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LearnVern’s Social Media Marketing Course is the need of the hour!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – these are the names with which people wake up in the morning. The reach of Social Media platforms is phenomenal and can make or break the business reputation overnight. Hence, ignoring social media is not something businesses can afford. That is why they need social media managers who can create, secure and optimize social media to give businesses the much-needed audience. 

It is estimated that more than 1.5 lakh jobs in social media domains are created almost every quarter and there is 3-39% growth in opportunities offered. Such a huge demand makes social media not less than a goldmine for professionals who know how to do it right. 

The LearnVern social media marketing course helps enhance your sales and marketing skills and gives those a better boost. If you are a social media fan and love to be there the whole day, utilize this passion to establish a career out of it by learning different tools, campaign management, metrics analysis and a lot more at the online free course available here.

Major Jobs Offered to Social Media Marketing Experts

What is Social Media Marketing? 

It is a complete domain that focuses on how to use social media to reach the audience and deepen engagement. Also, it is a skill that can pay you back in the form of an established job as well as a part-time vocation. Whether you are just an undergraduate or a freelancer, or someone eying for a job in the digital marketing sector, you can kick start your career with social media marketing knowledge. On completion of the program, you can apply for the following jobs; average salaries per year are also mentioned below:

  • Social media intern: Rs. 1.2 – Rs. 1.44 lakhs.
  • Blogger: Rs. 2.4 – Rs. 4.0 lakhs.
  • Content curator: Rs. 4.3 lakhs.
  • Social Media coordinator: Rs. 2.5 lakhs.
  • Content writer: Rs. 3 to 7 lakhs 
  • Social media analyst: Rs. 3-4 lakhs
  • Social media strategist: Rs. 4-13 lakhs 
  • Performance marketing analyst: Rs. 8.64 lakhs 

All these figures point at the relevance of this course. Social media marketing completes the digital marketing job. Recruiters look preferably for digital marketers who have specialization in this as well. 

If you are a digital marketing specialist and want to be on the radar of recruiters, you can complete the tutorial that interests you. LearnVern offers this course in vernacular languages and in self-paced manner to accommodate learners with different situations. 

What the Free Social Media Marketing Course in Hindi Offers

The social media marketing online course in Hindi at LearnVern is entirely learner-centric. We know people have comfort with different languages and the localization feature is being rampantly used in social media and search engines too. Hence, the Hindi course in social media marketing proves relevant for all. Many digital marketers in India or business owners need instructions in Hindi. This course caters to the needs of all such knowledge seekers.

Upon completing this program, learners can apply for the jobs mentioned above. The areas where they gain expertise are content curation, social media strategy and management, post scheduling benefits, trends analysis, social media ecosystem, etc.

Who should take this training program?

If you want to be the next big thing in the social media marketing or want your business to rule the social media platform, you are the right fit for this course. The course is quite suitable for sales and marketing undergraduates and graduates. Graduates in any stream can develop their skills in social media promotions and it gives an additional weightage to the resume.

This training program is designed for digital marketing professionals who need to provide a wholesome service package to their clients. The marketers seeking employment in social media agencies, and in in-house digital promotion departments of companies can also upskill themselves with this training program.

LearnVern’s social media marketing course can help you understand how to leverage your interest in social media. It is an ideal course for even homemakers, self-employed professionals, and freelancers too. Your love for spending time on social media can be your strength if you know how to channelize it properly. 

This tutorial from LearnVern offers you precisely that constructive support that can turn your passion into your positive strength. Be sure of carving a niche in social media with this training program, and always have a source of earning in hand.

Why is the Social Media Marketing Course at LearnVern more industry-relevant?

Different social media strategies are adopted by businesses with different aims. Having a strong social media presence is a necessity for businesses these days. Almost everything is searched and talked about on social media platforms first. But, business visionaries cannot spend all their time on promotional activities only. That is why social media marketers are hired to create pages and profiles and keep audiences updated about actions at the premise.

Social media marketing tools offer an easy, cost-effective and result-oriented way of promoting a product or service. With the inclusion of e-commerce features, the Facebook and Instagram pages have become an additional point of sale for businesses too. Hence, your expertise in building the FB and Instagram pages and optimizing content to grab maximum attention can be assessed in the form of additional revenues generated too. The social media statistics and analysis portion of the course offer correct expertise to candidates.

Creative writing and content writing is another important feature of the LearnVern social media marketing course. It takes a highly imaginative and to-the-point approach to create copies that click. Though social media offers audio and visual ways of communication too, the importance of correct messages and sent through proper channels cannot be undermined. Our course contains case studies that show you how the content can change the game for businesses on social media. 

It is almost like putting up a show on the digital platform if we put the social media activity in a succinct manner. So, being there where the relevant audience is, creating content according to trends and posting updates when they make the most impact can be learned by completing the social media scheduling module.

All modules in the LearnVern Social media marketing course align with industrial demands, and also, offer expertise to individuals who want to start their venture by themselves.

Next steps to Social Media Marketing Course

Social Media Marketing Beginner Course comes with lots of possibilities. You can choose both full-time and part-time jobs as experts after doing this course. 

The course also makes you eligible for providing coaching to other aspirants who have an interest in this field. On completing the beginner course, you can take up the following jobs:

  • Social media planning, analyst and strategist
  • Social media interns
  • Content curation specialists
  • Social media performance analysts
  • Post trends analysis and scheduling expert, etc.

After completing a social media marketing course, you can also provide consultancy as an independent advisor to companies looking for outsourcing experts. Also, the course is considered valid and is recognized nationally, allowing you to offer further coaching to new aspirants in this field.

Why LearnVern for Social Media Marketing Course?

LearnVern’s team comprises the best experts from the industry. They have firsthand knowledge of trending topics in social media marketing. Also, their industrial experiences allow them to offer information-enriched tutorials to the course subscribers. 

The LearnVern social media marketing tutorial covers all aspects of the domain thoroughly. The students can choose to learn in a self-paced manner through tutorials and videos. There are loads of explainer videos and case studies offered for a crisp understanding of social media marketing topics.

Social media marketing tutorial modules offer access to basic topics. You can start with understanding what is social media marketing, and can explore all possibilities leading up to how to make ads and expand a business’s reach.

LearnVern offers 100+ downloadable materials and lectures. Students can reach the experts through emails and live chats, and also join forums to enrich their knowledge by community learning. Most importantly, it is free of cost and available in Hindi and other languages which candidates can easily understand.

Hence, joining LearnVern to gain expertise in Social Media Marketing comes with lots of bonuses to students. An initiative of the National Skills Development Cell, this e-learning platform aims at making candidates self-reliant and creating career opportunities for themselves.

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The Social Media Marketing course requires candidates to have some basic knowledge of computer operations. They should also have some elementary knowledge of sales and marketing. One can pursue this course along with their graduation program as well.

Learn using the best guides and online tutorials on social media marketing. LearnVern ensures that you can learn in a self-paced manner and benefit from our custom programs tailored to meet your learning needs. Our course is available in Hindi and other regional languages for your easy understanding. Our course is approved by the National Skills Development Corporation of Govt. of India.


The name 'LearnVern' is formed of two words, Learn and Vernacular. The Social Media Marketing course is designed to tap the talent from Indian regions that find the English language a challenge while acquiring knowledge. To meet the learning requirements of different people fluent in different regional languages, this course is designed in Hindi and other local languages. Thus, break language barriers and learn social media marketing with LearnVern.

LearnVern offers self-paced social media marketing courses. The students can access the modules and tutorials from anywhere and on the device of their choice. They can take practice tests at the place and time of convenience. Also, there is a feature for sharing content. Accessibility from all places and self-paced features allows learners to do this course along with their jobs.

Social Media Marketing modules from LearnVern cover basic to advanced topics. As a beginner, you familiarize yourself with the social media ecosystem and statistics first. Then the second module provides deeper insight into popular and generic social media platforms. You also learn creative writing skills as a part of the course. And, the final modules are for social media strategy, analysis and performance measurement learning.

From undergraduates to those already in the job can enroll for this course at LearnVern. This e-learning platform helps students, homemakers, self-employed professionals, start-up owners and also digital marketers, who want to carve a prolific career in the social media marketing niche.

Yes, the very first module of the social media marketing course traverses candidates through the basics of this field. You can clearly understand how social media operates, their statistics, trends and learn basic actions that encompass its different activities.

Social Media Marketing Course

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