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How to Make Money by setting up Social Media Accounts?

In this video we are going to learn that how we can succeed in the field of Freelancing not only with platforms like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer etc... but also by other methods.

First thing which we can do is create our Business Profile on platform like LinkedIn which will give us enough visibility and make our online presence by which our clients will come by themselves to work with us.

Below mentioned are some of the Important factors which should be kept in mind while doing Freelancing :
- Identify your niche (SEO, Social Media, Google Adsense, Lead generation)
- People Fail as they end up doing everything
- Write a 200 words Bio that describe you and your skills
- Create your online presence - Website, Linkedin profile, Freelancing profile (Upwork, Guru)
- Be Active on LinkedIn, share content, network with others and connect with your potential clients
- Bid the right project and offer small demo work, if you have previous work - share testimonials
- Cold emails, focus on what you can do rather than what you did for others
- Referrals

Now we will see some points on what is the Accurate Environment for Freelancing :
- Make sure you have good computer
- Strong Internet Connection
- Your working space should be quite and distraction free
- Set daily schedule and follow that

Below mentioned are some very Important Tools required for Digital Marketing :
• For time tracking use tools like,
• For sending the proposal use tools like -
• Use the CRM tool to keep track of enquiries (Hubspot, ZOHO)
• Find the right tools as per your niche - [Added in the resource section]

As a Freelancer the skill of 'How to Pitch?' is very Important :
- Ask the marketing goals of the client
- Review the current online presence
- Study the online competitors of client
- Find out opportunities for client
- Mention any threats
- Digital marketing strategy and timeline

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