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MS Excel is the most popular MS Office application used across industries. A skilled Excel user can work as a data entry operator, data visualiser, and data research expert and take home bigger salary packages. The Advanced Excel Course at LearnVern walks you through all functions of this application through a video tutorial for confusion-free learning. At LearnVern, you can access this course on iOS and mobile devices. The students can learn it from anyplace and anytime without disrupting their work or studies. Join this course right away as it does not cost you anything and opens the gateway to many career opportunities for you.





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MS Excel Course in Hindi

MS Excel and the modern corporate world are unimaginable without each other. There is a huge demand for MS Excel specialists in all companies across various sectors. The major job roles are available in data visualization, data journalism and data entry or record maintenance fields. Almost every department in the company uses basic or advanced Excel to some extent to accomplish more jobs in less time.

This comprehensive course at LearnVern teaches all basic to advanced concepts such as creating charts, using spreadsheets, managing Macros, using multiple worksheets, etc. Both the learning-oriented and job-oriented topics are included in the Microsoft Excel Tutorial to help people from all fields gain requisite skills and be career-ready.

What are the major job roles related to the MS Excel Course and salary data?

MS Excel Course is in high demand because of its immense utility at work. This application comes with several features that make recording, visualization and journaling of data easier. From the entry-level jobs to the top management level, this skill is employed by one and all. Here are some job roles and annual salary packages you can look at after mastering the Excel Course in Hindi.

  • MIS Executive: up to 4.5 lakhs
  • Project manager or Coordinator: up to 25 lakhs
  • Market Research Analyst: up to 5 lakhs
  • Retail Store manager: up to 9.5 lakhs
  • Business Analysts: up to 16 lakhs
  • Data Journalists: up to 8 lakhs
  • Financial Analysts: up to 5 lakhs
  • Administrative Assistant: up to 3.5 lakhs

Details of the MS Excel Course in Hindi

The best way to ace Excel is to learn it online from LearnVern. Explained in the Hindi Language, the Microsoft Excel Tutorial from LearnVern teaches you to:

After you complete all the modules, you will be able to use Excel sheets like a pro. The students can learn to answer interview questions and take practical exams included in the recruitment process and confirm their employment at the best companies.

Who should be taking the MS Excel Course?

Whether you are a job aspirant, a teacher or an entrepreneur, the expertise in MS Excel helps you accomplish various professional objectives. This course at LearnVern complements the learning needs of the following candidates:

  • Corporate Professionals
  • Engineers
  • HR Professionals
  • Finance/Accounting Professional or practitioner
  • IT Professionals
  • Managers
  • Teachers
  • MS Excel and Office Practitioners

Using MS Excel skills, you will be able to handle a large amount of data efficiently. You will impress recruiters, your boss and your coworkers - a great way to get that dream job, salary hike or promotion. 

Why is the MS Excel Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

LearnVern’s Excel Course Online for Free covers topics that are important for learning solely. In addition to these, some other topics are also included to train candidates for jobs. The topics that support learning objectives are:

  • How to enter basic formulas, and calculations
  • Use the SUM function to add up a column or row of cells in
  • Scale your spreadsheet to fit to page when printing
  • How to use the IF function in Excel to calculate values based on different criteria

The course proves to be more industry-relevant by teaching Excel features used at work, which are:

  • Vlookup in Excel for easier data value search
  • Basics of Workbook and how to use its various features
  • Cell Formatting, being able to manage the page layout
  • Filter in Excel

Next steps to learning MS Excel Course in Hindi

Recruiters prefer job aspirants who have MS Excel expertise mentioned in their resumes. Jobs that need data presentation, handling and visualization become easier to do when students complete other courses that add more to the learnings from MS Excel Course. A few of such courses are,

  • Microsoft Excel – Advanced Formulas
  • Data Analytics
  • VBA, Visual Basic for Applications
  • SQL
  • Tableau: Tableau is a data visualization tool that creates illustrated representations of your analysis,

 Why LearnVern for MS Excel Course

LearnVern is a resource-rich destination that can make skill development easier for all students. This course offers learning opportunities to all students who may not be comfortable with English Medium courses. It does so by offering courses in Hindi and other vernacular languages.

You can learn Advanced Excel here at no cost, as all courses are provided for free at LearnVern. This learning platform does not require you to attend classroom sessions at fixed hours. You can access the courses on mobile devices with iOS or Android functionalities. This feature helps students add new skills to their repertoire without taking a break from work or studies.

LearnVern’s Excel Tutorial is accompanied by a discussion board where the students interact with their peers to clear their doubts. They can post queries, seek answers and share their knowledge, too, with other fellow students to gain complete expertise. The experts have designed an assignment, a quiz and some exercises, too, which students can solve to check their learning.

Don’t let any barrier pose a hurdle to your desire to add more skills to your profile. Enroll in the LearnVern Excel Course in Hindi to give a solid start to your career in data management and journaling.

Students must have basic knowledge of computers to do the LearnVern MS Excel Course. Since this course is available on all devices, the learners must have access to an Android or iOS device.

LearnVern has benefitted more than 95,000 students who want to learn new skills to become career-ready. It supports the learning requirements of students from all backgrounds by offering:

  • Industry-relevant courses in Hindi and other vernacular languages
  • Over 100 courses with FREE access to study material and lectures
  • Freedom to learn on any device (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop or TV Screen)


Yes, at LearnVern, the course is made easy to learn for one and all. The course covers all topics in a video tutorial where all features of Excel are taught for practical use at work.

This course is demanded as a skill for the jobs at all levels of management in companies. Administrative Assistant, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Market Research Analysts, etc., are some of the jobs where recruiters look for experts in Excel.

If you do not want to pay hefty amounts to learn Excel, you must enroll at LearnVern. Here we only charge for the certificate, and Learning is Completely FREE. You will be able to pace your course at your sweet speed. Once you complete the course, you will be able to impress your boss with impeccable data management. If you are an entrepreneur, you will be able to manage valuable data and derive actionable insights. Job seekers will be able to land their dream job by learning MS Excel from LearnVern.

Anyone who wants to learn MS Excel and has basic knowledge of computers can join the LearnVern course. This course is designed to support the skill enhancement needs of MS Excel practitioners, IT/corporate/HR professionals, accountants, research and business analysts, etc.

LearnVer’s course is free of cost for all. It is an initiative of the Skill India Campaign backed by the Government of India. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to enrich their skill-set by offering the courses for free.

LearnVern’s MS Excel Course is the best course for learning the skill. This course imparts complete knowledge of various functions performed in Excel for various job purposes. The students can learn how to remove duplicates, how to merge cells, how to freeze a row, how to add drop-down and several other functions commonly used by the data handling experts. Thus, this course prepares you for jobs based on this skill.

You can learn the full course by enrolling in LearnVern. Here, all basic to advanced concepts as used by the professionals are demonstrated through a video tutorial. The video walk-through allows students to learn in a confusion-free manner and prepares candidates to use this skill professionally.

Yes, you can learn the skill within one week by joining this course for free at LearnVern. This course offers a self-paced way of mastering skills by making the tutorial available on mobile devices.

You can learn for free at LearnVern.

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