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How is Twitter used for Marketing?

In our previous study we have seen that what is basics of Twitter and how we can create a Twitter account completely from scratch. Now in this video we are going to see Twitter platform as in view of Marketing. We are going to learn that what are Tweets, what are Retweets and what is the power of hastags which we use in our tweets.

In our Home section we will first see a rectangular panel where we will Add our tweets content and than click on 'Tweet' button to publish it. Now when we will be writing our tweet, we will see an option of who can reply, so from there we need to choose who can reply to this tweet and the available options are Everyone, People you follow, or Only people you mentioned. We can add maximum of 180 characters in a single tweet.

If we want to add any image with this particular tweet then we can simply add an attachment photo/video with the Gallery option available beneath our tweeting section. We can even tag different people in the Image and also add description to the image which we have recently added to our to tweet.

We can also add GIF files to our tweets.

Another option which we have while quitting is 'Scheduled tweets'. This option helps us in scheduling our tweet & publishing it whenever we want. Also we can add poll to our tweet and select the hours or number of days as Poll length.

Another interesting feature is 'Retweeting'. By this we can easily tweet the particular tweet again in our feed. There are two types of retweets, one is the general one while other one is Quote Tweet. Quote Retweet is done when we want to add some other description to that particular retweet. This is how Retweets in Twitter platform works.

Now we will talk about hashtags. Hashtags were firstly introduced by Twitter only. When we go to our Explore section and search for any hashtag than it will show us all the people tweets which have used the searched hashtag. Tweets will be shown in different categories like top, latest, people, photos, & videos.

If you want to search for accurate hashtags for Twitter then we will use one website for it, ie. ''. As we visit on that website and search for our required hashtag, we will be shown that hastag's popularity, recent trend, month trend, week trend, and also full Analytical report of it. It will also related hashtags which has been related with our main hashtag. We can use multiple hashtags in our tweet if we want to.

Now we will see that how we can use Twitter list. If you're very active on Twitter platform and do not want to follow many profiles, then we can make a Twitter list for all those accounts whose tweets we want to see.

We can create a New List by going to the 'List' section from the menu, and then add a name & description to our List. After that we will add the members to our list according to our choice. Hence, our Twitter List is created.

Now we will see that what are Topics. We can subscribe to any particular Topic and then can get updates of that topic whenever anything(Tweet, replies, retweet etc...) happens. We will go to our menu and then click on 'More' and then we'll see 'Topics' option there. We'll open it and there we will see a list of topics which we have already followed and other topics list which we can follow as per our need.

Another functionality of Twitter is 'Moments'. Moments are nothing but like Instagram stories or status, they are combined selection of tweets on a single topic or any event that has happened in the user's life. By following the below mentioned steps you can create a twitter moment :
- Click on 'create new moment' on right top hand side of moments feed.
- Add title & description (we can also add cover photo for our moment)
- Select the tweets we want in our Moment
- Publish it

Now, if we want to grow our Twitter followers then what are the steps which we should follow, are mentioned below :
- Focus on creating raw content, and not just only retweeting others content in your Twitter feed
- Optimise your Twitter profile very effectively.
- Engage (Like, Comment, Share) with same kind of people, by same kind I mean people with same niche
- Always use Trending Hashtags while Tweeting
- Run Ads (Paid)

Now we will see some Interesting Marketing strategies regarding Twitter :
- Share blogs and website while tweeting
- Use trending hashtag to tweet
- Engage with Influencer
- Use Influencer Marketing strategy

Hence, this is all about how Twitter is used for Digital Marketing.

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