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WordPress Developer Course Online

LearnVern is the best resource to join the WordPress Developer Course online. This course is ideal for website developers and designers who want to gain expertise in the WordPress tool. Thousands of job opportunities and freelance projects are rolled out throughout the year. Hence, this fully comprehensive course offers the best support to learn WordPress Development and help the learners become career-ready.

The LearnVern course comprises a video tutorial that teaches topics like WordPress basics, domain, hosting, security, theme, plugins, menu development, and all other features.

What Are the Major Job Roles Related to the WordPress Developer Course and Salary Data

WordPress Development is an in-demand skill. All aspiring bloggers, business beginners and aspirants in website development and maintenance can achieve their professional objectives by joining the Free WordPress Development Course from LearnVern. Some of the major job roles and their annual salary data are mentioned below:

  • Front End Developer: up to 13.5 lakhs
  • WordPress Developer: up to 5 lakhs
  • Website Developer: up to 8 lakhs
  • Freelance WordPress Developers: up to 3 lakhs

Detail of the Hindi WordPress Developer Course Provided Free of Cost

WordPress Developer Tutorial at LearnVern is the best resource to grasp website development skills. This tutorial provides end-to-end knowledge of how to build a website on this popular platform. To make a website, you need to start with registering a domain, choosing the hosting partner and evaluating what to be included in the content design. All these details are explained in the introductory module of this tutorial that is included in the best WordPress Developer course.

This tutorial further explains:

  • Themes as Per the Type of Business
  • Plugins Use and Ways to Install and Update
  • Menu Creation and Management
  • Custom Designing the Site
  • Content Planning and Placement, etc.

Who Should Be Taking the WordPress Developer Course in Hindi

The course is designed to train students on how to develop and manage the WordPress website. Since it does not require any technical knowledge, the course can be taken by anybody interested in creating and managing websites. The following people can learn to be a WordPress Developer by joining the course at LearnVern for free:

  • Bloggers
  • Anybody interested in making a website
  • E-commerce business owners
  • Entrepreneurs

Learn WordPress Development free and gain expertise in designing and organising the content on the blog or website. On completing the course, you will learn how to select the WordPress themes, add or delete or modify various features and change its appearance as required.

Why Is the WordPress Developer Course at LearnVern Is More Industry-Relevant?

The LearnVern course provides practical knowledge of how to use WordPress to make a website. Since all the modules contribute to providing information, the free WordPress Developer course prepares the candidates both for the jobs as well as for freelance projects. In the video tutorial, each function is demonstrated as it will be used. Thus, the learners can become more confident and aware of the features of WordPress and their utility in making the websites more presentable.

Next Steps to Learning WordPress Developer Course in Hindi

This course can help mould your career and help you become a WordPress website expert. This course exposes the students to a variety of website development and maintenance features. Their knowledge of making blogs, managing the aesthetics of a website and adding/deleting various features help them have WordPress websites that they can use and control with confidence. This knowledge can be enhanced further by doing other similar courses, such as:

  • Magento
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO, etc.

LearnVern offers the best support for doing the free WordPress Development Course by providing it in the Hindi language. Join this course and become an expert in website creation and maintenance.

Why LearnVern for the WordPress Developer Course

LearnVern appoints the best trainers from the industry who can teach the skills the way they are used at jobs. The practical learning of WordPress and its features is strengthened further with assignments, quizzes and exercises. In addition, students can discuss the topics and clear doubts by joining the discussion board provided.

More than 2 hours of video tutorial, lots of articles and downloadable resources with lifetime access for free offer students ample study material. They can gain mastery in the subject by revisiting tutorials and referring to lots of reading materials to perfection.

Enroll in LearnVern’s WordPress Developer Course that promotes flexible learning and brings you the best in-classroom experience right on your iOS and Android devices.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • MVC Developer
  • Backend Programmer
  • Laravel Developer
  • PHP Developer
  • WordPress Developer

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The WordPress Development Course from LearnVern requires the students to have a basic knowledge of computers. Video tutorial requires the students to have a device with a stable internet connection. The users don’t need to be conversant with coding to do this course.

More than 90,000 students have benefitted from the free WordPress Development Course available at LearnVern. This e-learning platform offers several features to make learning easier and fun. The users benefit from the facilities, such as:

  • Courses provided in the Hindi language
  • All courses available free of cost
  • Students can do the courses in a self-paced manner
  • The National Skill Development Certificate is provided at the end of the course; it helps get jobs and better earning opportunities.

LearnVern offers the best learning support to understand what WordPress Developer is. The tutorial walks the learners through all the features of WordPress and trains them on how to create and manage the websites with features provided in this website scripting tool.

LearnVern’s course can help you become a WordPress Developer easily. This course teaches how to use various features, plugins and functionalities available in this platform to create user-friendly and aesthetically appealing websites. The bloggers can start their blog by doing this course from LearnVern.

LearnVern’s tutorial includes all the WordPress features required for creating a features-enriched website. The modules are designed to offer end-to-end learning. Modules on domains, hosting and security, teach how to start the website. The installation, themes, customisation and ways to monetise the website are also included in modules. With all modules designed in a well-coordinated manner, it becomes easier for the learner to implement WordPress features for making the websites, blogs or eCommerce websites.

Students, business owners, website developers or eCommerce site owners can do this LearnVern course. Since it does not require the knowledge of coding, etc., the course can be done easily by one and all.

The LearnVern course in Hindi is available free of cost. There are no registration or tuition fees involved when you join LearnVern for doing the course.

This LearnVern course is the best because its modules elaborate on setting up the WordPress website. Each feature is explained and shown how to use to provide practical training to the learner. Thus, the students can confidently make a WordPress website and manage it independently when they finish LearnVern’s course. Also, the course is explained in the Hindi language that offers ease of learning for the Hindi Medium students.

The LearnVern course is a self-paced course. Students can complete this course within a week. All modules are available to pick from any point. So, you can pace up or slow down the learning as per your grasping ability.

Yes, WordPress proves to be quite helpful for website development. It does not require the students to have the knowledge of coding. Simply with drag and drop action, the websites can be brought to form in no time. A number of its plugins also help add many functionalities and user-centric features to the website. It is the simplest website development tool that complements bloggers’ needs the best.

Wordpress Course - Create your own Websites

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