CodeIgniter course to help you tackle practical problems using your technical knowledge.

What Are the Subjects That Will be Covered in This Tutorial?

LearnVern’s PHP CodeIgniter tutorial will start with the basics of CodeIgniter and gradually move on to more advanced concepts. Our tutors teach concepts related to the subject in a certain order to eliminate ambiguity and confusion among learners, ensuring they get the opportunity to advance slowly but steadily into the subject. During the CodeIgniter course, you will be taught the fundamentals of CodeIgniter, given a simple calculator example, understand database access in CodeIgniter, learn about cart functionality, etc. You will be given tests and assignments to help you understand each concept in-depth.

Is This a Certificate Course?

Yes. The CodeIgniter course offered by LearnVern is free of cost and available in Hindi and other vernacular languages. You can obtain a SkillIndia certificate by upgrading it for a nominal cost of Rs 499. Issued by the National Skill Development Corporation, the certification is recognised across the country and can help you secure a lucrative internship and job opportunities. You can check out a sample certificate here.

How Will I Continue My Lessons If I Go Offline or While Travelling?

With LearnVern, you can keep learning even while on the go. You can install our Android app and download the course of our CodeIgniter course for free for offline reference. This way you will not miss out on any lessons. You can also share this course material with your friends and colleagues through our Ambassador program.

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nitin fitness Freak
Explained in easy words
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This is Good
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This course will improve your knowledge and skill
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asma khanam
A well-designed course is more likely to engage learners and positively affect their performance. Using the QM Rubric and relevant review tools as a guide,
Ayush sharma
In this Course There are some topics missing and need to be more clarify and properly defined topics.
kalai thevar
Nice Learning!
Neeraja Veeramachineni
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