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How to set up Marketing on LinkedIn

In this video we are going to see everything about LinkedIn Marketing in detailed way & understand why it is perfect for B2B.

Who can use LinkedIn ?
- Students
- Coaches
- Consultants
- Freelancers
- Business Owners
- Professionals

Facts about LinkedIn :
- #1 B2B Marketing platform
- #1 Lead generation platform
- 700 million+ user and 40% active monthly
- 30 million+ companies are on LinkedIn
- 40% users are senior executive & decision makers

5Ps of LinkedIn Marketing are as follows :
- Profile
- People
- Prospecting
- Process
- Positioning

The first thing which we should focus on is our LinkedIn profile. From our profile we built trust to other users to whom we want to connect. Our LinkedIn profile will be optimised for three things, Credibility, Likability, & Expertise.

While creating our LinkedIn profile we should focus on firstly Title & Headline. It will give the viewer perfect opinion about ourselves & our profession. Other thing which we should keep in mind is the Images which we include in our Profile. They have very huge impact in our Profile because if any video for image which is directly replicating your headline can help build trust for your viewers.

The Important section which we should not miss is LinkedIn About Us section. Here we can write something about ourselves in 200 to 300 words & it can be very effective. We can add something about our Achievements and knowledge of our profession here. We should not add much personal information here as it is not related to what we want to show.

We should always add our headshot image in profile picture, a selfie or group photo is not as much effective here. And also we should add the Headline in very effective manner which helps the viewer understand about our profession & what we do at first glance.

The cover photo of our LinkedIn profile should be related to our Headline which depicts more about our profession in an imaged way.

Now if we want to check the score of our LinkedIn profile we have two different tools. One is '' where we can just login & check the strength of our LinkedIn profile & how can we improve it. Other tool is 'Photofeeler' where we can simply check the strength of our Profile picture.

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