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How to start with video marketing

How To Start Video Marketing?

In last video, we have seen the importance of video marketing. Now let’s see how to start doing marketing using video.

In video, example of LearnVern’s YouTube channel is taken. Channel’s basic information is written in about section. In discussion forum, you can ask or share anything in comment form. In videos section, you can see many videos from which you can learn in vernacular language. Any user connects to a channel via subscribe button. By subscribing, you can get update of newly released videos.

Your video title should be compelling. You can search any channel or information in search bar. You can see related videos of search is listed down. Also you can see, on YouTube ad campaigns can run too. You can filter a video by its uploaded date, type, duration, features and much more. These all examples are of set channels. Let’s see how to make a fresh YouTube channel and other things.

As YouTube is a product of Google, for sign in, a Gmail ID is required. After login, go to Home page. In user menu, you can enter basic details of your channel. Click on my channel. Keep name of your channel and select create channel. After that, go to customize channel.

On clicking customize channel, you will see a dashboard where you can change so many basic things. You can add channel art at top and a profile photo, too! Then, go to about section and add channel description in description area. Enter remaining further details. You can create playlists of your uploaded videos.

After completing this detailing, come back to my channel option. In that, click on creator studio. Here, you can manage your videos and everything about your channel. On the right top side, there’s an option for uploading. You can upload videos from that section.

So we have learned from basic how to start and set up a YouTube channel. Now in next video we will see how to make effective content for video and how to attract more audience.



This introduction will help you understand the basics of video marketing. Video marketing has become a powerful marketing tool in the last few years. It is not just limited to online videos, but can also be used in offline marketing like TV ads, billboards etc. The best part about this tool is that it enhances many traditional marketing techniques by providing live data for content production and measuring response rates. There are many ways to get started with video marketing. The first step is to watch some videos on how to do it and what kind of content works well with your audience. Then you can start finding videos related to your business niche or particular topic that you want to grow in terms of video traffic and engagement rates.

Video marketing is a powerful way to attract new customers and clients. It can also help you grow your revenue. To start, we need to know what we need. Do we want to increase the number of leads? Do we want more sales? What do our competitors do? How many video series do we want to make? This is a broad question and it may seem like too much at first. But it’s important that you ask yourself specifically what your goals are in your business before you start planning out how you will reach them.

Making a short marketing video is not easy yet it is becoming more and more popular. What do you need to remember while making a short marketing video? First, you need to know your audience. Second, think about the message that you want to convey through the video and what type of visuals would help the audience better understand the message. To create a short marketing video, first, identify your target audience and know their goals and concerns. Second, create a clear message with a visual that succinctly tells your story without any hidden meaning or confusing graphics. Think about how often people watch videos on their phones or on their televisions - it can be anything from 2 minutes to 10 minutes long depending on people’s interests and preferences. This also informs how much time you should allot for content creation.

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