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What is Twitter Marketing & How does it work?

In this video we are going to learn about Twitter Marketing. We will cover everything about Twitter marketing, how to do it, and how to make maximum use of this platform as a Digital Marketer.

Twitter is a very chirpy platform, by chirpy it means that many people are active at once and they do tweets very often. We are going to understand Twitter in detail because it is an very important tool for B2B Marketing.

Following are some Interesting Facts about Twitter :
- Twitter has 192 million+ daily active users
- 60% are of between the age of 35-65 years
- 66% are male & 34% are female
- 67% B2B Marketer use Twitter as their GoTo marketing platform
- 500 Million+ daily tweets
- 40% Twitter users reported purchasing after seeing it on Twitter

The below mentioned that some particular category of person who are actively on Twitter and using it at maximum :
- Government & Politicians
- Celebrities
- Sports Personalities
- Brands
- News Channels
- rest others

Following are some points which will help you understand that How to use Twitter in an Effective way :
- Connect with people and their thoughts
- Know what's happening in the world
- Political and Government use this as broadcast platform
- Brands use for product launch and customer service

After getting complete overview about Twitter, now we will see that how to create Twitter account from scratch.

Firstly we will go to '' and then click on 'signup', and after that we will enter our basic information like Name, Phone number, Date of birth, and Email address & then click Next. Next step is to enter the OTP which has been sent to our registered mobile number or Email address. After that we will be asked to set password for our new Twitter account, so we'll do it and set a strong password.

Thus, now our profile has been created. After that we will be asked to add our profile picture and then our bio. Bio generally refers to a 160 characters short description about yourself. So we'll add it and then proceed further.

As we click next we will be asked to choose any languages out of all shown in the list. Whichever language we do prefer, we will check mark it and proceed by clicking on Next.

After that Twitter will ask that what are we interested in ie. which are our favourite topics, we need to select some topics to personalize our Twitter experience. Therefore we'll select some of them like Cricket, Football, Indian Actors, Entertainment etc... After this we will follow some of the people which are shown as per we our mentioned interests.

Now our Twitter profile is completely created. Now suppose if we want to set a profile picture for our Technical company or Brand than we can just simply make a new logo & background picture on ''. Canvas is the website which contains many type of designs and templates & we can access it absolutely free to create our Logo or Background cover.

We can also add our Website and Location to our profile. It will be shown below our bio section. Now if we want to change our Twitter handle then we will go to 'Settings and Privacy' option, then to Account Information & then username. We will click on username and then change it to as per our requirement.

Now if you want to search any hashtag then we will go to 'Explore' section of Twitter & search it in the search bar. Explore section also displays trending tweets and hashtags. It has different category sections like News, Sports, Entertainment, Covid-19 and others, which contains categorised tweets.

In the 'Notification section' we will be able to see that who have tagged us in their tweets or which mentions we have received.

After that we have 'Messages' option which will show us all the Direct Messages we have received.

Twitter contains one special feature that is known as 'Retweet', it means that we can again tweet the tweet done by someone else. It is a sign made up with two arrows.

So this was basic Twitter setup-ing and understanding what is Twitter and how it works. In our next video will see that how we can do Twitter marketing and be a successful Marketer in this platform also.

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