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What is Email Marketing? How to set up Email Marketing effectively?

Introduction to Email Marketing

In today's Digital Marketing tutorial, we will learn that what is Email Marketing & how it works. E-mail Marketing is a successful digital marketing way because we can you easily reach to the Inbox of our customers.

Email Marketing is mostly used to promote any product or service ie. used for personal Branding more. Also it is used to send the news letter to different working people of a company if any update. Email Marketing is not always focusing for financial gathering, it is sometimes just used to reach out to the people and tell about the product/services.

Why Email Marketing ?
- Most critical professional communication
- 58% check their email first thing in the morning
- Most profitable digital Marketing channel
- 80% email opens on mobile phone

MailChimp is the Email Marketing tool which can help us for sending & managing mails. It is also a freemium tool. Some points about MailChimp tool are :
- Free tool upto 2000 contacts
- Allow Email list building
- Simple easy to use tool
- You can create Automation

We will now see that how we can make basic Campaign in MailChimp & also how we'll set Automation (time bound & action based).
- We will go to '' & click on Sign up button. We'll sign up & verify our Email firstly.
- On the left hand side we will get all the menus which will help us to navigate.
- We will set the timezone according to our mailing requirement & also it matters that in region we are mailing.
- Now we will set our first Campaign. For that we will go to the left hand side menus and click on 'Create' option.
- After then we will choose which type of Campaign we want to do, ie. Email, Loading page, Customer journey, etc... We'll choose Email.
- We should always follow manners while while sending an Email to other or receiving from other. We can't just randomly send E-mail to any unknown person without their permission.
- Now we will create one basic Sign up form which will help us to gather Emails of our visitors & then we can send our product/service's Email to them. For that we will go to Signup Forms and select Subscriber Pop up form which can be embedded on our site.
- We will then create a form according to our requirement and then save it by providing the URL of our website ie. on which website we want to integrate this pop up form.
- We will be given a code script which we have to paste in our website's HTML coding. For this we are using wordpress plugin 'Header and Footer'. We'll paste the MailChimp script on every page and posts we want using this plugin.
- Now as soon as we open any page we will be able to see that pop up form & hence now visitors can submit their Email addresses & other asked details.
- Now we will start our Email Campaign by giving it a Name.
- As we move forward we will be aksed that to whom do we want to send this Email. We'll answer it by saying 'To all subscribed recipients'.
- After that we will enter the email address by which we will be sending the mail to everyone.
- We will then after enter easily understandable Subject lines while composing a mail. These Subject lines gives audience a reason to open our email. Subject lines can be of many type like Simple, Funny, Conversational, Numbers in subject lines, personalize, question, FOMO (fear of missing out) & etc... For example we will add Subject as 'Flat 30% off (last 2 days)' & Preview text as 'Stock clearance sale'. Preview text appears in the inbox after the subject line.
- After that, we will now design the content for our Email using Classic builder.
- We will select any basic theme and start Email Content designing. Also we can add many blocks and styles according to our requirement in the Mail from the Customization option & then continue.
- After adding all the details, we'll close the editing in mail section and then after click on 'Send' to share our Campaign to our subscribers. We can also schedule the mail sending by using 'Schedule' button & then by setting up the delivery time.


Email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways for businesses to foster customer relationships. In this Tutorial, we will discuss how to create an email marketing campaign based on the customer personas and goals. To create a successful email marketing campaign, it is important for marketers to consider how they can use the contents of their emails. The following tips will provide insight into designing an engaging email that is sure to generate a response from your audience: - Personalize your emails with a greeting and a personal message. - Offer discounts or rewards in return for feedback or reviews. - Create a sense of urgency in your offer with limited time offers or scarcity promotions.

Email marketing is the act of sending emails to people who have subscribed to receive information from you. The main purpose of email marketing is to create future sales for your company. The key takeaway from this introduction is that email marketing is for creating future business or sales opportunities.

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing. It is the process of engaging with customers via email, for example to inform them about new products, promotions, or services. Email marketing became popular in the late 1990s. Email marketing provides marketers with an affordable way to broadcast advertisements to people who have already demonstrated some interest in their product or service, and it gives consumers access to information about products and services that they might not have heard of otherwise. It can be used as an alternative to direct mail and other offline techniques such as print ads and billboard advertising. It also helps in building a company’s branding and getting its message out there, so that when people want it they will know where they can get it.

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