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A Complete Course on Spoken English With Grammar Absolutely Free

Spoken English With Grammar teaches all the rules of Basic Grammar in Spoken English. The course covers all grammatical concepts like root words, suffixes-prefixes, subject-verb agreement, nouns, propositions, verbs, etc. At the end of the course, the students find improvement in their Basic Grammar for Spoken English and overall confidence in speaking the language.

Communications skills are tested in most of the recruitment procedures. Thus, you can stand out from the competition if you get the support of a professional course like this. It helps you make the best of opportunities that come your way. 

How LearnVern Spoken English With Grammar Proves Beneficial

We are living in an era of global communication and worldwide infrastructure development. Most of the customers dealing with high-end companies, hotels, and institutes prefer English as a medium of communication. 

The demand for Spoken English skills is quite high in the tourism and hospitality, education, and entrepreneurship sectors. The LearnVern Spoken English With Grammar course helps you crack the competition in these areas.

You can perform well in interactive sessions and give better-quality speeches, presentations, etc. Thus, the course improves the communication skills needed for leadership roles that offer six-figure salaries.

What is Covered in Spoken English With Grammar Course in Hindi

LearnVern’s free Spoken English With Grammar Course covers all grammar concepts. You can understand the word morphology with root, suffix, prefix. Also, the correct sentence syntax becomes easier to learn through topics covered in this course, which are:

  • Verb and Object in English Grammar
  • Subject-Verb Agreement in English Grammar
  • Present Tense (Simple Present and Present Continuous) in English Grammar
  • Present Tense (Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous) in English Grammar
  • Past Tense (Simple, Continuous and Perfect Continuous) in English Grammar
  • Future Tense (Simple Future and Future Continuous) in English Grammar
  • Future Tense ( Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous) in English Grammar
  • Articles in English Grammar
  • Prefixes in English Grammar
  • Suffixes in English Grammar
  • Prepositions in English Grammar
  • Preposition of Relation in English
  • Coordinating Conjunctions in English Grammar
  • Subordinating and Correlative Conjunctions in English
  • Subject and Verb in English Grammar

Join this 15-module Complete Spoken English With Grammar Course for free at LearnVern. It can help you speak English confidently and without any grammatical errors.

Who Should Be Taking the Learnvern Spoken English With Grammar for Free?

LearnVern’s Spoken English With Grammar Course suits the requirements of all the people who need exceptional communication skills. Even if not for work, you can do this course to improve English Grammar for Spoken English skills and be confident in public dealings. The course is designed for:

  • Students
  • Influencers
  • Teachers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Counsellors

Even homemakers and senior citizens can join this course in their free time. The course is available on mobile devices and provides complete training on all grammatical concepts.

Why Spoken English With Grammar Course at LearnVern is time-relevant

In almost all industrial sectors, workers need to deal with the public. The time belongs to people with effective presentation skills. Companies promote their products through explainer videos in English and other languages. Parents reach counselors to get advice. 

Thus, our Spoken English Grammar course helps you reach more people and get noticed in the crowd.

As a service provider, you can get more traction among niche audiences with the right Grammar of Spoken and written English. Thus, the course prepares you for all the opportunities where salaries offered are in five figures and more. Also, you can work on your personality by improving your communication skills with the Spoken English With Grammar Course.

Next Steps to Spoken English With Grammar Course

The course’s instructions are provided in Hindi, and a lot of practice materials are provided to learn how to Speak English with confidence and error-free. Alongside this course or on completion, you can do other courses, such as:

  • Business English Course
  • Pronunciation Skills in Spoken English Course
  • Vocabulary for Spoken English Course
  • Soft Skills Course
  • Public Speech Course

All these courses are available at LearnVern for free. You can register for as many courses as you can manage and improve your communication skills and other skills-set. 

How Learnvern Proves Beneficial for Spoken English With Grammar Course

LearnVern serves the right resources to the candidates who want to develop their skills in various fields. Our course contains all important concepts that constitute rules of correct English. Parts of speech, articles, subject-verb agreements, tenses, and articles, etc. – all are included in the tutorial. 

Thus, the learner can know about common errors made and rectify them with practice.

LearnVern’s Spoken English With Grammar course is free. Hence, financial constraints don’t come into the way of learning new skills. Also, the course makes the candidates eligible for National Skill Development Corporation Certificate, which helps a lot in getting good jobs. 

The course offers ample guidance on sentence stress, structure and correct linguistics. It helps develop fluency in speaking skills. Video tutorials offer more relatable learning resources. Students can access these tutorials repeatedly till they are thorough with the concept.

All LearnVern courses are device-friendly and can be accessed on iOS and Android platforms. There is no need to register for any classroom session. Students can visit the tutorials as per their requirements anywhere, anytime. 

Several other courses related to Spoken English Grammar are available at no cost. You can select any course of your choice to enrich your communications skills.

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  • Communication Coach
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The LearnVern Spoken English With Grammar course requires a mobile device or computer with stable internet connection. Students may do better if they have basic knowledge of English.

LearnVern has helped uncountable students in India in enriching their skill-set. Most of the gaps in education, mainly work-related skills, can be filled with LearnVern courses. These courses are part of Skill India Initiative and make students eligible for National Skill Development Corporation Certificate. 

The students enjoy lifetime access to course material. Also, the courses are absolutely free. Shun all barriers and build skills hassle-free by joining LearnVern today!


The LearnVern Spoken English With Grammar course walks you through most common errors committed while speaking English language. Tenses, forms of verbs, use of articles at correct places, propositions, etc. are mostly spoken erroneously. 

The tutorial prepared by our experts explains how to use these parts of speech correctly. Thus, you get ample training in spoken English grammar.

LearnVern’s Spoken English With Grammar course is in high demand because it helps build communication skills. Communication skills are crucial for everyone trying to win over competition. Speaking skills help in clearing interviews and group discussion rounds which are part of the recruitment process in many companies. 

Also, you can work as a language coach, or a counselor and spoken English tutor, which offers a great career as an entrepreneur too.

The course acquaints students with root words and suffixes, prefixes, etc. Noun-verb agreement, tense, proposition, types of conjunctions, subject and object and corresponding verbs, etc. All these parts of speech are taught in a comprehensive manner through video tutorials in easy to understand language at LearnVern.

All you need is a stable internet connection to access the video tutorial provided in the course. The knowledge of Basic English can help too. However, there is no technical knowledge required to join this course. Everyone including students, housewives, entrepreneurs, influencers, etc. can enroll with the course on spoken English grammar.

LearnVern courses don’t require you to quit your current occupations. The spoken English Grammar course is available in the form of tutorials which can be accessed on devices anytime and from anywhere.

LearnVern’s Spoken English With Grammar Course trains you in the English grammar for spoken English. You can be familiar with the rules of correct speech. It helps you become fluent in speaking and grooms you to become a confident orator. The course helps eliminate common grammatical errors made while speaking. 

Thus, you can prepare well for interviews and discussions and make presentations effectively.

LearnVern’s Spoken English With Grammar course is a part of the main course on Spoken English. Thus, courses that form other aspects of Spoken English can be done alongside or after this course. Some examples are – Vocabulary course, pronunciation course, public speech, soft skills course, and so on.

English Grammar And Punctuation

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