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How to select the Google Adword Campaign for your business?

How to select Google AdWord Campaign for our Business

In this video we are going to see that how we can select Google AdWords Campaign for our Business and what are the things which we should focus on while choosing the campaign.

First type of Campaign is Sales. It is use to drive online sales, in app, by phone or store. If we choose this Campaign we can run Search Ad, Display Ad, Shopping Ad, Video Ad, Smart Ad (automated ads by Google), & Discovery Ad.

Another type of Campaign is Lead Ads. They are used to get leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take action. Here also we can run different ads like Search Ad, Display Ad, Shopping Ad, Video Ad, Smart Ad (automated ads by Google), & Discovery Ad.

Another Campaign is Website Traffic which are mainly used because they only make conversions possible. It targets the appropriate audience & direct them to our website. In this campaign we will not be able to use Automated Ads because Google has removed that option, & left it on us that what kind of traffic do we want to target.

After that another type of Campaign is Product and Brand consideration which encourages people to explore our products and services. Here we will only be able to run Video Ads because according to Google they are best for creating awareness among everyone about our products.

Next Campaign type is Brand Awareness and Reach. It reaches a broader audience and build awareness about the product. Here we can run two types of ads ie. Display (which runs different kinds of Ads across the web) & Video.

After that we have App promotion goal ie. after running campaign for this we'll get more installs & interactions for our app. Here we can only run App Ads and not any other video ads. Here we need to select mobile app's platform ie. Android or IOS.

The last type of Campaign is Local which are used for Local store visits and promotions. They drive visits to local shops, including restaurants and dealerships. We can run Local Ads for this which will drive store visit to local business locations with ads showing across Google's networks (such as Maps & Search).


Increase your online sales and signups by increasing your sales and leads. If you have a lengthier sales cycle, consider employing leads. Setup is simple: Choose keywords and write text advertising. There's no requirement for unique files or materials. Targeting that is extremely precise: Reach out to folks who are actively looking for what you have to offer.

Google Ads suggests the most effective campaign types for specific business objectives:

  • The objective is to increase sales. There are three types of campaigns: search, display, and shopping.
  • The objective is to generate leads. Types of campaigns include: search, display, shopping, and video.
  • The goal is to increase website traffic.
  • The goal is to get people to think about the product and the brand.
  • The goal is to increase brand awareness and reach.
  • Promotion of the app is the goal.

While Google has a high restriction on the number of ad groups you can have (20,000 per campaign), you should aim to limit yourself to no more than 10 ad groups. Each ad group should have no more than 20 keywords and five to ten ads. You can have more or less, but keep it within your team's capabilities.

A collection of ad groups (ads, keywords, and bids) with the same budget, targeting, and other parameters. Campaigns are frequently used to categorise your product or service categories. One or more ad campaigns can be active in your Google Ads account.

With Google Ads, you can choose from five distinct sorts of ad campaigns: Search (text advertisements on Google search results); Display (website image ads); Video (YouTube video ads); Shopping (Google product listings); App (your app promotion on many channels).

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