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How does Facebook Ad Manager Work in Digital marketing

How does Facebook Ad Manager works?

Now in this video we are going to learn that how we can make Custom Audience in Facebook Ads Manager. So for that we will go to 'Custom Audience' option in the Create Audience section.

There we will be asked to choose a Custom Audience source. We will select 'Website' as our Custom Audience source & then proceed by clicking on Next button. After that in the Events section we will select 'People who visited specific web pages'.

After adding all required information we will name this audience as 'Blog visitors'. Then we can click on Create Audience option.

Hence our Custom Audience will be created & as we see in the 'Size' section we have Below 1000 audience till now, but the Facebook Ads Manager is still populating/calculating it, ie. the exact data will be shown after all the process.

Now, another type of audience is Lookalike Audience. This type of audience are the audience which we target on the basis of our Custom audience. People who have interacted more and in detailed manner on our Custom Audience Ads can be included in this Lookalike Audience to increase the interaction more.

So, we will go to Create Audience section & click on 'Lookalike Audience' option & start creating that New audience. We will first have to select a Source for this audience and we'll select it as 'Leadflux pixel'. In the next step we will select India as our Audience & then in the next step we have to select Audience Size ie. 4 million, 8.1 million, 12.1 million etc...

Now we will select one of our Custom Audience and then from the menu we will select 'Create Lookalike' for that particular Custom Audience which we selected. Here we will again answer all the the basic information like audience source and from which demographics/Country we want that audience to be, & main thing that how much should be the targeted Audience size in percentage, ie. 1%, 2%, 3% etc... Atlast we will click on 'Create Audience' button & our work is done there.

The main purpose of 'Lookalike Audience' is that we are targeting accurate audience from our Custom audience which can become our buyers and are certainly to interact with us in future after seeing our Ads.

Now we will see that how Facebook Ads are made and run. For that we will go to Ads Manager & then click on 'Create'. Here in Facebook we can create numerous types of advertisements and also a Full Funnel Ads system, which will first aware the audience about the product/services & then after generating the sales from them.

We will see that there are three different types of Campaign objective available that are, Awareness, Consideration, & Conversion.
Awareness Campaign objective includes :
- Brand Awareness
- Reach
Consideration Campaign objective includes :
- Traffic
- Engagement
- App installs
- Video views
- Lead generation
- Messages
While, Conversion Campaign objective includes :
- Conversions
- Catalog sales
- Store traffic

So for an example we will see that how we can create a Traffic Ad and how can we get that traffic directed to our website using Facebook Ads. So for that we will click on 'Traffic' Ads in the Consideration Campaign objective & then proceed by clicking on 'Continue'.

Now we will see a complete dashboard and first step which we need to do is to provide our Campaign a name. We'll name it as 'Demo Traffic Ads'. After that we will select budget for our Campaign by turning ON 'Campaign Budget Optimization' section.

After that we will give an Ad Set Name & then proceed with by selecting option for where we want to drive that traffic ie. to our website, or app, or Messenger, or Whatsapp. In her case we will select website and proceed further. After that we will schedule our advertisement by selecting the Starting and Ending date of it.

In the next step we will Create our audience by providing its certain Information like Location, their Age group, what gender do we need to target, and other detailed targeting based on audience's demographics, interests & behaviours. For instance, we have selected 'Construction & Extraction' as a detailed targeting option & also targeted 'Work' as their interest & fixed their age between 27 to 45. Hence, we are shown that according to all the information we added, we have 250,000 people to target on Facebook ie. known as the Potential Reach. After that we will add our Facebook Page. No Ads can be run on FB without a Facebook page. We can also add Instagram account to it.

After that we will add Media, ie. we'll add images & videos. We can also use Internal option of Facebook for creating grasping ad-images. So after selecting Image and Video for different feeds we will proceed further & add text which will be shown in our Ad's description. The more details we add in our description, the more effective our advertisement will be.

In the next step we will provide a Headline & description for our Ad. And as our destination is website, ie. we want FB Ads traffic directed to our website, we need to provide the URL of our website below in the URL box option.

And further we will be asked to select any one Call to Action from all like Subscribe, Watch More, Learn More, Apply Now, Contact Us, Download, Get Offer, Get Access, Shop Now & etc...

Now everything which we need to publish our Advertisement is completed. So in last we'll click on 'Publish' button & our advertisement will go for reviewing. Every Facebook advertisement is manually reviewed in case if any advertisement includes any sensitive information which can be harmful for the Audience.


  • Set up a Business Manager account.
  • Use Facebook Ads Manager to manage your ads.
  • Decide on an ad goal.
  • Determine your target audience.
  • Create a budget.
  • Choose a location for your ad.
  • Make your advertisement.
  • Make your purchase.

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