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Autodesk Inventor Hindi Language Course By Experts at LearnVern

It is important to have additional skills and working knowledge of modeling software to become an accomplished computer-aided modeling expert. Autodesk Inventor is one of the most used software. Prepare for jobs that employ this software and have better chances at high paying jobs by learning all modules online for free at LearnVern.

The course encompasses training of sketcher module, sketch constraints and dimensions, Part modeling, assembly and much more. Video tutorial provides knowledge of practical ways of applying this course and trains you on using Inventor like an expert.

Jobs after Autodesk Inventor Course in Hindi and salary data

Autodesk Inventor Hindi Language course is in high demand in manufacturing and product designing sector. This course is also capable of making you self-reliant by bagging projects as independent contractor. You can prepare for the job interviews and gain practical knowledge of Autodesk Inventor by joining the free online course at LearnVern.

A few notable job profiles and their average annual salary data are:

  • Mechanical CAD Designer: 4.65 – 5.5 lakhs
  • CADD Engineer: 3.5 – 4.0 lakhs
  • Mechanical Design Engineer: 4.5 -5.0 lakhs
  • Mechanical Draftsman: 3.5 – 4.0 lakhs
  • Automation Design Engineer: 5.0 – 15.0 lakhs
  • Sheet Metal Design Engineer: 2.5 lakhs – 4.0 lakhs

What is covered in LearnVern Hindi Autodesk Inventor Course Online

Autodesk Inventor course is useful in product modeling, assembling, sketch designing and other jobs where design engineering is the focus. This course is available in the form of video tutorial at LearnVern where practical training to use all functions of Autodesk Inventor is provided. You can find modules that cover:

  • Introductory lesson on Autodesk Inventor
  • Multiple sketcher modules
  • Sketch constraints and designs
  • Part modeling 
  • Assembling
  • Sheet metal designing, etc.

Join Autodesk Inventor Course in Hindi at LearnVern for free and achieve learning of how to design and create 3D models, assembly design, and other modeling procedures.

Who can join LearnVern Autodesk Inventor Hindi Language Course?

LearnVern Autodesk Inventor Course is perfect learning tool for you if you have germs for modeling and designing. This online course is suitable for:

  • Aspirants who want to master computer-aided modeling
  • Automation engineers
  • Design thinking experts
  • Beginners who want to learn Autodesk Inventor
  • Product designing learners

This course offers complete know-how of using Autodesk Inventor for designing and modeling purposes. You can join this course for free at no cost at LearnVern. The course is available in Hindi and can be accessed on all devices having iOS and Android environment.

Why Autodesk Inventor Hindi course at LearnVern is more industry-relevant?

Modeling and designing services are in high demand in manufacturing sector. Circuitry diagrams, integrated chips, motherboards, etc. require computer-aided modeling techniques. All product manufacturers strive to make more sophisticated products; which is why, they need Autodesk Inventor experts. This course meets the demand of manufacturing industry and places you as automation engineer or at other similar roles in companies that offer better salaries.

All modules that teach how to use various features of Autodesk Inventor are taught in LearnVern Free course in Hindi. The learners can work as freelancer and independent contractors and bag better projects with this skill in hand.

What to do after Autodesk Inventor course at LearnVern

Autodesk Inventor course at LearnVern serves you with right knowledge to pick working skills required for designing and modeling. This free course available in device-friendly formats at LearnVern can be the stepping stone to further advance courses, such as:

  • Automation designing
  • Computer-aided modeling
  • Mechanical draftsman diploma and certification
  • Sheet metal designing

You can also apply for roles of draftsman, automation engineer, sheet metal design engineer, etc. and take big leaps in career on completing Autodesk Inventor course.

Why LearnVern is good choice for Autodesk Inventor Course

LearnVern offers the best support for mastering Autodesk Inventor Course. About 5 plus hours of video tutorial, lifetime access to course materials, unlimited downloadable content and 100 plus articles offer everything needed to learn and use Autodesk Inventor.

This online learning platform is accessible on all devices. The courses are available in form of video tutorials that provide practical insight into how to use various features of Autodesk Inventor. The video tutorials are designed in Hindi to break language barriers.

LearnVern offers National Skill Development Corporation Certificate on completing Autodesk Inventor course online. It is quite helpful in job hunt. You can get picked ahead of competitors and start a designing venture of your own as well. 

This course is absolutely free at LearnVern. Also, it is designed in self-paced manner. It suits the learning needs of the candidates who want to add to their skills but have lack of time to attend classes. This course can be done from anywhere, anytime.

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Jobs That Require These Skills

  • Mechanical CAD Designer
  • CADD Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Mechanical Draftsmen
  • Automation Design Engineer
  • Sheet Metal Design Engineer

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LearnVern Autodesk Inventor Course is suitable for you if you have knowledge of Engineering Drawing. Working knowledge of MS Windows 7, 8 and 10 is also required. No CAD experience required though.

LearnVern provides you community learning environment. You can discuss topics and clear doubts at discussion board. This e-learning platform provides courses that makes you eligible for NSDC certificate. It is quite beneficial for getting more jobs and better salaries. LearnVern offers practical training for using software like Autodesk Inventor which improves your working skills. This platform comes absolutely free of cost and is available for all.


LearnVern provides you practical training on how to use Autodesk Inventor for designing. This software is rampantly used in designing and manufacturing companies. You can take roles of automation engineer, machine design engineer, and others on completing this training program. It also allows you to start design consultancy firm of yours and work as individual contributor.

LearnVern Autodesk Inventor online course covers topics such as User interface, activate sketcher module, understand sketch design and constraints, part modeling, etc. This course provides practical training through video tutorials for learning use of Autodesk Inventor features in computer-aided modeling.

LearnVern Autodesk Inventor course for free in Hindi is suitable for aspirants who want to learn computer aided-modeling. The aspirants should have learned engineering drawing, and know working on Windows. It helps add more skills in qualification as diploma in mechanics or computer science.

Autodesk Inventor course can prepare you for the job roles of mechanical CADD engineer, sheet metal design engineer, mechanical draftsman, CADD engineer and other similar jobs. This course also empowers you with skills to work as draftsman or independent contractor and become a freelance service provider.

Yes, you can! Autodesk inventor course at LearnVern can be accessed anywhere, anytime on all devices. It makes it easy for job holders to do this course in their leisure time. They can pace the course as per their needs and learn without giving up their earnings.

Yes, LearnVern Autodesk Inventor Course is available in Hindi and other vernacular languages. Providing course in Hindi helps break language barriers and help people add more skills to their knowledgebase. It helps get better jobs too.

Autodesk Inventor 2022 - Complete Course

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