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LearnVern’s CATIA Course is the best course to learn concepts of mechanical computer-aided designing. This skill is needed to create models of mechanical parts, assembly environment, animate assembly, etc. By producing a drawing using projection views and section views of 3D with CATIA, you can accomplish product design endeavours. This course walks you through CATIA tools and prepares you for all jobs related to product modeling. Join the LearnVern CATIA Tutorial to gain the expertise needed to become a promising product designer and CAD professional.





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Course Curriculum

Assignment : Sheet Metal Design Module

6m 5s

Quiz : Sheet Metal Design Module



CATIA Online Tutorial in Hindi Covers all Topics Relevant to Jobs

CATIA is a sought-after skill that is employed in mechanical design and other related jobs. This course is rising in demand because all industries use CAD designing, CAD manufacturing, etc. for various purposes. This software can help you create product models and assembly designs applicable in sectors like automobiles, aerospace, architecture, consumer goods, utilities, etc. 

The best course is available at LearnVern, where the industry experts explain all its features in simple Hindi language. You can learn the concepts to become profession-ready and switch to high-salary jobs with no fuss.

What Are the Major Job Roles Related to CATIA Online Course and Salary Data

CATIA advanced tutorial from LearnVern offers the best material to prepare for various jobs in the top companies involved in product manufacturing and product R&D. The students can apply for the following job roles on completing CATIA online training. Annual salary data of these jobs is as under:

  • CATIA Design Engineer: up to 4 lakhs
  • Mechanical Design Engineer: up to 4.6 lakhs
  • CAD Designer: up to 3.5 lakhs
  • Product Design Engineer: up to 8 lakhs
  • Sheet Metal Designer: up to 3 lakhs

What Will You Learn in CATIA Online Tutorial in Hindi 

The online tutorial offers a complete knowledge of how to use this tool in computer-aided design engineering. This tutorial includes elaborately explained modules that include topics such as:

  • CAD and CATIA Introduction
  • Sketcher Module
  • Sketch-Based Features
  • Dress-Up Features
  • Surface-Based Features
  • Boolean Operations
  • Transformation Features
  • Reference Elements,
  • Toolbars, etc.

All these modules offer end-to-end learning to students and help them go for higher posts in companies. Using the knowledge of CATIA, the learners can also work as independent product visualizers or produce an innovative line of models for their ventures. 

Who Should Be Taking the CATIA Course Training From LearnVern?

CATIA course from LearnVern is designed to suit the learning needs of the design engineering professionals. The engineering students from the Mechanical, Aerospace and Automobile streams can benefit a lot from this course. Also, CAD professionals working in various industries can take this course to enrich their CAD skills. They can prove their candidature for higher posts in product designing fields by making portfolios and cracking interview questions by studying the modules of this online course.

Why is the LearnVern CATIA Course more Industry-Relevant?

CATIA Online Course from LearnVern complements the requirements of both pure learnings as well as work requirements. This course comprises modules that explain the basics of CATIA and CAD and walks the learners through all features’ basics. Thus, the students taking the course for learning purposes solely can benefit from these modules. 

All other modules are explained to provide practical knowledge. The video tutorial provides learning the demonstration way and prepares the candidates to take designing jobs readily. With the help of examples, projects, and case studies, the learners gain expertise on how to use CATIA to create designs professionally. 

Next Steps to Learning CATIA Online Course

CATIA Online Course offers the expertise needed to move to higher roles in product designing fields. The course makes the candidates more comfortable with time-relevant designing tools and helps them have the latest tools in hand. 

Apart from making the career transition smooth and yielding, the course also helps gain comfort needed for doing other courses, such as:

  • CREO Course
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • Solidworks

All these courses are also available at LearnVern for free. So you can join these courses and upgrade your skills to get better opportunities at work.

Why Choose LearnVern for CATIA Training?

LearnVern hires the best trainers with vast industrial experience to give students a clear overview of how to apply CATIA at work. The course at LearnVern comprises all features that create an in-classroom experience online. These features are a discussion board, quiz, assignment, projects, etc. With the quiz and assignments, the learners can ensure having acquired the skills to perfection.

The video tutorial from LearnVern can be revisited as many times as required. The students can access the tutorial on their mobile devices. They can control the pace of learning or visit only the parts they need to master repeatedly.

LearnVern awards the National Skill Development Certificate to students on completion of the course. It proves quite supportive of a rise in career.

The best learning support can give your career the much-needed boost. Join LearnVern to get access to the best trainers and course material with lifetime access. It can be your stepping stone to a stable career in the CAD designing field.

LearnVern’s CATIA Course Online can easily help you gain the required skills if you are into product designing and modelling. The basic working knowledge of CAD can help learn CATIA easily. However, you also need a computer or a mobile device to access the video tutorial.

LearnVern offers the best support for acquiring new skills by offering career-oriented courses online. This e-learning platform has benefitted more than 10,00,000 students countrywide with the features like:

  • Free of cost courses from all fields
  • Courses provided in Hindi and other vernacular languages
  • Govt.-supported National Skill Development Certificate that helps in the job search and to gain clients’ confidence.


LearnVern’s course contains detailed modules that introduce the students to basic and advanced features of CATIA. The step-by-step tutorial explaining all CATIA features and their use in CAD designing can help understand the concepts thoroughly.

The LearnVern course is quite beneficial for the students who want to learn basics like how to install CATIA and various features that help develop product modelling skills. Thus, engineering students from mechanical, automobile, and aerospace branches and working professionals can upgrade their skills by learning CATIA online at LearnVern.

LearnVern’s course is quite learning-oriented and job-oriented as well. This course is needed to learn creating product models and enhance features with design thinking. The professionals can gain a working knowledge of CATIA features and get the expertise required for jobs. With all relevant features and practical explanations, LearnVern’s course can provide the best learning support for upgrading CAD skills with all relevant features and practical explanations.

LearnVern is an e-learning platform that brings all courses on computers and mobile devices with iOS and Android functionalities. Thus, students can access the courses from LearnVern’s website and app on their devices. It helps them do the course from any place and at the time of their preference.

CATIA Course from LearnVern explains all features through a video tutorial. The course is explained in the Hindi language. It is available free of cost to all students. The students can do this course on their iOS and Android devices. All these features, offering the best learning convenience, make it easier for students to become more skilled and job-ready. The flexibility of time, place, and pace and to learn in a language that is easy to grasp removes all sorts of barriers for learners.

You will learn how to implement CATIA in mechanical Computer-aided designing works. The features-based and parts-based modelling is another skill you can grasp by this course. Simple assembly creation, sheet metal part designing and user features incorporation, etc. are other basic skills that can help professionals do CAD works with no sweat.

The students get a discussion board to post queries and discuss problems with other peers. They can share their knowledge, too, and grow their learning through discussion boards while doing the course from LearnVern.

LearnVern’s modules contain the processes and the methods by which you can use various features of CATIA. By providing information on how to use CATIA’s functionalities and their outcome, LearnVern prepares students for various product modelling, sheet metal designing, and features-based designing works. All these skills help gain skills needed to boost a career.

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