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How to use Google Adwords to reach your goals?

Create Google Ad Campaign using Google AdWords

In this video, we will learn that, how we can use Google AdWords software to reach our targeted goals and also how we can create a brand new Google Ad Campaign with all necessary details.

Now we will see that how we can create a Google Ad Campaign. But before that we will look at some points which we should focus on while creating our first Google Ad :
- Think of 10-15 keywords (we can google search our main keyword and in it's bottom section we will see some more related keywords which can be useful for us)
- Use different Audience for different stage of the funnel
- Google keywords are categorised in to BROAD MATCH, PHRASE MATCH, EXACT MATCH and BROAD MATCH MODIFIERS
- Start with Broad Match, use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMRush
- Add negative keywords and phrase match keywords
- Expand your search Campaigns to display network

Now we will go to Google Ad panel & learn how to run our first successful Google Campaign :
- Firstly, we will click on New Campaign button and select the purpose of our Campaign creation ie. Leads.
- After that we will select the Campaign type as 'Search' which generate customer leads with text or call ads that show near the search results of
- Next, we will select the way by which we'd like to reach our goal as 'Website visits' & then provide the URL of that website.
- After that we'll add Campaign name as 'Leadflux Lead campaign' & then select the network on which we want to run our Ads ie. Search Network.
- After that we will select the targeted location where we want to reach. We'll choose 'India'. Similarly we will do this for Language & select the languages that our customers speak.
- After that we can also select a particular category of audience which we think that we are targeting. Different types of audience's categories are IT &Technical Jobs, Enterprise software, Web Design & Development, Software, Business Technology and many others.
- In the next step we will define our budget ie. how much we want to spend and how we want to spend it. We will select the Average of 1000 rs. per day.
- After that we will select bidding on the Click basis because we want our campaign to mainly focus on Clicks and track them.
- After that we can even set a maximum CPC bidding limit for our campaign. In our case we will choose 20 Rs.
- After that we will set up an Ad group. Firstly we'll give Ad group a name ie. 'Ad group 1'.
- After that we will define our products & services in a particular category like Marketing Service.
- Below that Google has already added keywords on its own after crawling on our provided website's URL and observing that what our site is about. We can even edit keywords according to our requirement.
- After that we will add the final URL of our website and create responsive search Ads now.
- We will add display URL & some Headline for our advertisement like 'your go-to marketing agency', 'effective B2B marketing agency', 'promote your business with us', 'reach your potential market', & other related ideas.
- After that we'll click continue and see that an estimated budget with per day clicks & cost will be shown.
- If everything's okay and we do not want to edit anything now, then we'll click on 'Publish' button & our campaign is live now.
- Google will manually review our Ad campaign and check if we have used any harmful/rude content or not.


Google AdWords is a cost-per-click (CPC) advertising service that is offered by Google. It allows businesses to insert text, image, or video ads on the Google network. There are many ways you can use Google AdWords to your advantage. You can target your ads to the audience of your choice, for example by location, age, gender, and interests. You can also choose whether you want your ad to be shown when people are nearby or in a particular area on the map. There are also some tools that you can use that will help you track how well an ad is doing in order to justify what is being spent on it.

Google Ads is a powerful tool that can help you to increase customer acquisition, improve customer retention, and boost your ROI. Google Ads is an advertising platform that helps create and manage ads. It also helps advertisers to measure the performance of these ads. Google Ads provides businesses with a self-service platform where they can set up, manage, and monitor their online advertising. Google Ads simplifies the process of building ad campaigns by presenting users with easy-to-use tools on its website. For example, one tool allows you to enter your target keywords on the page, while another tool adjusts your budget based on your goals for that particular campaign. Google Ads allows advertisers to reach customers through personalized messages that are delivered in line with their interests and needs. The advertising messages are targeted based on many factors including location, language preferences, browsing activity, demographic data etc.,

Google Adwords is a powerful advertising platform that helps you reach the right audience at the right time. AdWords is a cost-per-click (CPC) advertising service that allows advertisers to use Google’s advertising network to display ads on Google and across the web. Advertisers can bid on keywords to show ads when they appear in search results or on websites, videos, and other content on the web. AdWords offers several features: - A wide variety of ad formats: Text ads, Image ads, and Video ads - Automated bidding options: Target your budget and bids by time, day of week, specific keywords or change bids over time - Campaign management tools to help you keep track of your campaign performance.

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