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Business English as a skill has risen in demand in recent times. This course is meant to improve communications skills. In every job, you are required to interact with peers and bosses. If you give responses in English or know polite expressions, you make a good impression. 

Join this course, where you get a tutorial on how to converse in the office environment. Our course covers polite phrases, telephonic conversations, telling time, asking questions, and general responses in English. Thus, you improve your social script and comprehend questions in English.

How Business English Course Helps

The Business English Course is suitable for all. Whether you are a job holder or entrepreneur, you can benefit from this course. It makes you fluent in speaking and helps you present yourself confidently. This course prepares you for everyday conversations in English. It is ideal for students who are all set to work in offices. Also, people holding businesses can take advantage of this course.

What You Learn in the Business English Course in Hindi Tutorial

LearnVern’s Business English Course in Hindi is designed to teach formal oral communication. You learn the usual responses to be given in English through this course. The course provides instructions in Hindi to make learning easier. Anyone can join this course and improve their spoken English. A few modules included are:

  • How to Tell Time in English
  • Polite Expressions in English
  • Polite Phrases in English
  • Asking Questions in English
  • Telephone Conversations in English
  • Invitations in English
  • Responding to Invitations in English

Prepare for an office environment with a detailed Business English Course available in Hindi at LearnVern. It helps understand questions asked to you in English and trains you to answer them confidently. Also, telephonic conversations improve.

Who Should Be Taking the Business English Course?

LearnVern’s Business English Course teaches how to respond to usual queries in English. It teaches telephonic conversation in English. This course serves the needs of candidates who want to go for high-paying jobs or manage businesses. The course is ideal for:

  • Floor Managers
  • HR Executives
  • Clerks and Office Coordinators
  • Receptionist
  • Front Desk Executives
  • Public Relation Officers
  • Trainers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Influencers
  • Counsellors

The course includes a tutorial that teaches all the important conversations that take place in the workplace. 

Why Business English Course at LearnVern Is More Industry-Relevant

In the current times, Business English has become an important skill. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to converse in English. India is one of the largest providers of business process outsourcing services. Telephonic conversation knowledge, therefore, has become necessary. 

The demand for good English speakers is high in travel and hospitality, administration, education, and other business sectors. Thus, this course empowers you with soft skills needed in the workplace. 

Apart from using this skill for office work, you can also do this course to provide language coaching through easy Business English lessons.

Next Steps to Learning Business English Course

Business English course is taught as a sub-course of Spoken English course that runs live at LearnVern. This course is used for personal grooming or personality development. Various positions in companies lay stress on soft skills. Online Business English speaking course here enhances communication skills, which are tested for posts, such as:

  • Counsellor
  • Receptionist
  • Client Servicing
  • Call Center Executives
  • Teachers, etc.

After doing Business English Course, one can move to other courses that focus on developing overall personality. LearnVern courses suitable to do after this course are:

  • Pronunciation in Spoken English
  • Spoken English with Grammar
  • Soft Skills Course, etc.

All these courses include tutorials prepared in Hindi and are free. You can join these courses through web and mobile apps.

Why Choose LearnVern for Business English Course?

LearnVern employs the best trainers to teach Business English. This e-learning platform is available in the form of apps that offer the convenience of portable, on-the-go learning.

Here, you can find video tutorials, related articles, and several downloadable resources updated regularly. 

The courses at LearnVern are designed while keeping upskilling requirements in mind. Thus, the Business English course has a lot of practical relevance.

LearnVern offers discussion boards to students to connect with other learners. In addition, the support through social learning communities allows students to stay informed of the latest updates. 

Why not improve your skills when the support has reached you right at your devices? Enroll in LearnVern’s Business English Certificate Course right away and make the best of the opportunities available in companies.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Soft Skills Trainer
  • Communication Coach
  • Soft skills Lecturer
  • Editor
  • Sub editor
  • English Teacher

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What other courses learners took with this course

You can take up the Business English course if you have a stable internet connection for accessing the tutorial. It can help if you have basic knowledge of the English language. It is advisable to do a grammar and pronunciation course before doing this course. 

The course is ideal for students, counsellors, influencers, entrepreneurs, Housewives, and everybody who wants to learn Spoken English.

  • LearnVern has helped more than 20,000 students take a big leap in their careers with skill development.
  • It offers a course in Hindi to make it easy to understand
  • The course provides the National Skills Development Corporation Certificate that is recognised worldwide.
  • The Business English Course at LearnVern is absolutely free of cost!

Business English is the sophisticated and formal tone of the English language used in a professional environment. When you interact with clients, peers, bosses, or subordinates in the office in a formal manner, you need to follow certain etiquette suitable to the decorum of the place. 

Business English covers ways to greet and respond to invitations, telephonic conversation skills, responding to queries, making invitations and responding to formal invitations, etc. All these help in polishing personality and become more presentable in offices.

LearnVern offers a Business English course in the form of a tutorial. This tutorial has all instructions in Hindi that make it easy for everyone to understand concepts. It is available on all devices. The learners can do this course in a self-paced manner. They get lifetime access to course material, which helps them practice to perfection.

The focus of the LearnVern’s Business English course is to guide people on spoken English courses fully relevant to the office environment. Since the tutorial offers complete practical training, the time in memorizing all concepts is saved. The activity-oriented nature of the course from LearnVern can help them learn faster.

The Business English Course from LearnVern makes students eligible for National Skill Development Corporation Certificate. It adds to the credibility of the candidate. They can use this certificate to search for jobs and to gain traction among English learners. LearnVern offers this course at no cost. The tutorial is designed in Hindi, hence, it breaks both financial and language barriers.

Anyone can join the Business English Classes online at LearnVern. The course can benefit professionals, students, entrepreneurs, housewives, and freelancers and is useful for understanding formal conversations.

The Business English Online Course from LearnVern is aimed at making students comfortable with questions, phrases, expressions commonly encountered in Spoken English. This course can help students effectively communicate through verbal/oral means at the workplace.

Spoken and Written formats of the English language are almost the same. Hence, when you do a Business English course for improving Spoken English, you can use these modules to improve written English too. Writing responses, or letters, or speeches can be learned with the Business English course.

Yes, this course is possible to do from anywhere, anytime as it is accessible through the app on all mobile devices. Since you can do it in a self-paced manner, you need not give up your job. You can design your study time as per your need.

Business English Course

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