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How to do Instagram Marketing?

In today's video our topic is what is Instagram Marketing and how to do Instagram marketing. Instagram is one of the biggest video platform which has over 900 million users monthly.

Some of the Amazing facts about Instagram application are listed below :
- 1 Billion+ user use Instagram every month.
- 88% of the users are outside US.
- People spend Average 30 mins on Instagram daily.
- Instagram has 51% of male and 49% of female users.
- 81% users research for product of services.
- 500 Million+ use Instagram story feature.

To learn Instagram marketing we are going to understand everything stepwise. Steps are as below :
- Creating and Optimising Profile
- Content type
- Marketing Content
- Gaining Followers
- Using Features of Instagram

The first thing which is very important in anyone's Instagram Profile is there Instagram Bio. Bio means short description of your profile, and you can also add your website link there.

Another interesting feature of Instagram is their Instagram stories. They are very attractive and you can add many different videos & photos to it and indulge your audience. We can also add one swipe up link to our Instagram story and our audience will engage there also.

Another crucial section of Instagram is there Instagram highlights. It helps in our Profile optimisation. If any follower has missed our story, than we can simply add that story to our highlights and it will be permanently visible. It helps in Engagement Improvement.

Now using Instagram hashtags we can explore our more and can find new audience or following for our Profile. Our Post will be visible to all of them who are searching for that particular hashtag which we have included in our post's description section. Following things should be kept in mind while using Instagram hashtags -
- Include only 30 #tags
- Use more in comment section of your post
- Use mix of #tag like National or Local
- Always use local hashtags while just starting because hashtags with more posts will never get your post in limelight

Other thing which plays an Important role in doing Instagram marketing is our Content Theme. The Instagram Feed of our profile should always look professional and all the post should be properly edited, otherwise any new user which will visit to our profile will find out that the owner of this profile is not serious about this. Following things should be kept in mind while making Content -
- Composition
- Color Palette
- Fonts
- Filters

So in this way we have seen that how we can optimise our Instagram Profile.

Some of the important tools which can be use for Instagram Marketing Improvement are listed below -
- Canva
- Storyart - Story editor & filter
- Grum : Scheduling Tool
- Trello
- Social Blade

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