PLC Programming With Ladder Logic

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LearnVern PLC Programming Course in Hindi from Expert

LearnVern teaches all essential topics of PLC programming. In this course, you get conceptual and working knowledge of ladder logic, LIM logic, and introduces you to practical applications of the same. This course provides full knowledge as the experts having working skills prepare tutorials for the same and share their industry experience.

LearnVern offers PLC Programming course in Hindi. It makes it easier for anybody with basic automation knowledge to overcome language barriers with Hindi courses. Since the course is available in a self-paced manner, you can do it along with your main job and fetch better hikes in salary. Lifetime access to course material allows you to learn anywhere, anytime.

Major jobs related to PLC Programming course and average salary

PLC programming course is quite relevant with respect to growing demand of automation in every field. Businesses look for adopting easy ways to bring in sophisticated solutions. It requires use of automation and programming skills. PLC programming course offers introduction to structure, composition and functioning of topics like Ladder logic and how to apply it using software.

Job roles mapped for the PLC programming course are:

  • Control Engineer: Avg. salary 7-8 lakhs per year depending on experience
  • Automation Engineer: Avg. salary 20000-30000 per month 

PLC programming is ideal for the individual contributors too. The freelance automation experts can enhance their services by using PLC programming principles.

What to expect in LearnVern PLC Programming tutorial

PLC programming tutorial prepared by LearnVern teaches how to apply this skill in industrial jobs. The basic working knowledge of widely used software RSLogix Micro Starter Lite is provided through video tutorial and conceptual teaching. 

Important modules of PLC Programming course at LearnVern are:

  • Elements of RSLogix Micro Starter Lite
  • Programming Logic Gates
  • Latching and Interlocking Logic
  • Timers and Counters
  • Comparators
  • Case Studies, etc.

Who can benefit from PLC Programming Course in Hindi?

LearnVern PLC Programming Course is best suited for 

  • Electrical, Instrumentation and Electronics students 
  • Diploma holders of electrical, Electronics and instrumentation and control courses
  • Professionals who want to learn RSLogix Micro Starter Lite
  • Freelance electronics devices services providers

This course is a complete guide on RSLogix Micro Starter Lite. It provides practical knowledge of using this software, preparing and implementing logic, and setting up automation rules. A practical view of the use of PLC programming in traffic lights, elevators, etc. is also demonstrated in the tutorial to understand its relevance.

Why LearnVern PLC Programming Course is industry-relevant

LearnVern PLC Programming Course is quite relevant for present changes happening in product functioning. Automation engineers are required for product feature uplifting and to bring in added sophistication in working. The service and maintenance industry also employs PLC Programmers at various levels to meet the client demand.

PLC Programming course prepares you for cracking interview questions, appearing in promotion exams, and becoming a preferred candidate among recruiters. This course helps in fetching higher salaries and imparts requisite skills needed for new product line introduction.

Next steps to learning PLC Programming at LearnVern

LearnVern PLC Programming course can enrich your skills in engineering, automation and control. You can apply this programming course in learning other related courses, such as:

  • Machine learning
  • Scada and PLC
  • Industrial automation training
  • Product engineering

This free PLC online course with certification is useful in improving take home salaries and to get selected for higher positions in the research and analytics department or product development. You can also go for teaching jobs where you coach other aspirants on the topics of PLC programming. Practical training can be given to product engineering experts too.

Why LearnVern for PLC Programming Course in Hindi

LearnVern PLC Programming Course is unique in the sense it is available in Hindi. Several students refrain from developing skills because of lack of study material in vernacular language. LearnVern fills that gap and offers PLC Programming learning support by making tutorials in Hindi.

The course makes you eligible for a National Skills Development Corporation certificate which has now found recognition among recruiters. On completion of course, learners can fetch independent contracts too. Skill India, the initiative to make Indian Youth capable of learning new skills is the hand behind this training program. Thus, you will be eligible for several jobs on completing this course.

LearnVern e-learning platform is quite device-friendly. Tutorials are available for lifetime. There is a discussion board provided to help students connect with fellow learners and solve queries. Also, the assignment and quiz at the end of the course are useful in checking the proficiency level.

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Knowledge of PLCs in general helps you understand PLC Programming easily. A little computer literacy and understanding of electronics and instrumentation drawings also proves beneficial.

LearnVern offers National Skills Development Certificate which is very much beneficial in job search. Courses from LearnVern are available in Hindi and other vernacular languages. These courses are available on both Android and iOS. Because the courses are designed in a self-paced manner, one can complete these courses without leaving their current jobs.


LearnVern offers practical training on how to use RXLogix Micro Starter Lite software through video tutorial. It also walks you through logic making, Basics of ladder logic programming, latching and interlocking logic, use of timers and counters, etc. It also takes you through case studies to understand practical application. Thus, you can become a PLC programming expert by joining LearnVern.

PLC Programming is quite useful for learning product automation. It is applied in traffic lights, elevators, water tank designing, chemical mixture machines, etc. In LearnVern course, you find a dedicated section for case studies. Availability of this course in Hindi allows all students with pre-requisites to do this course.

LearnVern PLC Programming is free of cost. Thus, all students can do this course. It is available on all devices. Hence, there is no need to have an extra computer, etc. Practical training and use case studies help students apply PLC programming with confidence. This programming course is available in Hindi making the course more inclusive in its approach.

You become eligible for jobs like control engineer, Instrumentation and control engineer, product development engineer, quality analyst, etc. on completing PLC Programming course.

After this LearnVern PLC Programming course, you can do other vocational courses like diploma in instrumentation and control engineering, electronics engineering, etc. Also, you can go for teaching jobs where you train students in PLC programming. You can also apply for better paying jobs if you are a product engineering intern.

Yes, you can do this job along with your current job. The course material is provided for lifetime, allowing you to do the course in a self-paced manner. You can access videos and learn while on the move.

PLC Programming With Ladder Logic

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