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How to promote our business in Instagram?

In this video we are going to learn on that How we can promote our business in Instagram using our profile.

We can simply just change our profile by changing our profile photo, or user name, or add website link, or add bio to our profile from Edit Profile section.

Below Instagram highlights we can see that there are different options like Feed, Reels, IGTV, Tags etc... This are all important features which can be used in our Instagram marketing journey.

From all our previous stories we can select any story and add it to our highlights section or make any new highlights. This will help your audience understand what you do in a better way.

We can add our own story by going to our Home section and then on the left top side corner there will be one circle with our profile photo. After clicking on that we can easily add story as per our requirement. Instagram stories stay for 24 hours and is visible to your followers if private account.

We can even add Location or Music to our Instagram stories. Instagram also provide us with number of emojis or GIF files which can be added to our stories to make it more entertaining. We can ask Poll also!

Another functionality of Instagram is Instagram Reels. They are very helpful and are 30 seconds video content which can be use for engaging people to your profile.

Instagram application also provides with different features like layout, creating boomerang, or create section to add text and many others which has their own functions.

Hence, by using all the features and functionalities of Instagram we can promote our business or any idea through this application. It is very widely used application with 1 billion plus users which can help you in growing your business effectively.

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