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Git and GitHub Training in Hindi for Software Development Aspirants

Software Development is not only about coding. A complete process covers design, development, testing, deployment, etc. All these processes are done using tools and working supports. Git and GitHub are the tools needed for testing purposes. All companies involved in software development need professionals who have done the Git and GitHub certification course.

The LearnVern Git and GitHub tutorial is designed to offer end-to-end learning to software development professionals. It is an in-demand course that can fetch dream jobs in the best companies like Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, etc. The course covers all basic and advanced topics comprising Git Features, Common Git file, GitHub Repository, GitHub Profile, etc. 

LearnVern makes learning quite easy by providing the course in the Hindi language. Experts have designed the tutorial to walk the learners through the tools’ features to provide them with working knowledge.

What Are the Major Job Roles Related to Git and GitHub and Salary Data

The expertise in Git and GitHub is a desirable qualification for the jobs where the software developers are required to provide end-to-end solutions to the clients. Git and GitHub beginner tutorial equips the students to take a big leap in their careers as software developers. 

Major job roles and annual average salaries that candidates can take after doing this course are:

  • GitHub Engineers: up to 13 lakhs 
  • Product Managers: up to 16 lakhs 
  • Software Engineer: up to 7 lakhs
  • Software Developer: up to 6.75 lakhs
  • DevOps Engineer: up to 14 lakhs

This course is also quite beneficial for freelancers who want to take assignments as individual contractors. They can use their profiles to demonstrate their web development skills. 

Git and GitHub Training for Free in Hindi Best Features

Our tutorial is provided for free in the Hindi Language at LearnVern where the best coaches provide job-oriented training on these tools. The online tutorial offers full knowledge of how to use these repositories for web development. The course comprises the modules that train you on the following points:

How to Apply advanced strategies for the development and deployment of software

Using virtual tools in software development

  • Use Git and GitHub commands
  • Create pull request and review code 
  • Prevent and resolve merge conflicts
  • Repositories creation, cloning and management
  • Understand common workflows
  • Perform Branching, Merging and Rebasing 
  • Basic troubleshooting

Who Should Be Taking the Learnvern Git and GitHub Training in Hindi?

Anyone having basic programming knowledge can take the LearnVern Git and GitHub certification course. The course can prepare candidates to work in teams dedicated to software development. The best candidates who should be taking this training are:

  • Open-source software programmers
  • Aspirants of web development jobs
  • Aspirants of software programming roles in companies
  • Freelance software developers 

Why the Git and GitHub Training at Learnvern Is More Industry-Relevant

This course trains candidates on how to set up and use GitHub for software development. While the modules like the introduction and the open-source market of GitHub contribute to learning objectives, the other modules offer working knowledge of how to use this repository tool at work. 

Since our tutorial explains practical knowledge of the relevant tools, it can help candidates prepare for interviews and get high-paying jobs. 

Next Steps to Git and GitHub Training

Learning the different working features of the tool helps achieve a smooth transition from low-paying jobs to high-paying ones. You can learn all basics and advanced topics about how to connect Git to GitHub and other actions required at work. On completion of this course, you can apply for the jobs of software developers, DevOps managers, etc. 

Apart from enjoying a smooth career transition, you can also become eligible to do other courses that may complete your knowledge of software development. Other courses to do after Git and GitHub training are:

  • Software Testing
  • DevOps
  • C Program, etc.

All these courses are also available in the Hindi language for the students of Hindi medium and help the students become dependable candidates as software development experts. 

Why LearnVern for Git and GitHub Training in Hindi

LearnVern offers training in Hindi for those students who find English instructions hard to follow. This course at LearnVern is designed by experts who have working knowledge and have used relevant tools professionally. 

This e-learning platform allows students from all walks of life to enrich their skill-set without worrying about fees. It is because the courses are available for free and are a part of the Skill India Initiative of the Government of India. 

All courses are provided in a self-paced manner, which allows students on the job, too, to improve their skills without losing their current vocation. The industry-relevant format of training prepares candidates for a regular day at work. They can gel easily with the work environment and can start the work with minimal guidance once they gain the time-relevant skills at LearnVern.

LearnVern’s courses can be accessed for free on Android and iOS phones and computers. Hence, this e-learning platform can be used to learn new skills from anywhere and as per the schedules.

So, why to lag in the competition when the correct learning support is within your reach? Instead, join the LearnVern course right away; it opens the world full of opportunities to become self-sufficient!

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  • DevOps Engineer
  • Build Engineer
  • Release Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

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This course at LearnVern requires students to know programming, VS code tools, and interest in software engineering. They should have access to computers and mobile phones with iOS and Android platforms and an internet connection.

More than 80,000 students have grown their career choices by joining the courses at LearnVern. This e-learning platform eases all learning woes by offering:

  1. Courses in Hindi

  2. All courses free of cost

  3. Flexible learning through self-paced courses.


LearnVern teaches how to use the technology practically and their application for professional assignments. The tutorial provides Git and GitHub basics, commands, how to connect Git to GitHub, and other concepts that offer complete knowledge of these repository tools.

Our training is an idea for the aspirants who wish to work as software developers. They can use GitHub basics knowledge to create their projects and put them up for demonstration. In addition, all software development-related concepts surrounding GitHub help the programmers to move to high positions in big companies.

With this certification, there is a higher chance of being absorbed as a member in software development project teams. They can qualify for the job posts like DevOps developer, GitHub contributor, open-source programmer, software developer, etc. Based on the experience, they can move to the product manager and project manager posts in established companies and IT ventures. The certified experts can also work as freelancers.

GitHub is an in-demand skill in software development companies. The certified Git and GitHub professionals can expect salaries up to 20-25lakhs per annum depending on the work experience and projects done. This course helps transform your career and make it a dependable one with a good promise of growth in money as well as reputation.

Our course is designed in a self-paced manner. This course is available on Android and iOS devices free of cost. You can download the LearnVern App and carry your study material wherever you go on your mobile phone. 

This facility is quite suitable for those students who are already on the job and want flexible timings to do additional courses for skill development.

There are several irresistible reasons to do Git and GitHub training from LearnVern. You will find this course free of cost here. The course offers flexible learning support as you can control the pace of learning as per your requirement. 

If you are a Hindi medium student, you may access this course in the Hindi language. Most importantly, LearnVern awards the National Skill Development Certificate to successful students on completion of the course, which proves helpful in making a good career.

LearnVern breaks all the barriers of finance, time, and language to help Indian Youth focus only on skill development. The courses are provided on iOS and mobile phones and computers with stable internet connections. It allows students to fit the skill-development activity in their schedules easily. 

The students are provided with an assignment, quiz, and discussion board that helps in self-study as well as to gain the advantage of community learning. 

Our course is available as a video tutorial that provides working knowledge and helps prepare interview questions too. Also, you can cast these video tutorials on TV screens for better viewing.

This course requires students to have basic knowledge of programming, knowledge of VS code tools, working knowledge of software engineering, and usage with command prompts.

Git And Github Course - Master Git And Github

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