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How to create blogs

How To Create Blogs In Digital Marketing?

Blogging is the easiest & most effective way to create content that attracts the user. The goal of the blog is to build credibility & community. You can tell people about your products and services through a blog. We know that any customer will not show interest in products in a direct approach. We have to explain the benefits, pros & cons and usefulness of products. The blog will direct your customer to the website, from which chances are higher of generating sales.

There are two main ways to write blogs: 1). Blogger, 2). Wordpress

So let’s see how to write an influential blog.

Blogger is a google product; people share their knowledge, experiences, or the latest news and create a unique and beautiful blogger blog. The blog works like a website but not that much dynamic. You can write short content here, and one can even earn from blogs. Like other social media, content is very important here, too. As Blogger is a google product, you have to sign up through Gmail. In that, select on blogger profile. Enter the required details and click on create a new blog.

You will see a blogs list open. Write title, address and choose any template. Now click on a new post to write a new blog. After writing content, click on Post to share your blog. See in the video how you can add comments and from where you can give formatting. In the stats tab, you can see the overview, posts, traffic sources and audience.

You can run campaigns to bring the audience and also earn through a blog. In the layout section, you can edit your blog, add widgets, and do many more things. In the theme tab, you will see so many templates, or you can customize them too. In settings, you can perform basic changes regarding your blog. If you provide engaging & informative content, people will like to come again and again. This will add value and increase your branding. To remove Blogspot from your site, you have to pay some amount to have a unique domain.

Now let’s see how WordPress works. Go to and select start blog. Give a name to your site and generate the address. Next, choose start with free. Make an account with your email address. Blog content is how you provide value to your audience, educate them on what your business is about, and ultimately build trust with them before you can expect them to spend any money.

So you have learned how to create blogs on Blogger & WordPress. Why are you waiting? Go and make awesome blogs for free and share them!!


  • Choose a name for your blog. Choose a name for your blog that is descriptive.
  • Get your blog up and running. Create a blog and get it hosted.
  • Make your blog unique. Pick a free blog design template and make changes to it.
  • Make your first post and publish it.
  • Promote your blog on social media.
  • Make money with your blog.

Bloggers get compensated via ad networks in one of two ways: per impression or per click. Paid per impression advertisements - these ads do not require the viewer to click on the ad in order for the blogger to earn money. They get compensated by impression, or the number of times the ad is seen.

A blogger's primary responsibility is to create material in the form of blog postings. Blog entries are intended to give individuals with useful information in a free and easy-to-read format. It's the first step toward earning readers' trust and converting them into customers in the future.

They have a constant voice and approach when writing about their chosen subject. Even when they write about something that appears to be off-topic, they connect it to the specialty that their audience care about.

Your blog article will begin with an introduction, followed by body sections, and ultimately, a conclusion. In contrast to an essay, the conclusion of a blog post includes a call to action. (We'll get into that in a minute.) It's time to start writing once you've finished your outline.

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