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Oracle SQL Developer Course in Hindi Language Available On Your Devices

Learners of Oracle SQL can get absorbed in top-notch companies. Oracle SQL is an in-demand course. Companies hire database management experts to manage their online operations. The knowledge of DBMS tools can help the students get the best jobs and a stable career. 

The training provided at LearnVern can make you career-ready. It comes with a tutorial in the Hindi language where all the basic to advanced concepts are taught elaborately. The learners can approach the topics such as clauses, joins, set operators, etc., and other job-oriented PL/SQL concepts and be prepared for a promising career ahead.

Major Job Roles Related to Oracle SQL Certification and Salary Data?

The LearnVern Oracle SQL Certification Course is designed by industry experts. They have prepared the tutorial to provide a working knowledge of PL/SQL and Oracle to meet the needs of job-seekers. The course makes you eligible for the jobs roles that come with good salary packages. Some of such job roles and their annual salary range are mentioned below:

  • Oracle Developer: up to 10 lakhs
  • SQL Developer: up to 6 lakhs
  • Database Engineer: up to 10.39 lakhs
  • Database Tester: up to 8 lakhs

This course on database management tools can take you to places. The course helps you carve a niche in website maintenance and functioning niche with the best job opportunities to avail.

What Will You Learn in the Oracle SQL Developer Course in Hindi?

The LearnVern Oracle SQL Developer Course is divided into database management basics and PL/SQL concepts. Thus, the learners can expect to have an end-to-end knowledge of how to use database management tools at jobs. The course covers modules, such as:

  • DB introduction 
  • Types of SQL Statements – DDL, DML, DCL, 
  • Data Ordering
  • Joins, Set Operators, In and Exists
  • Aggregation
  • Sequence, Views, Synonyms, etc.

The modules covered in the PL/SQL sub-section are Introduction, Triggers, User-defined types, collections, anonymous PL/SQL blocks, Control Statements, Dynamic SQL Queries, etc. All these modules prepare you on the whole for the jobs through examples and a video explanation of functions such as how to create tables in Oracle SQL Developer and so on. 

Who Should Be Taking the Oracle SQL Developer Course?

Any graduate who wants to make a career in DBMS can find the best start in this course. The course on Oracle at LearnVern covers the beginners to advanced topics and provides you with complete knowledge of how to use these tools for various purposes. The course is designed for students, programming experts, and aspiring website developers and maintenance specialists.

Next Steps to Learning Oracle SQL Course

Learning has got no limits. The database management and IT skills keep growing and newer skills are introduced. To keep with changing demands, the students must stay abreast of other related skills too. An aspirant can gain maximum benefits from doing other courses that add more to the learnings of the Oracle PL/SQL tutorial. A few such courses are:

  • SQL Server
  • Software Testing
  • DevOps
  • MySQL
  • Data Visualization, etc.

Why LearnVern for Oracle SQL Developer Course

LearnVern connects you with the best trainers who have vast experience of how to practically implement Oracle SQL at work. The tutorial designed by experts provides an end-to-end learning resource. Since all concepts are explained through a video tutorial in the Hindi language, the learning comes with added clarity.

LearnVern offers more than 4 hours of video tutorials, lots of articles, and downloadable resources. The lifetime access to these study materials allows students to control their learning pace. Availability on mobile devices offers the convenience of acquiring skills from anywhere, anytime.

The discussion board and forums provided for discussing the problems promote the idea of community learning. It helps enrich knowledge by sharing.

Join LearnVern right away to build your database management skills and uplift your chances of grabbing the best-paying jobs and start your independent ventures.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Database Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Designer
  • Database Engineer
  • Database Tester

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What other courses learners took with this course

There are no special requirements to join the Oracle SQL Course from LearnVern. However, only the knowledge of computers and access to internet-enabled devices can help the students complete this course with ease.

LearnVern helps myriad ways in gaining skills needed for high-paying jobs. More than one lakh students have downloaded this e-learning app and learned new, job-oriented skills. This e-learning platform provides the best support to students in the form of:

  • Free courses on all in-demand subjects
  • All courses available in Hindi and other vernacular languages
  • Topics explained through video tutorial in simple language
  • National Skill Development Certificate provided at the end of the course; it helps a lot in the job search and in starting independent ventures.

Oracle SQL Developer is an in-demand skill. Almost all big companies in the IT industry and other sectors hire skilled Oracle Developers. The growing demand and the chances of getting good salary packages make it imperative for professionals to be Oracle SQL experts. In addition, the Oracle SQL Developer Course allows the students to take up leadership roles and give a promising career a solid start.

All functions and basic concepts such as how to install Oracle SQL Developer, how to create a table in it, etc. are explained in a step-by-step video tutorial. LearnVern’s experts explain all the functionalities through practical examples and how-to guides. Such a practical approach helps students become career-ready.

LearnVern does not demand a technical degree to be eligible for this course. Basic knowledge of computer programming and of using computer functionalities are enough to join this course. The students from Computer Engineering/IT Engineering streams can add more to their degrees and become fully prepared for several job opportunities.

On completing the basic to advanced Oracle SQL tutorial and assignments from LearnVern, the students can become eligible for several job roles, such as Oracle Developer, SQL Developer, Database Engineer, Database Tester. All these jobs can offer you salaries in the range of 3 lakhs to 20 lakhs depending upon your expertise and experience.

Yes, it is! LearnVern is an e-learning platform. The users can avail this course through LearnVern’s website and mobile application. By accessing this course on mobile devices, the learners can plan their learning schedule and acquire the desired skill flexibly.

LearnVern offers this course in Hindi. Industry experts design the tutorial here. Those experts who want to share working knowledge work as online faculty here. The course comes with a video tutorial where step-by-step guidance on how to use Oracle SQL at work is explained. The course is available free of cost for all. 

Also, the learners can revisit the tutorial multiple times till they attain perfection. Assignments, quizzes, and projects are given to students to check their learning progress. Most importantly, the students get the National Skill Development Certificate which will be quite beneficial as a professional.

Yes, the course is possible to do in a self-paced manner. The learners can make their study schedule as per their working hours at the job. They need not attend any physical class with fixed timings or go to a new place to attend the course. Thus, it becomes easier to acquire skills without investing anything when you learn Oracle SQL from LearnVern.

Yes, you can! The students get a discussion board at the bottom of the tutorial page. They can click ‘Discuss’ and start posting queries if they feel stuck somewhere. Using the discussion board and joining forums, the learners can share their knowledge and clear doubts.

Complete Oracle SQL Course

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