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How to create a Quora Marketing Strategy for Business?

Till now we have seen that how Profile Headline is backbone of our Quora marketing & also other things of Quora like Profile Bio, Credentials and Highlights, Knows About & Spaces.

Now we will see that how we can ask question and answer to any particular question on Quora. For this 'Topics' and 'Space' are two Important features.

When we open our Quora account, on the top we see that we have different options like spaces, answers sections, notifications, alerts, etc...

After that we will search for any particular keyword and than join it's space. There we will be able to see the questions asked by different people and if you think that you can answer to that particular question then we can just simply write our answer by clicking on 'answer' button or even we can add it to our draft list for answering it later.

Now we will search for another keywords LinkedIn & than join/follow the 'LinkedIn Growth Hack' space. Now in it's question section we will be able to see that people have asked questions related to this particular keyword & many of the people have answered.

Our answers will be accepted by team Quora once they see that we are not spammy account.

Similarly we can search for many questions according to our answering capability from the search bar. For example we have searched B2B generation and as soon as we search it, we will see some open questions that people have asked regarding 'B2B generation'. Also we can see that how many people are following that particular question, and how many have answered it.

If we are reading anyone's answer to any asked question and think that that information provided is correct and accurate than we can 'upvote' it & if not than 'downvote' it with their respective buttons. Also we can add our comment to that particular question from 'comment' option available.

From the statistics section, we can see all the stats of our account. For how much time we have answered asked questions, how much up votes we have got, how many people shared our answer, what ia our reach and etc...

On the right hand side top corner we have an option of 'Add Question'. Here we can ask any question we want starting from 'Why, What, How & Which'. While we are asking question, we are also shown different suggestions ie. same types of questions asked by people.

After completing all the steps, our asked question will be live and anyone can answer to it as it is public now.

Now let us focus on finding top performing questions and answering them appropriately to go viral on any social media. For that we will run a new campaign, and then by following all the steps asked we will be show which questions to target qnd how many weekly views these questions have got.

So like this we will be able to find top performing questions, and then by answering it, we can build our Network and it can help in our Digital Marketing journey.

Therefore this is how Quora and it's features are helpful for great marketing & organic reach to your website.

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