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What is Youtube's Marketing Strategy?

Now as we created our YouTube channel and updated all the necessary Information, now it's time to upload first video on that channel. Uploading regularly and quality content videos on YouTube is very Important to be a successful youtuber.

Now we will open one of our uploaded YouTube video & if we want to edit something in it for better optimisation, we can click on 'Edit Video' button edit in there. We can do keyword research for our video title using premium tools which has better chance for ranking.

On YouTube on daily basis, there are thousands of videos which are getting upload on many different niches. So to optimize Youtube in a better way, we need to follow and keep in mind all the below mentioned details :
- Identify the right keywords for the content
- Add them in Title, Description, Tags
- Publish high retention video
- Promote your videos
- Make playlist
- Optimize your YouTube channel

Picking up of perfect keyword for your YouTube video can change the whole scenario of that particular video. Many of the YouTube videos which are ranking on any particular keyword have included that keyword and other related keywords in their meta title, meta description, and tags section of the YouTube video. This can increase the chances of ranking on people's search & hence getting for views.

We can even add subtitles to our YouTube video if we feel it's necessary.

One of the most important factor which affects our YouTube video is Retention rate time of that video. Let's understand retention rate of any video with simple example provided below -
Example :
Suppose, Video A = 10 mins,
& than, user 1 watches it for 4 mins,
user 2 watches it for 8 mins,
user 3 watches it for 6 mins,
Watch time of that video = 18 mins,
& hence, Retention rate is = 18/3 ie. 6 mins.

Now to promote our YouTube videos we can use many platforms like 'Quora', '', etc... By doing this we are targeting a particular audience who will watch our video for sure & it will be beneficial for both the sides. Hence promoting our YouTube videos on different platforms can give you an upper hand in growing.

Another thing which we should always focus on is creating playlist of our YouTube videos. Any YouTube playlist contains multiple videos which can be very helpful for the user who is searching for that particular topic. And also when we are creating any new playlist, we should focus on our keyword and give the playlist's Title's according to the keyword.

Now we will look at the two important tools which can be very useful for a YouTube journey. First one is 'Tube Buddy' and the other one is 'Social Blade'.

Tube buddy is a Chrome extension which we will add to our Google Chrome browser by installing it. It will help us for doing the research for keywords & also other purposes for our Youtube videos. This tool will provide us all the information about any particular video when opened like Total views, comments, SEO Score, Likes, Upvotes on Social media, Total channel views, channels subscribers count, & total amount of Youtube videos uploaded by that channel. This all analysis will be shown in the right hand side of the the particular video. This tool will also show the tags which are involve in the opened video below in a box. Tubebuddy will also provide Information about subscribers gained or lost & all other channelystics.

Social Blade is a website which will provide us all the information about any channel which we enter in. It will give us all the Estimated earnings count of that channel, Video views of the channel, and also subscribers count of everyday which can help us get an idea for that channel. In short, it gives us all the YouTube statistics or summary of the YouTube channel which we have entered. Social Blade has also an option named as 'Future Prediction' which predict the growth of our YouTube channel based on our past months statistics. Other option is 'Detailed Statistics' which shows us gained subscribers and video views for that particular channel, and also count of weekly subscribers and weekly video views. This option also help us to get an idea of total subscribers & total views gained by that particular channel in which month.

Hence, by using this two tools Tubebuddy & Social Blade, we can easily get idea of our competitors Youtube channel & see all the statistics that how how his/her channel is growing with all the necessary details.

So in this video we have seen that Why YouTube is Important & other steps to find niche for your YouTube videos. Also we have covered how can we create YT channel step by step with proper explaination & optimising of our YouTube channel. At last we have seen tools like Tubebuddy and Social blade which can help us in our YouTube journey.

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