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Best Online Software Testing Course by Experts

LearnVern’s Software Testing course online is in high demand. Almost all companies need software as a working tool for internal and external functions. Software development companies need testers to ensure that they meet the clients’ demand for flawless products. Handsome salaries are offered to testers with experience and expertise.

The LearnVern Software Testing course meets the requirements of learners perfectly. The course offers functional expertise by covering topics such as Code Review, Integration Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Defect Management, and many more. 

Join this course at LearnVern to upgrade your testing skills and get selected for the top brass companies. 

What Are the Major Job Roles Related to Software Testing and Salary Data?

LearnVern’s Software Testing course can help achieve a breakthrough in the top software companies. You can apply for the following job roles after completing this course. The average annual salary data is as under:

  • Trainee tester: Up to 3.8 lakhs 
  • Software Tester: Up to 4 lakhs
  • QA Analyst: Up to 4.5 lakhs
  • QA Team Coordinator: Up to 11.5 lakhs
  • Software Test Engineer: Up to 5.5 lakhs
  • Test Manager: Up to 23 lakhs
  • Senior Test Manager: Up to 24 lakhs

Boost your career opportunities with LearnVern’s course that can help you prepare Software Testing interview questions and bag high-paying jobs in top-notch IT companies. 

Detail of the Free Software Testing Course From Learnvern

LearnVern’s online Software Testing course provides complete functional knowledge required for quality analysis. It covers important modules that can deliver maximum learning and prepare candidates for software companies' jobs. The course includes modules such as:

  • Code Review, 
  • Integration Testing, 
  • Boundary Value Analysis, 
  • Non Functional Testing, 
  • Defect Management and many more

Who Should Be Taking the Learnvern Software Testing Course Online?

Software Testing online course at LearnVern is designed to meet learning requirements of the following:

  • Students
  • Engineering undergraduates
  • Diploma holders
  • Software Testing trainees
  • Software developers

Once you have learned and worked in the field of software development, you want to use the experience. Software Testing jobs offer you the correct premise to utilize your skills and grow in your career.

Why Is the Learnvern Software Testing Course More Industry-Relevant?

Companies need to assure perfection in features and functionalities of software before deploying them to the clients. Therefore, they require testing software from various aspects. A full-stack software developer may get good support from a tester to deliver the best-quality software.

The Software Testing course at LearnVern includes the functions one performs at the testing stage. Thus, the learners can gain competency in practical aspects of the job.

LearnVern has designed a Software Testing course in the form of a video tutorial. In this tutorial, various use cases are demonstrated by industry experts. The experts walk them through end-to-end functions to give complete knowledge. Students can prepare Software Testing interview questions, get practical training for using all functionalities and be job-ready eventually. 

Next Steps to Learning Software Testing Course

Various Software Testing automation courses can be done after this basic to an advanced course from LearnVern. The students can enroll in the following programs:

  • Selenium automation testing course
  • Ethical hacking 
  • CCNA
  • Cloud computing training
  • Linux Engineer training, etc.

Most of these courses are available free of cost at LearnVern. 

Also, the course prepares you for various jobs at positions above developers. You can smoothly transition from a developer's role to that of a tester, trainer, team leader, etc. All these positions help you fetch heftier pay packages too.

Why LearnVern for Software Testing Course

LearnVern offers the most time-relevant course for learning Software Testing. Its focus is on imparting practical skills to the students. These practical skills can help students become better prepared for more responsible roles in big companies.

The course comprises a video tutorial, several articles, and unlimited downloadable content for complete learning. Students can access these materials several times till they are satisfied with their proficiency level. A discussion board is provided to help students connect with other peers and discuss problems. The course requires students to do case studies, assignments, and projects to apply the learning and self-assess the proficiency level.

LearnVern offers the Software Testing course in a self-paced format. The students can revisit the tutorial as and when required. This e-learning platform is accessible as a web and mobile app, and also the content can be cast on the TV screen.

At the end of the course, the students get the National Skill Development Corporation certificate, which is recognised across the country and helps in jobs.

Start your Software Testing journey with confidence using skills learned at LearnVern. Join this online course for free today to groom yourself for high-paying jobs in software companies.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Manual Tester
  • Software Tester
  • Quality Assurance
  • Application Tester
  • Software Test Engineer

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The Software Testing course requires basic knowledge of programming. Those who want to start their careers as Software Testing experts can benefit from this course. Also, you must have a mobile device with an internet connection and computer knowledge to do this course.

More than 45,000 students have downloaded the LearnVern app and benefited from its unique features. LearnVern helps the students in the following ways:

  • LearnVern offers courses in easy-to-understand language
  • It allows doing courses in a self-paced manner
  • The courses make students eligible for the National Skill Development Corporation certificate; it is beneficial in job search

LearnVern course includes all modules of software testing. It provides complete knowledge through a well-designed tutorial. The modules offer basic to advanced knowledge of Software Testing and acquaint students with all functions and check processes. Automated testing tools, quality check, code review, defect management collectively explain Software Testing to learners.

LearnVern’s Software Testing tutorial covers all aspects, including types of Software Testing. The tutorial offers practical knowledge of using Software Testing tools and carrying out automated processes. Students can grasp all essentialities needed for working as professional software testers.

You can work as a professional software tester or trainee, testing team leader, testing manager, and others. Several companies hire independent Software Testing professionals too on a job-to-job basis. You can work as an independent contractor too. Also, you can train others on Software Testing concepts.

From basics like types of Software Testing, what is Software Testing life cycle to practical testing procedures like code review, defect management, boundary value analysis, etc. are taught in an easy language in LearnVern’s Software Testing training modules. The topics are designed to acquaint learners with the practical methods employed in companies for Software Testing.

No, the LearnVern Software Testing training program is available on iOS and Android devices. You can access these courses and cast them on the TV screen too at the time of your preference. It is an online course that does not require you to physically go to a classroom coaching session. You can also control the pace of this course and revisit tutorials till you have fully mastered the concepts.

The LearnVern Software Testing course is for ensuring easier understanding. It is a self-paced course that does not cost you even a penny. You can do this course from anywhere, anytime on your Android and iOS devices. LearnVern courses make students eligible for the National Skill Development Certificate, which is quite beneficial for proving eligibility for various jobs.

Students with basic knowledge of programming, web developers, and software engineering beginners are eligible for doing the LearnVern Software Testing course online. This course requires you to access iOS and Android devices and a stable internet connection.

Yes, you can do this course as per your chosen schedule and pace. The course does not require you to attend any training session physically during your job hours. You can attend the course in your free time on devices having iOS and Android operating systems devices.

Software Testing Course In English

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