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How to become a Youtube Marketer?

In today's video we are going to see that what is YouTube Marketing and How to become a Youtube Marketer. Now-a-days Video content is very trending and engaging compared to other blogs or contents.

Let's see some of the YouTube facts & understand how Youtube grew this big & how it is a pre-dominating platform as compared to other video platforms.
- Youtube is 2nd largest search engine
- Youtube has monthly 2 billion+ active users
- India is 2nd latest consumer of Youtube videos
- 56% Youtube users are male
- 50% of Youtube's watch time is on Mobile
- 52% B2B decision makers make decision after watching YT video
- 72% buy product after watching brand on YT

By following the below mentioned steps, you can setup your YouTube channel :
- Having one Gmail account is compulsory
- Decide your niche wisely (Dance, Entertainment, Singing, Vlogging etc...)
- Research to find the opportunity (Now-a-days YouTube is a very big platform and everyone is accessing it and uploading videos on it according to their own capability. So to outshine and create something new, we need to research very deeply about our choosed topic and work on it very consistently)
- Choose language (In YouTube the content is in many different languages. So to target any particular audience we need to choose one language which our viewers want to see the videos in)

Now we will see that How to create a YouTube Channel step by step :
- We will first click on 'Create a channel' button on ''.
- After that we will click on 'Get started' button & than create a name for our channel.
- After that we will upload a profile picture/logo for our YouTube channel. We can easily create logos on ''.
- After that we need to add channel description which can help our viewers know about what we are uploading.
- After that in next step we can also add our Facebook, Instagram links which will be shown in the cover page of our channel which we'll upload.
- Hence our YouTube channel is created, and ready to upload videos.

YouTube also provides many different functionalities like Banner Image, Video watermarks, Cover pages etc...

So this is what the basic Information about the largest video platform 'YouTube'. Now further we will see that how we can optimise our YouTube channel and use it as a Marketing platform.

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