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Adobe After Effects is a 2.5D animation software used for visual effects, animation and motion picture composition. After Effects is used in Televisions, movies and video creation. After Effects software is used after the production phase because it has several effects that can be used to add elements to motion pictures and animations. It allows you to merge layers of video and images. Designers use it to create intros, titles and transitions between different clips for more seamless video production. Adding visual effects and motion graphics will enhance the whole video, and After Effects will help you get just that.

LearnVern has built After Effects Training Online for students who wish to pursue their career in Animation. We offer the best After Effects Course Online that covers latest Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Techniques. Learn all modules from the industry expert who will give you insights and resources about the interesting concepts of Adobe After Effects. Our programs are highly rated by the users assuring its ultimate and seamless learning experience.

Learn and Master Visual Effects and Motion Graphics with After Effects by understanding the modules in our course. You will be given a thorough understanding of the After Effects Interface, so it will be easier for you to use this software. Learn about Timeline, Shapes and Layers in After Effects. The timeline panel in After Effects allows you to vertically stack content on top of each other, so it’s easier to interact with the layers above and below. Learn how to use Masks in After Effects to cut out and merge different elements together. Blending Mode is used to combine multiple layers in After Effects. We will also learn to create and implement various effects in After Effects. Color Correction, which is an important aspect of Adobe After Effects, balances the color formation. Color grading is used to upgrade the color after color correction is executed. Animation in After Effects is an effect on a layer by making changes to its properties eventually. Keyframes denote the start and end points for actions in animation. Presets in After Effects and Effects in After Effects can be applied to layers as per requirement. There are several text animation presets which can be included using the Effects & Presets panel. Rotoscoping in after effects is an animation technique to trace over motion picture footage over the frames to produce realistic action. Green Screen Chroma Key involves filming in front of a flat-screen which is usually blue or green in colour. Later After Effects is used to remove the color makes it see-through or transparent. Motion tracking in After Effects will track the movement of objects and transfer the sensed data to an application for further processing. Puppet Animation Tools in After Effects is used to give subtle movement to lifeless objects. We will learn about 3D animation in After Effects and Camera Tool. We will learn Advanced 3D techniques using Cameras, Lights and Shadows. The 3D camera tracking effect examines video sequences to extract camera motion and three dimensional scene data. Stabilization in After Effects helps remove any unwanted jitters in the camera due to hand jiggling. Wire removal in After Effects is a technique used to remove the originally included wires as a safety precaution or simulate flying in actors or miniatures. The Clone Stamp tool in After Effects is used to copy pixel values from one spot in your video and apply them to another spot. Kinetic typography is a text animation technique that uses moving text to capture attention and set a tone. Motion Graphics in After Effects is the most popular feature which we shall learn using various techniques. Expression in After Effects is a JavaScript code that can be plugged into animated properties. We shall learn the techniques of rendering and Export Video in After Effects. Transitions in After Effects is a combination of video transition effects that handles images and video footage to make it look more professional by using different techniques.

Our free online courses provide you with a flexible and affordable way to learn and enhance your skills and study new and emerging topics. Learn from industry experts at no cost to you. At the end of the After Effects Course Online, we have added the Interview Questions. These Interview Questions will help you to clear the Interviews that you have or will apply for. Grab employer’s attention by collecting your After Effects Certification from the National Skill Development Corporation. The After Effects Certificate will give you an edge over other job-seekers. Boost your creativity by attempting quizzes and assignments given at the end of modules. The After Effects in Hindi course is prepared by LearnVern in a way that we can boast that it is the best way to learn After Effects. Learn in your language. Get started now and enhance your skills.
If you wish to grow in this field, LearnVern Course can help you get the growth percentage that will give you the satisfaction you need for a hike in your career. We arrange live webinars periodically to provide information about various courses. Based on the reviews and testing, courses at LearnVern are highly rated by the users and the ratings have been consistently increasing. Complete your course and earn your Skill India Certificate from National Skill Development Corporation. 

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At LearnVern, our ultimate goal is to create industry-ready skilled professionals and significantly contribute to the economy. The curriculum for our After Effects Tutorial has been designed in collaboration with subject-matter experts who have experience as academics and industry specialists. This makes our After Effects Course relevant to the current industry demands.

Our teaching approach encourages lateral thinking and promotes learning-by-doing and example-led teaching. The Videos for our After Effects Tutorial are enriched with images, graphics, and animations to help students retain the information better. We also provide hands-on training through our assignments and quizzes to ensure that the concepts are thoroughly understood.


LearnVern offers Skill India certification on successful completion of the Adobe After Effects Tutorials to its learners. Skill India is the flagship project of the National Skill Development Corporation and is a coveted recognition acknowledged across the country.

After completing the After Effects Training, you can choose career paths in animation and video. You can pursue your career as a 2D Animator, 3D Animator, Motion Graphic Designer, Visual Effects Artist, Video Editor, Video Manager.

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Color Correction is an important aspect of Adobe After Effects that helps in balancing the color formation.

Color Grading is used to upgrade the appearance after color correction is executed.

Yes, Adobe After Effects can be downloaded for free. After that you get a free 7-day trial period.

Adobe After Effects Software is used to create visually stunning graphics. Adobe After Effects is a 2.5D animation software used for visual effects, animation and motion picture composition. After Effects is used in Televisions, movies and video creation. Designers use it to create intros, titles and transitions between different clips for more seamless video production. Adding visual effects and motion graphics will enhance the whole video, and After Effects will help you get just that

After Effects can be learned by joining the LearnVern’s After Effects Course Online for free. This course is accessible on your iOS and Android devices and TV screens and can be completed through an online tutorial.

Adobe After Effects is a 2.5D software. It is useful for animation, motion picture composition and visual effects. All visual media content on TV, video and motion pictures can be edited or modified with this software.

Those who have basic knowledge of computers and have interest in making a career in animation can learn After Effects course. Graphics specialists, motion picture composers and animation aspirants benefit the most from this course.

LearnVern offers the best After Effects Course that covers the latest visual effects and motion graphics techniques. This course is explained in the Hindi Language to make learning easy. You will get 10+ hours of video tutorial, articles and downloadable content with full lifetime access. The course can be done in a self-paced manner to help you accommodate it in your schedule easily. Also, the National Skill Development Certificate is awarded to students who complete assignments and exercises given at the end of the course. This certificate adds a lot to your credibility and shines up your resume.

After Effects Course becomes easier to learn when you do this course from LearnVern. The course here comprises a tutorial where you are walked through the functionalities of Adobe After Effects and shown how various functions are performed. You will get assignments at the end of the course to practice the skills learned from the After Effects tutorial. All these features make the course easier to grasp.

Introduction to After Effects, how to install after effects, Effects & Presets in After Effects, etc. are some of the introductory topics that you must learn to start this course as a beginner. All these topics are included in the LearnVern After Effects Tutorials for Beginners explained in Hindi and offered free of cost.

To learn After Effects fully, the course can be done in about 8 weeks. At LearnVern, this course is available in a self-paced manner. So, if you choose to go slow, it may take a bit longer.

You can learn After Effects for free at LearnVern. This ed-tech venture is open to all people from various financial and linguistic backgrounds. Backed by the Government of India, this Skill India initiative offers the After Effects Course free of cost to all.

LearnVern allows you to learn After Effects on your own. Here you will find the best After Effects Course online. This course comprises a tutorial where you are given complete guidance on how to install and use various features of After Effects. The freedom to choose your own pace and do assignments promote self-learning and make you career-ready, too, when you join LearnVern for After Effects.

 Yes, the After Effects Tutorial course can help you gain traction in the field of motion graphics and visual effects. The learners can get the best-paying jobs and lots of career opportunities as animator, video editor, etc. Also, the opportunities to work as freelance animator or motion picture composer come quickly to professionals having After Effects skills.

After Effects Tutorial

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