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LearnVern Offers Google Search Console Course In Hindi

Google Search Console program is quite in demand. Every business wants online presence and cuts high competition there. They hire SEO experts to maintain and boost online presence. Google Search Console knowledge can train you in several SEO activities and makes you eligible for more than 20k jobs posted monthly.

You can learn about how to use Google Search Console, dashboard, setting up a website on Google Search Console, etc. through a step by step tutorial. Available in Hindi, the course is fit for all and comes with no strings attached. There is no fee to be given or class to attend. You can do this course in a self-paced manner along with current occupation. 

Major job roles mapped for Google Search Console course and average annual salary

Google Search Console is the basic tool wielded by SEO interns and experts. Learning this course helps in doing SEO activities as experts. It is essential course to learn if you want to go for jobs that are related to digital marketing. Best jobs possible to get after Google Search Console course from LearnVern, and average annual salary data are:

  • Digital Marketing Intern: 1.5 lakhs -2.4 lakhs 
  • Digital Marketing Executive: 2.4 lakhs 3 lakhs
  • Digital Marketing Analyst: 3 lakhs-4 lakhs
  • SEO Analyst: 6 lakhs – 8 lakhs
  • SEO intern: 1 lakh-2 lakh
  • Social media manager: 5 lakhs – 6 lakhs

What you will learn in Google Search Console course at LearnVern

Google Search Console Certification course at LearnVern explains all menu items and dashboard in a detailed manner. This course is provided in Hindi to enable confusion-free learning. Main modules included in Google Search Console tutorial are:

  • Google Search Console basics
  • How to set up Google Search Console
  • URL Inspection Tool
  • Index, Sitemap and Coverage
  • Google Search Console Enhancement
  • Security, Manual Action Report, etc.

All these points train you for using Google Search Console tool like a pro. Whether you want to provide consultancy as freelancer, or search jobs in SEO or digital marketing, these modules can help you crack all interview questions.

Who can take Google Search Console Course at LearnVern?

12th pass, graduates, website owners, SEO interns, and all independent digital marketers can take Google Search Console course. This course provides you working knowledge of accessing GSC for website analysis. Thus, a little bit of computer literacy is all that is needed for doing Google Search Console certification course.

Why LearnVern Google Search Console is industry-relevant

Digital transformation is the reality of present times and all businesses create and maintain their online presence. They need experts who can maintain their online presence by keeping track of website’s URL performances, backlink quality, audience coverage, etc. Google Search Console course teaches how to track performance and plug all loopholes. 

LearnVern breaks all learning barriers by providing this course in Hindi. It offers the training module possible to access from anywhere, anytime. The learners can go for various jobs in digital marketing agencies, social media marketing companies, etc. Also, they can start their own SEO services by enriching their digital marketing skills with Google Search Console. LearnVern provides practical knowledge to use Google Search Console through easy-to-follow and always available tutorial.

Next steps to learning Google Search Console Tutorial

Online LearnVern Google Search Console is one of the courses that helps you understand other complex topics rather easily. This online course is provided in Hindi and comes free of cost. On completing this course, the candidates can go for other courses, such as:

  • Google My Business
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

All these courses make you a qualified SEO expert. The certification by National Skills Development Corporation provided to LearnVern learners offers them ease of getting lucrative jobs too.

Why to join LearnVern for Google Search Console in Hindi

LearnVern is 100% free e-learning platform. This platform allows you to access Google Search Console from anywhere, anytime right on your mobile phone. You can also cast video tutorial on TV for better viewing. 

LearnVern Google Search Console course is possible to do along with the job. If you are a student, you can complete this course and add it to your resume before the studies are over. This course adds a lot of weightage to your eligibility as you earn a govt. recognized certificate on completion.

The course comprises step-by-step tutorial that walks you through processes like optimizing site, how to set and achieve long term performance goals, how to read audience, etc. The course prepares you to apply Google Search Knowledge in real world scenario. Moreover, there is an assignment and quiz provided to help you check proficiency level.

This course makes you eligible for various posts in highly reputed companies like Google, Microsoft, TCS, etc. where you can expect salary in five figures easily. Thus, you can give your career a bright start by joining LearnVern Google Search Console.

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You require literacy in computer and internet knowledge to join Google Search Console course. There is no requirement of any graduate degree or technical knowledge to take this course.

LearnVern offers various skill development courses without charging any fee. This free resource offers courses in Hindi. All courses at LearnVern are accessible in smartphones in iOS and Android devices. You also get National Skills Development Corporation certificate on completion of the course from LearnVern. One can also access course using LearnVern app. Lots of downloadable content, articles and discussion board allow students to attain proficiency in skills required for doing various jobs or to start independent ventures.


LearnVern teaches all steps of using Google Search Console. It gives an overview of dashboard and familiarizes with all the functions those features perform. The course serves the learning needs of SEO job aspirants and digital marketing interns who need to be comfortable with using Google Search Console like a pro.

Google Search Console is a website performance analysis check tool. This console gives an idea of how the site is perceived by audience. How to target audience and design content as per customer expectations are some of the reasons to learn Google Search Console.

You become familiar with how to set up Google Search Console. Other functions offered to learn are how to inspect URL, how to check backlinks, how to prepare content marketing strategy or create monthly reports, etc. Thus, the learners can give their clients much-needed intelligence required for boosting business’s presence online.

LearnVern Google Search Console Course can enrich your skill-set as SEO expert. This course is needed to conduct basic SEO activities. Other courses that you can do after Google Search Console certification are:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google My Business

  • Digital Marketing

  • SEO and Social Media Marketing, etc.

  • SEO and Social Media Marketing, etc.

LearnVern Google Search Console course can be accessed on device of choice anywhere, anytime. It allows students to learn this course without giving up the current job as one can study it in a self-paced manner. It is available free of cost too.

Anyone with a little computer literacy can do Google Search Console course. The course can be done by students, businessmen, graduates, or anyone who want to analyze website using this tool.

Google Search Console For SEO

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