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In this Oracle Online Course you will learn all about PL/SQL, data types, block basics, control statements, error handling, types of triggers and dynamic SQL queries. These skills are in demand for developing user-friendly codes required for website and application development. Oracle SQL Developer tutorial from LearnVern is available in the Hindi Language for native Hindi speakers. After this course you will be able to use oracle to derive maximum value from your databases. Aspiring developers can upgrade and grow in their career by learning Oracle with PL SQL completely. Enroll for this free of cost course at LearnVern and get that much required career boost.





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Course Curriculum

Assignment: Procedures

5m 49s

Quiz : Procedures


Assignment: Functions

4m 12s

Quiz : Functions


Assignment: Package

7m 12s

Quiz : Package


Assignment: Miscellaneous

4m 55s

Quiz : Miscellaneous



Oracle PL/SQL Course for Developers in Hindi

PL SQL can be expanded as Procedural Language Extensions to SQL. Developers need to master it to learn how to retrieve and manipulate data and design logic. This skill is needed to solve complex problems with simple codes. Learners can score well at interviews and move high up in their career graph by joining this course.

The detailed Oracle PL SQL Certification Course covers beginner to advanced topics needed to master this programming skill. By joining this course for free at LearnVern, the students can learn about control statements, error handling, cursor types, arrays, dynamic SQL queries and a lot more. This course helps learn Oracle SQL easily as the topics are explained in a simplified manner to make them easy to grasp.

What are the major job roles related to Oracle PL SQL Course and salary data?

It is important to learn Oracle SQL if you want to add more time-relevant skills to your programmer’s profile. This skill is in high demand because of its appreciable utility in writing application code. By using the learnings of this course, the coding experts can accelerate their career growth and get the following jobs. The annual salary that you can expect to earn by taking up these jobs is as mentioned below:

  • Oracle database developer: up to 9 lakhs
  • Database engineer: up to 12 lakhs
  • Database specialist: up to 25 lakhs
  • PL/SQL developer: up to 10 lakhs

Detail of the free Oracle PL SQL Course in Hindi

Oracle PL SQL Tutorial at LearnVern is designed to offer end-to-end learning to students. The tutorial comprises basic to advanced Oracle PL SQL topics. This complete tutorial can help gain expertise in various aspects of applying Oracle PL SQL in application coding. The major modules included in the tutorial are:

  • PL SQL Block basics
  • Control Statements
  • Error handling
  • Types of cursors and using cursors
  • Types of triggers
  • User-defined types
  • Collections, and
  • Dynamic SQL Queries

Who should be taking the Oracle PL SQL Course in Hindi?

Oracle SQL certification course is in demand among learners who want to have a solid start to their programming career. This course is suitable for learning how to develop application codes to deliver user-friendly products. You require having the basic knowledge of programming to learn the Oracle SQL course.

The course is designed to complement the learning needs of students who want to learn in-demand database languages like Oracle PL SQL. Apart from students, fresher and experienced programmers can improve their present job offering and move to higher positions by learning this course.

Freelancers can expand their talent base and trainers get a chance to enrich their curriculum when they learn the Oracle PL SQL Developer Course from LearnVern.

Why is the Oracle PL SQL Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

Oracle with PL SQL online training at LearnVern is designed to teach this programming language as is needed in the industry. The learners get an Oracle SQL tutorial in Hindi that eases the language hassles. The course contains topics for sole learning and professional use as well. Experts with working knowledge of Oracle SQL language provide practical demonstration of various features of this work. The immediate outcome is that the learners can develop application code and become a master in exception handling, etc. By including topics meant for conceptual knowledge development and practical utility at work, this course helps fill the learning gaps and makes students career-ready.

Next steps to learning Oracle PL SQL Developer Course

The IT industry is an ever-changing space. The aspirants need to add new skills in consonance with changing technologies. On completing the Oracle PL SQL Developer Course from LearnVern, the students can move to better positions in companies. Those interested in enhancing their knowledge further can join other courses, such as:

  • MySQL
  • Python Django
  • React JS
  • SQL Server

Why LearnVern for Oracle PL SQL Course

Experts with vast industrial experience provide Oracle SQL Online Training at LearnVern. They have designed the tutorial with lots of use cases and demonstrations of how exception handling, cursor types, user-defined types, etc. can be employed in creating the application code. It helps the learners become proficient in using Oracle PL SQL Developer course for professional purposes and be career-ready.

The course comprises a free of cost Oracle PL SQL Developer Tutorial. Thus, learning courses proves to be pocket-friendly. Students can revisit the tutorial to learn modules to perfection. The self-paced tutorial allows learners to grasp new skills without losing the job in hand. Hence, it suits both the working professionals and students.

All courses are available on devices with iOS and Android functionality. Thus, users can access courses anywhere, anytime and choose a schedule as per their convenience.

On completion of the course, the students can avail the National Skill Development Certificate. This certificate is testament to your proficiency in Oracle PL SQL development and can help you launch your career in the programming field.

Boost your career in programming by learning online Oracle with PL SQL free of cost course available at LearnVern. It will help you cut the competition and grow professionally.

Anyone with aptitude for programming and a zeal for enhancing programming skills with new and advanced coding languages can learn this course at LearnVern. A prior knowledge of basic Oracle helps in learning this course more easily. You may need an iOS or Android device to access the course.

  • Convenience to learn courses at chosen place and time
  • Best trainers with vast working experience provide practical training in Hindi
  • Newer and in-demand skills taught to make students career-ready.


LearnVern’s course on Oracle PL SQL provides an introduction to basics like how to install Oracle SQL, what is Oracle PL SQL, how to create tables, how to check Oracle version in SQL developer, etc. By learning this course, students can acquaint themselves with all essentials of programming in Oracle and get the best jobs in top companies.

You can learn Oracle PL SQL certification on a mobile device by joining an e-learning platform like LearnVern. This course at LearnVern comprises a self-paced tutorial in Hindi that students can revisit to perfection and be ready to apply its learnings professionally.

You can learn Oracle PL SQL developer tutorial in Hindi at LearnVern. This tutorial is best-suited for Hindi medium students. Hindi as the medium of instruction makes learning easy. The users can join this course using their iOS and Android devices and enroll for the course in Hindi as per their convenience.

The Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certification Course at LearnVern suits the learning requirements of students. The Hindi Medium students, aspiring programming professionals, freshers and experienced programmers can also benefit from this course.

The Oracle PL SQL Developer Course is available for free at LearnVern. It is an e-learning platform aimed at helping students build industry-relevant skills affordably. Part of the Skill India Campaign launched by the Prime Minister of India, this application is free to use and allows students to upgrade their skills to become career-ready.

LearnVern is a unique ed-tech venture that provides free of cost Oracle PL SQL training to the learners on their mobile phones and laptops. The course is provided in the Hindi Language. Other vernacular languages are also used to design the tutorial. Students can join the tutorial from any point and revisit the completed modules too. They also get a project to do to apply their knowledge of Oracle SQL.

Yes, you can! Since the Oracle SQL tutorial is available on mobile devices and computers, the students can upgrade their skills without leaving the current occupation. It can help them move to improved positions and packages, and rise in their career as programmers.

You can apply for any job that demands knowledge of using Oracle with PL/SQL. This skill along with experience can help you go for the posts like Oracle Developer, Database Engineer, SQL Developer, etc. You can also work as a trainer and an independent contributor by using the Oracle SQL free of cost course.

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