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What Is Email Marketing In Digital Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the oldest & most popular digital marketing techniques. If email marketing is done with proper intention and direction, it can generate many leads. Every marketer knows that customer checks their mails twice or more in a day. So to be in touch with them, marketers send promotional emails with attractive contents. 

If your email will irrelevant, then it will go to spam. But if you make a list of interested people and send emails, then it will work best. Every mail sent to a customer could be considered as email marketing. An email should contain a subject, unsubscribe link, a reminder of when & how they subscribed to the list.

Purpose of Email Marketing

  • To find a new customer
  • To retain an existing customer
  • For generating revenue

Email marketing is used for promoting the latest product. Existing users can upgrade old services through email. Also, trusted customers can share our services to others through email. 

The advantage of email marketing is it can help you in earning high ROI. After search marketing, email marketing is the most effective digital marketing. As we know, most internet users check emails daily. Transactional emails can helps in purchases or shop-cart abandonment. 

It is low cost and capable of generating success. Email marketing is easily measurable and flexible digital marketing. Ask yourself questions as if you are a customer and what type of email will attract you to click and read; what service will customer seek and need. Time plays a significant role in email marketing. You have to send the right mail at the right time. Navigate users who have abandoned your site by sending alerts and offering discounts.

We will learn EM tools like Mail chimp, send grid, constant contact in an upcoming video.

Tips for Email Marketing:

  • Stay away from average length subject lines.
  • Keep your subject line on the topic.
  • Focus on benefits
  • Keep Front-load links
  • Set right place for CTA
  • Make CTA interesting like ‘buy now’, ‘save offers now.’
  • Make responsive layouts
  • Put high-quality images

So email marketing is crucial to new as well as existing customers. It helps in conversions and networks. Proper & effective marketing will boost business among customers.


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