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Software Testing Course in Telugu

Software testing is an in-demand skill. The demand for these jobs may increase by more than 20 percent in the years to follow. Currently, the job market is flooded with the requirements for software testers who know this skill really well. By doing the Software testing certification course in Telugu, the students can apply and get selected for the jobs with better salary packages. This skill can help candidates get placed in companies such as Microsoft, Infosys, IBM, TCS, Nielson, etc.

LearnVern’s software testing full course helps you learn industry-relevant skills thoroughly. Here you will have all topics explained in Telugu. The tutorial explains in detail the basic to advanced topics comprising Code Review, Defect Management, Integration Testing, Non Functional Testing, Boundary Value Analysis, How to Write Test cases, etc. using practical examples.

By joining this course, you can learn testing online in Telugu and be eligible for the best jobs in the software development industry.

Major job roles related to Software Testing Course in Telugu and salary data

Software Quality Testing is an indispensable process in software development life cycle. It requires knowledge of coding and the expertise in using the testing tools. By acquiring the requisite skills through software testing training, the candidates can take up the best-paying jobs; their annual salary data is as below:

  • Software Test Engineer: up to 6.5 lakhs
  • Software developer in Testing: up to 32 lakhs
  • Software Tester: up to 9.2 lakhs
  • Implementation Engineer: up to 7.4 lakhs

What you will learn in Software Testing Course in Telugu

The online software testing certification course from LearnVern provides complete knowledge of the testing process. The video tutorial is used to explain the processes involved in software testing. All the processes are explained precisely the way you are going to use them at work. The main topics include:

  • Integration Testing
  • Boundary Value Analysis
  • Non Functional Testing
  • Code Review
  • Load testing
  • How to Write Test cases,
  • Defect Management, etc.

By covering all the job-relevant topics in Telugu, the software testing course available online at LearnVern offers the most user-friendly training material to the candidates.

Who should be taking the Online Software Testing Course?

The search for the most promising Software Testing Courses for beginners ends at LearnVern. This e-learning application proves its worth to all students who want to make a career in software testing. The best candidates to enroll for this course are:

  • Students taking up programming courses
  • IT professionals who want to move higher from programming jobs level
  • Entrepreneurs who want to work as software quality consultants

At LearnVern, you get the best online software testing course in Telugu. It is recognized by the Government of India and makes you eligible for the National Skill Development Certificate. It helps immensely in career development in software testing.

Why is the Software Testing Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

By including topics like code review, implementation testing, debugging tools, defect management, etc. LearnVern’s course teaches this skill to be job-ready.

The concepts are explained through practical demonstrations and real-life examples to complement the professional requirements.

Since all topics included are designed keeping a normal day at work and its requirements in mind, the software testing tutorial for beginners provides the best support for learning this skill for professional use.

Next steps to learning Software Testing

The Software Testing Telugu Tutorial from LearnVern prepares students for the best jobs right at the learning stage. On completing the course, you can take up high-paying jobs such as implementation engineer, software testing consultant, etc. Using the learning from this online course on software testing, you can prepare well for job interviews.

Apart from this course, you can also take up the Selenium Automation Testing course available at LearnVern for free. This course trains you for using the software testing tools effortlessly.

Why LearnVern for Software Testing Course in Telugu

LearnVern offers end-to-end training for software testing jobs. The manual testing course here is designed in Telugu for making it more inclusive. Industry experts with years of experience in working as software testers provide the training here.

You will get 4+ hours of tutorial in Telugu. This software testing tutorial for beginners covers all topics in lucid language. The learners can strengthen their conceptual as well as practical knowledge of testing software by referring to the video tutorial provided with LearnVern’s course.

LearnVern’s Software Testing Full Course in Telugu can empower students with industry-relevant skills. Several valued-added features are included in the course. These include discussion boards for posting queries and clearing doubts with fellow learners. Assignments and projects at the end of the tutorial offer support for testing skills.

Available for free, the LearnVern Software Testing Tutorial in Telugu can be accessed on iOS and Android devices. You can complete this tutorial at a chosen pace and learn testing software flexibly. Tutorial is available for revisiting multiple times till students learn to perfection. At the end of the course, you can avail the National Skill Development Certificate that confirms your job-readiness in the software testing field.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Manual Tester
  • Software Tester
  • Quality Assurance
  • Application Tester
  • Software Test Engineer

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The LearnVern Software Testing Course in Telugu requires initial knowledge of programming and computers. Your medium of learning has to be Telugu as the complete course is taught in this language. You also require an iOS or Android device with stable internet connection to access this course from LearnVern.

  • Freedom to access the courses on iOS and Android devices, TV screens, etc.
  • Courses in native languages like Telugu to reach more aspirants
  • Self-paced courses to ensure that students attain complete skill by getting ample practice and revisions.

LearnVern offers a detailed tutorial that explains all aspects of software testing. Referring to the explanations of processes and test cases, students can get full knowledge of ‘what is software testing’.

The LearnVern Software Testing tutorial in Telugu explains in detail all types of software quality and functionality tests. You can learn about Implementation testing, load testing, performance testing, code review or testing, through a step by step tutorial explained in Telugu.

Software development is a highly competitive field. The development companies cannot falter on the quality of the tool. It can hit their reputation badly and can cause loss of customer base. Thus, software testing has become almost the lifeline of the software development business. You become an important asset in these development companies once you master this skill.

The students on completing the software testing course can get selected for the job roles such as Software tester, QA engineer, testing engineer, etc. You can expect to take home salary packages of more than 5-10 lakhs at entry to mid-level jobs.

Yes, LearnVern offers the Software Testing Tutorial in easy Telugu. It can help Telugu medium students to grow their skills-set without bothering about learning English. A comprehensive course available here explains all topics as used by professionals too.

LearnVern’s software testing full course is available to access on mobile devices, computers, laptops and even TV screens. Hence, you can learn this skill while at home and at your chosen time and pace too.

You can join LearnVern where the Software Testing Course is provided in the Telugu language. All topics are explained in Telugu here to complement the needs of students who need the courses in native languages.

Yes, you can learn software testing for free at LearnVern. This skill is made easier to master by providing the tutorial and all learning material for free. You can revisit the tutorial multiple times too; no fee charged!

Software Testing Course In Telugu

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