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The Java live training provides a sturdy foundation in Java development. You will learn how to create conditional statements and functions, create loops, and work on projects like building a library management system. The course focuses on helping you to develop work-ready skills and solve real-world challenges to kickstart your career as a Java Developer.

This course will introduce you to JDK installation, Composition, encapsulation, Polymorphism, Multi-threading, exception handling, Class, Object, Interface etc. In addition, you will learn through various practical and practice-based sessions and gain experience in executing multiple projects using your Java Programming and Coding skills.

Any student from an IT or Non-IT background who wants to learn to code, work through processes and logic, work through ideas and think like a programmer can enroll on this course. This course is perfect for learners who want to kickstart their career as a Java Programmer.

Java is a versatile language that will empower you with the ability to build software that is secure, robust and scalable. Using your Java skills, you will be able to contribute to projects involving application development, gaming consoles, websites etc. Java is one of the most popular languages, and learning Java will open up some of the brightest opportunities for you. You will see your career scale-up and shine.


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Course Content

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  • Software Engineering
  • SDLC Process
  • Introduction of Basic Programming Fundamentals

  • Introduction
  • JVM , JDK , JRE
  • Class Members
  • Class Objects , Class Members
  • Data Types
  • Modifiers
  • Constructor
  • Garbage Collection
  • Source File Layout
  • Flow Control - Conditional and Looping Statements
  • Arrays
  • Abstract and Interface
  • Keywords - this , Static ,final and super
  • Object Wrapper Classes
  • String Class with String Buffer and Builder
  • Exceptions
  • File I/O
  • Java Serialization and De Serialization
  • Java GUI Using Swing with Event Handeling
  • Threading
  • Collections Framework with Generics

  • MySQL
  • DDL , DML , DQL , DCL
  • Contraints and Normalizations
  • Joins , Index and Views
  • Procedures and Functions
  • Cursor and Triggers
  • JDBC with Architecture
  • Types of Drivers
  • Steps of JDBC Connectivity using MySQL
  • Types of Statements and metadata Interfaces
  • CRUD Operation using Swing

  • Web Technologies in JAVA
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Client and Server Architecture
  • HTTP Request and Response
  • J2EEE Architecture
  • Web Component Development in Java
  • CGI Programming
  • Process Advantage and Disadvantage
  • Servlet Programming
  • Serviet API with Types
  • Life Cycle
  • Servlet Components
  • Listeners, Attributes
  • Filters
  • Java Server Pages Programming [JSP]
  • JSP Transalation Process with Life Cycle
  • Types of Scriplate and Components
  • Directives, Implicit Objects and Action Tags
  • Core Tag Library with EL
  • Custom Tags

  • Templet Integration
  • Session Management
  • Session Tracing Technique
  • Cookie
  • Hidden Form Field
  • URL Rewriting
  • HTTP Session
  • MV C Design Pattern
  • Jquery
  • Ajax
  • E-mail Sending
  • File / Image Upload
  • Introduction to Distributed Technologies in Java
  • Distributed Application using Restful WEB Services
  • Introduction of Restful
  • Restful Server
  • Restful Client
  • CRUD Operation

  • Fundamental of Hibernate with Architecture
  • Hibernate Configuration using XML
  • Types of Relations

  • Spring Core
  • Overview of Spring Framework
  • Introduction of Spring Framework Architecture
  • Spring IOC Container
  • Spring Dependency Injection
  • Spring Bean Definition
  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Spring DAC
  • Spring ORM
  • Introduction Spring MVC
  • Request Flow
  • Framework Initialization/Configuration
  • Spring Configuration with Eclipse
  • Spring Page Redirection
  • Spring static page Redirection
  • Spring Web Forms
  • Spring Session Management
  • Spring MVC integration with Hibernate using CRUD Operation

  • Cloud Integration
  • Application Deployment on Cloud

Skills You will Learn

  • Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
  • System Design And Architecture
  • JVM Internals
  • Java Build Tools
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Word Counter Using Java

Learn how to build a word counter using Java programming skills. This project helps students to learn file and string handling concepts in Java. You can be creative and also add features like content formatting to this tool using Java APIs.

Password generator with Java

Build a system that automatically generates secure passwords and keeps them secure. Learn to incorporate advanced skills like Java cryptography architecture and implement a functionality to save generated passwords in encrypted form.

Sitting Arrangement System in Java

Build an automated seating arrangement system for students in exam halls using Java. The system also includes a data input system to collect the student's name, roll number, branch, semester, subjects and so on.

Data Visualisation Tool with Java

This project gives students hands-on experience in creating a system that collects and presents the data visually. Create visualisations using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools.

Snake game with Java

Recreate the classic game of snake using your newly learned skills in Java Programming. Learn to comprehend and execute OOPs and create an application from ideation and execution to implementation.

Online Resume Builder with Java

Develop a fully functional resume builder using Java. This Java project will help you learn how to create data input systems and data formatting to create impactful resumes.

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At LearnVern, you will learn from the best faculties with vast experience in academia and industry. The live professional training for Java Programming focuses on practical and practice-based learning. You also get an interactive learning experience where our trainers solve technical queries. Besides, we also provide career support and job oriented training to help you crack interviews and secure employment.

We schedule weekly three lectures of 1.5 to 2 hours each. We also have special weekend batches for working professionals.

Yes, You will get technical guidance from our trainers. In addition, you can also discuss your technical queries during interactive sessions or submit them on our forums if you have any technical questions.

No, you cannot join lectures in the middle of the session. We offer you the flexibility to choose batch timing before starting the courses. Once you select your batch, you must be regular and punctual in your classes. However, if you miss a session, we will share a recorded lecture to help you catch up with the course curriculum.