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Which Tools Are Available For Email Marketing In Digital Marketing?

We have seen that email marketing has more success rate than all other marketing. Based on business needs, size & group of customers, choose a service provider. Some service providers offer free services, while others provide a limited client list, where some providers give an excellent template interface. Some tools are accurate & supportive in tracking after the campaign. This helps us improve email marketing. 

Google, Yahoo & other services will not let you send more mails after reaching certain limits. Some tools allow you to send thousands of emails. Let’s see some good service provider. Sendgrid can be called the best tool as it offers a perfect report after completion of a campaign. Other bulk email service providers are My Emma, Constant Contact, and Mail Chimp. 

Let’s see how SendGrid works. In comparison with other tools, SendGrid offers very good facilities. It has a simple & easy signup process; after signing up, log in to it. You will see a new account without any details. On the dashboard, you can see reports and track observations. Using marketing, you will send bulk emails. Tour will guide you on how to do certain things. In campaigns, you can run various campaigns. 

Let’s set up a sender ID: You can use any mail ID to generate a sender ID. You will receive a reply or queries on this mail. 

  • Open sender management.  
  • Create a new sender.
  • Fill up the details as required. 
  • Click on save, and you will see a new id is added. 
  • Verification is needed in this. 

 Now to create a new group:

  • Go to suppressions and click on unsubscribe groups.
  • Create a group and save it. 
  • Now go to marketing and click on contacts. 
  • You can add bulk contacts by uploading a CSV file.

Click on templates for various designs. Please select any of them and click create a campaign. Now add details according to your campaign. Write recipients, subject and header etc. Now to execute this, click on send campaign. But first, check the format by sending a test email. 

After completing any campaign, you can see detailed reports on the dashboard, including % of opened emails, clicked emails, bounces, etc. So this way, you can analyze and plan your next campaign and improve your email marketing.


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