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What is Adwords? And how does it work?

Understanding Google Ads from Basics

In our today's video topic is 'Google Ads'. Google Ads are search driven advertising methodology. We will learn many different things about Google Ads like Keyword research, how to create a proper Google Ad, and how to accurately optimize an Ad & etc...

Google Ads and Power of Search :
- People do not go to Google to waste time
- People go to Google when they want something like Information, Services, Products, Entertainment & etc...
- Search Volume of a particular keyword remains consistent over the time or can increase in some cases
- Google gets 3.5 Billion searches per day
- You are meeting your customer half the way
- Conversions and quality is higher
- Intent is clear so that interest and demographics does not matter
- Every Google Ads Campaign is an asset and over the time it will give you better conversions
- Google Ads gives you idea about SEO

The below mentioned steps are to understand 'Driving Traffic from Google Ads' topic :
- You need strong funnel to get ROI
- Once you have strong funnel, it will help you to drive the capital to scale the ads
- Typical funnel looks like Traffic> lead> Sales > Buyers
- Running conversion optimised ads is important
- Search traffic + Display network can attract LOT of traffic at cheap rates
- Display and YouTube campaigns can be used for retargeting
- YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine
- Think of long term with low daily budget to get maximum ROI. You need to set up many campaigns


Google AdWords is one of the most popular advertising systems in the world. This system helps advertisers to show ads on Google Search, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. It is a platform for advertisers to create and manage their online advertising campaigns. Google AdWords offers advertisers the opportunity to run ads with two different account types: - A managed placements account (MPA) which is an account you share with your agency or other parties who work with you on your campaigns - An independent campaign which is an AdWords account that belongs solely to you.

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising service for businesses. It is one of the most popular ads on the internet. It helps to reach out to potential customers by showing ads when people search for certain keywords. AdWords has three main benefits: it is easy to manage, it has high conversion rates, and it reaches across different devices. It also has some drawbacks like the cost might not be worth it for small business owners if they are not getting enough sales, and all of their competitors use AdWords too.

Google AdWords is a great way for companies to advertise their products and services on the internet. This, in turn, leads to an increase in traffic and potential customers. When it comes to Google AdWords there are a lot of different ways of using this service. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways for companies to make use of Google AdWords. Advertising on YouTube: YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the Internet, with over a billion people visiting each month. It has been reported that 80% of online video consumption happens on YouTube. This means that there is a huge audience watching videos every day on YouTube and many campaigns have been very successful by advertising their brand or product within these videos. Google recommends that advertisers target specific keywords.

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