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How Can Linkedin help your business grow?

How can LinkedIn help in Business Growth

In this video we are going to learn that how LinkedIn platform can help us to grow our own Business and what are the things which we should keep in mind while doing it.

Following is the LinkedIn Growth Roadmap :
- Define your Goal (why we have created this profile, whom we want to reach, what is our purpose like job search, lead generation etc...)
- Define your Niche (select one particular topic on which we want to search for job or generate lead, for eg. Dotnet, Java, digital marketing etc...)
- Define your TG
- Create LinkedIn Polls
- Profile Optimization (equally focus on all 18 different factors which we have discussed earlier regarding profile like headline, profile photo, cover photo, skills and endorsements, experiences etc...)
- Posting Content (post continuous content on your LinkedIn profile, daily between 9AM-12AM)

If you are a busy person & do not have enough time to see LinkedIn every minute, there is one 30 min growth strategy which can help you Optimize your LinkedIn profile in a better way -
- 5 minutes for Content creation
- 10 minutes for Connection strategy
- 10 minutes for Engagement strategy
- & 5 minutes of Direct Message Interaction
- Once our Post goes live we should start engaging ie. Reply to comments, Send Connection Request, Manage DMs, Engage with others content etc...
- By following the above mentioned steps you can easily achieve proper reach and see results within 2 weeks like gained followers & other things

How to Monetize LinkedIn ?
- Consultation (consulting projects like sales consultant, business consultant etc...)
- Coaching 1:1 or group
- Affiliate Marketing
- Digital products (ebook/Templates)
- Digital Services (SMM/SEO)
- Courses and Trainings
- Paid Promotions
- Influencer Marketing

Like other Digital Marketing platforms even in LinkedIn different Tools are very important & should be used for proper optimization.
- Canva (designing tool)
- Resume Worded (to check profile strength)
- Shield Analytics (to show number of visits on your LinkedIn profile)
- GetProspect (if we want to extract data from LinkedIn)
- Octopus (to automate LinkedIn actions)

We'll go to '' & login with our FB or Gmail account in order to use it. We need to go to our LinkedIn profile & download a 'Profile' named pdf from the 'More' options section. Now we have to upload that downloaded pdf on '' to check the profile's strength. Once we do that, we'll be shown our profile's strength in percentage & also we can improve that by following the instructions given there.

Another tool is 'GetProspect' which is one of the Google Chrome extension. It usually retrieves email addresses in bulk from LinkedIn in a single click. For using it, we need a professional Email address, ordinary Yahoo/Gmail address will not be accepted. Once we go to anyone's LinkedIn profile, after installing this extension we will see a 'Get Email' button, as soon as we click on that we'll be able get their Email address if they have added.


Linkedin can be used in a professional and personal setting. Linkedin is a social media platform that is used for professional networking. It can be used to create connections, which can lead to potential business opportunities. Linkedin is a social media platform that has gained popularity over the years. It has been around since 2003, and it’s now the world’s largest social networking site for professionals with over 500 million users. Useful tools on Linkedin include: “Add Connections, Add Skills, Find Jobs, Find Coworkers, Share Updates".

LinkedIn is the most popular business social network. It is a great tool for generating leads, connecting with potential customers, and maintaining relationships with existing ones. LinkedIn advertising is a powerful way to drive engagement and traffic to your website or your LinkedIn Company Page. You can target specific audiences by industry, job title, company size, seniority level, job function, location and more.

LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals to create a professional profile. It helps people find out more about them and their work by uploading their contact information, education, skills, current job and past jobs. It is important to have a professional looking photo or photo of your workspace as your LinkedIn profile picture. In addition, the headline of your LinkedIn profile should be short and concise (around 2-3 sentences). You can also include introduction text below the headline that briefly describes who you are and what you do professionally.

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